Road Safety

Will our political parties capable of taking road safety as a national project at the present time? In my view social sectors of the Dominican Republic to the parties intend to enter into a renewal process to restore credibility based on the ideological practice at the time mired in a crisis according to some political treatises. But this ideology in particular should promote a willingness to serve the common good, that is, to collect the exhalations legitimate and hope for the vast majority proposes to achieve this central objective through a programmatic basis, without distorting once you arrive to exercise power the State. Today political parties in our democratic system tend to participate in discussions that affect the life of the nation to agree on ideas tangible proof is the amendment to the Constitution of the Republic which came into effect recently successful participatory fitness them. Well, assuming that transcends various Road Safety areas of human development, such as social development, health, technology, knowledge, infrastructure, public safety, justice, youth development and women, economics, resource development and technology traffic engineering, energy sources, environment, knowledge sharing, implementation of a new model in the system of public and private management, among others, would be interesting too, agree on this issue as they have done in many countries currently presenting strategic and comprehensive plans to reduce traffic accidents and their consequences. Mean that the parties, playing a social reality as is the road safety, economic and cultural impact, participate in the implementation of public policies and / or public policy demand designs to yield positive balances in society. It is necessary that the Dominican Republic political parties included in government programs of Road Safety.

Offices also exist as organizations working within its structures as well as the legislative power to introduce bilateral commissions. Undertake a series of actions by the state and other actors could give visible signals that it would launch a genuine intention to implement public policies with respect to vision such a crucial issue that affects all Dominicans, without exception, it is therefore the responsibility of all, that would be political will. On the other hand, the Dominicans would create the conditions to be part of the model is intended to be from international agencies and governments of developed countries for low and middle income related to a regional and a global plan to improve security Vial.

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Personnel Office

Outside the office had all the comrades who numbered with their presence, union management support. And I, of course. When the meeting ends and out of the office is my father (but pretended not to see me) and she went to all said, “guys: this is resolved only if each side makes a contribution to build a better working relationship. In these terms. . . NOTHING! The boys of the International Commission was told that, at a time when they were together, they told my father: “Look Mr.

Rucci, you can not deny our request. We support your child always thought (then and now) that this expression, far from making you feel pressure, my father acted as release of its worst days I was told Basque replied: “Look, if my son supports this claim, almost without knowing why you are doing and what it is,’re fired. And do not think any of you try too hard to defend. So saying, he got up and left. The negotiations followed by the regular lanes and the conflict was overcome, as usual most of the time.

I continued with my work but I knew that under these conditions the things would increasingly difficult, especially for my father. So after a while I told him I wanted to quit, seek new opportunities, etc. , Etc. At that time the opportunity arose in a plant of the same company but located in another area. Were to incorporate an employee to the Personnel Office. And there was me with my bones. The above story took these conclusions: that phrase out of the office, my father had concentrated a trading style of his whole life was a cult. In other words: To negotiate with the representation union must be done thinking of solutions from both parties, to provide a solution. I always liked this phrase that looks good to the issue: Either you are part of the solution or part of the problem. And to achieve this can not be from any medium will be many negotiation styles but the only union that I have delivered in time is: Conflicts are resolved only if the parties have to resolve it feel to negotiate DESIRING the solution. It seems obvious, but believe me it is not. Many will testify to what I say. Naturally this requires fitness and common sense. But I say it because some entrepreneurs do not have a clear policy in regard to the subject unions. It’s like they underestimated. I’m not saying live pending the issue. I say that they consider. Seek to impose conditions through concepts confused and without a strategy. And the results obtained with these methods are cortoplazistas try to muddle through without success. Imagine (not all) with sidicatos must press and not to yield. There will circumstances that require a firm hand and this is not bad. But carefully consider the next steps?! Similarly, when the union side tries to defend the indefensible, you end up traveling on roads and uneven tire wear that relations unnecessarily. In this connection it should be noted that some experience with union negotiations is very valuable. The more expertise. But what is sure to set a firmer foundation (or stronger if you will) for not returning all the time on road trips, is respect for the genuine needs of each party.

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Looking Your Best

They say that physical appearance is superficial, but this is the first thing they see people who do not know and just so they can judge us. It is proven that the first impression has influence for a long time. If you give a bad first impression will be very difficult to correct. I DO NOT have to be a model, but you have to reward yourself with a little work to date (eg wearing banandote or good) you will achieve dating women because they do not look physically but how much you take care! There are many basic things you can do to improve the first impression of you shall have a girl. The basics is often ignored by many people because they consider ordinary and boring.

We are so used to seeing us in the mirror every day that may be difficult for us to notice these changes but are very effective. Five tips on simple changes that have a large effect: 1 – Smell: the smell is hard to detect because you're already accustomed to your smell and the people around you is very polite to tell you. The absence social feedback that can leave you lost for years. If thou dost not much in terms of basic hygiene can assume you have this problem. They say that sweat contains pheromones that attract the opposite sex. The problem is that this is not true when the bacteria act in sweat. By the way, if you never wash your clothes the bacteria to accumulate in the oils and perspiration really suck. If you do not change your clothes for clean clothes every day negate the effect of a bath.

2 – Physical Condition: besides the health benefits that this brings, you will see improvements in your appearance, your self esteem and confidence in yourself. The athletic people tend to be more relaxed and confident in themselves. They have a healthy glow with UNAA good posture, and appear to move more easily. Health and fitness are attractive and always have been. 3 – Diet and sleep: eat a balanced diet, sleep well and stay hydrated give you healthy skin and good looks. Your brain is turning faster benefits and agile. So you can keep good conversation and be circumspect. 4 – Attire: The dress has a great impact on first impressions. Make sure your clothes have style and fits. If you have a limited budget, it is better quality than quantity. Ie, have fewer clothes but all have style and fits. Neither side let your shoes because women always notice an old pair of shoes or a tennis are not your clothes. 5 – Smile: A relaxed and confident smile works wonders. A smile not only helps in attracting the opposite sex but you'll have more ease in any social situation. You know the difference between a fake smile and a genuine smile, is in the eye. When someone genuinely smiles her eyes smile too. A healthy and clean teeth is also important for a good smile. You lack the success with the girls? The new video that has generated much discussion is available in and you HAVE to see it and if you want to be popular with the girls! Guillermo Palomo teaches you the secrets to link women!

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