Vitiligo and Good Health

What is vitiligo? Vitiligo is also called white spot syndrome, which vividly describes the image of the skin of those affected. Certain cells of the skin (melanocytes) are no longer able to make the skin pigment melanin. On the skin of the people affected by vitiligo develop white, sharply defined spots. These usually develop on the face, the joints in the genital area and Untekorper, the armpits and the palms or feet. In principle, however, any part of the body and even the hair to be affected by vitiligo.

So far, the exact cause of vitiligo is unknown. Vitiligo is not contagious and does not hurt. What is the role of nutrition in vitiligo? In some patients, occurs in addition to the vitiligo also have another autoimmune disease, celiac disease on. In celiac disease, also called outdated sometimes celiac sprue, is caused by eating gluten, a protein in wheat, an autoimmune inflammatory process in the intestinal mucosa. There will be damage to the intestinal mucosa, which frequently by chronic digestive symptoms such as diarrhea and flatulence expressed. For a definite diagnosis of celiac disease a reflection of the small intestine with removal of a tissue sample is essential.

If the diagnosis is the gluten-free diet is the only possible therapy. Among the cereals belong to Avoid gluten wheat, rye, barley, oats and their botanically related species Spelt, unripe, kamut and einkorn. Gluten-free bread, gluten-free baked goods and pasta are available through health food stores or mail order. Such special products are uniform worldwide. At diagnosis affected often respond temporarily to lactose, high-fat, high sugar-sweetened drinks and difficult to digest foods (eg cabbage, onion family, legumes). This is often only temporary and disappears as soon as the small intestinal mucosa has recovered. The lactose intolerance, yet still more common in patients with celiac disease than in not affected. In an advisory to those individual complaints are considered. The food must be checked for balance. In individual cases, dietary supplements are necessary. In terms of vitiligo itself is not improved by changing the diet is known. Nevertheless, the possibility that the problems of vitiligo can be positively affected. How is the course of vitiligo? There is no way to predict whether the vitiligo will spread. The course of vitiligo is very different in every person. In some people, reduce the white spots again. There are then formed from the edges or the hair follicles of new melanocytes. In some people, the vitiligo comes to a halt and the white spots remain as they are. Other people may be almost completely white due to vitiligo, if the spots spread more and more. A topical application of special Vitiligo gels with enzymes can help, but also a light therapy is often useful. More Information can be found at the working vitiligo.

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Molds And Good Health

In today’s health is very important and many underestimate the risk of mold. Therefore, I would like to run the mold issue more closely. Now the question arises as first as I know a mold, a mold can be a flaky or dusty, whitish, gray, yellowish, reddish, brownish or blackish coating. By the germination of mold spores on an organic material formed mold. The moisture content and the organic material as food plays a major role. If these two commodities are no longer Available dies the fungus. The mold spores are a health risk, they can pass through the air in the respiratory tract and cause allergies. It is therefore important as soon as possible to combat mold.

There are many chemicals in stores for mold abatement, only these are usually applied only by professionals. But we can make do with simple means by using, for example at least 70 percent alcohol, or used with a hot air the mold removed. Rotten fruit should be removed quickly and disinfect the environment. But there are also good for the mold to man, such as noble mold colonies in the Roquefort cheese or salami with noble mold. And without the horse people would never have discovered penicillin. If you have a mold infestation in a house we can insist on a reduction in rent. In most cases the tenant is accused of not having enough ventilation, hence giving the mold enough moisture to live. Most tenants do not take the blame, because many buildings are not fully protected from moisture. A daily ventilation of living spaces is a good preventive measure against mold.

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