Fungus Infections

Herpes lasts for 2-3 days 10. Hemorrhoids. Within 2-7 days in the morning to wash the crack "a dead>> water and then put tampons with live>> with water, changing them as they dry bleeding stopped, the crack heal within 2-3 days. 11. Hypertension. During the day take 2 times for 1 / 2 cup of the dead>> water. Pressure to normal. 12.

Hypotension. Hear other arguments on the topic with Healthy Living. During the night 2 times to take 1 / 2 cup of the live>> water. The pressure is normalized by 13. Worms (bot) Make a cleansing enema, first – "Dead>> water, and an hour later – a" living>> water. During the day drink each hour for two-thirds cup of the dead>> water. The following day, to restore health to drink 0.5 cups a living>> water for a half-hour before a meal.

Feelings may be unimportant. If after 2 days of recovery did not come, then repeat the procedure 14. Festering wounds. Wound wash the dead>> water, and 3-5 minutes to moisten the live>> with water, then 5-6 times a day to wet the only "living>> water. For 5-6 days is healing. 15. Headaches. Drink 1 / 2 cup of the dead>> water. Pain goes away after 30-50 minutes. 16. Fungus Infected mushroom place first thoroughly washed with hot water and soap, wipe dry and wet "Dead>> water. During the day dampened the dead>> 5-6 times with water and give to dry without wiping. Socks and towels to wash and soak in the dead>> water. Similarly, (can a time) to disinfect shoes – pour into it a "dead>> water and let stand 20 minutes.

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All Diseases Of The Nerves

The word "stress" we hear almost more than the word work. Stress is inextricably linked with it and became a integral part of life. Stress tests are not only the man himself, but also parts of the body, muscles, if it is wrong to give them load, hair and skin, if time does not protect them from weather. So what is stress? The first definition of stress given the Canadian physiologist Hans Selye. According to his definition of stress – it is everything that leads to rapid aging the body or cause diseases. Collegiate Dictionary gives the following interpretation of stress: 'The set of protective physiological reactions occurring in animals and humans in response to various adverse factors.

" We decided to talk about stress and much more with a psychiatrist a degree of psycho-neurological clinic of Domodedovo Pogonina Elena Arkadyevna. Elena Arkad'evna tell, is it always the people that appeal to a mental hospital, mentally healthy? Far from it, along with people who suffer from serious mental disorders turn to us for advice and help, and people survivors of severe stress. What can cause such stress? Anything: the loss of a loved one, property problems, conflicts at work and at home, loneliness and more. Not everyone gets sick from stress this kind. Most often affects people with a certain temperament: value-emotional, anxious and insecure, overly touchy and sensitive. Such people are the hardest to respond to stress and often can not themselves out of difficult situations. How to manifest the effects of stress? Decreased mood, the person becomes irritable, anxious, tearful.

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Need to learn to make stress-dose, episodic and in any case not allow drag stress for very long periods of time. It threatens to chronic depression, which will slowly or quickly destroy a man inside. Official site: Healthy Living. What to do, how can that be? To get started you need to stand still for 20 seconds and try to understand what emotions you are experiencing at the moment, and dismantle them on the shelves. Tell myself that at this moment I am your Masha, angry, I hurt, I am disappointed and outraged. This called – honest to yourself.

Tell us the reasons for its poor human emotions, specifically, beating exact purpose of your stress. Dr. Gerard Addonizio: the source for more info. In general, avoid generalizations of past stress and do not add this 'snowball' to his the current situation. In other words – not so concentrated and curdled mass of emotional crap. Know how to listen to other people. Very often the person does not dare to speak out about what worries him. Know how to hold his ego in conflict situations. Try as quickly as possible to finish the conflict situation.

Cultivate equanimity. This is achieved by persistent restraint on the negative impact from the outside. Other people will try behave in every possible way to cause you stress and strengthen it. Will be 'on my head go' if only you psyched and annoying. But if you remain impenetrable 'hippo', then your enemies possess to such an extent that they swollen tongues and zatekut muscles and as a result of depletion of experiencing them, not you. If the accumulation of negatives is very strong, then after the containment vyplesnite these emotions alone, but do not overdo it. Your condition needs to be recharging of positive emotions. Make excuses offenders and situations, look for positive qualities in them, try to make fun of mentally difficult situation. Reassures himself optimistic. Collect confidence in our strength, that everything is subject to you. Do not exaggerate and do not impose special anxiety of the soul. Do not turn cautious in the expectation of an obsessive hit from behind. If your there were happy moments of life in which you have experienced childhood feelings of joy, then memorize them in every way and that is connected with them: the situation around, the people of the year do not overdo it with privacy. Do not forget that You have friends, relatives, who always help you in difficult times. If you are very much to protect themselves from society, avoid aggravation of the depressive state, it can cause suicide. Splash, accumulated in stress, the adrenaline in a difficult exercise. Say, in your favorite sport. Part of the exercises rhythmically chant, focuses on exercise. However, note that not complex enough exercises will allow the excess adrenaline to play on your nerves. Collect healthy habits in your life that will help you mentally relax: walking through the city park, a stable routine, even one and the same Food that helps. Splash your negativity in the form of games 'most evil desires' – written down on paper all the most bitter and sore, and then send all this evil back to hell – the stove, the ashes! Play with your children remember children's emotions. Follow the procedure in cases that are committed to economic labor, conduct interviews 'from heart to heart' someone you can trust.

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Varicose Veins

A unique non-surgical treatment of varicose veins, no pain, no scars, no bruises! 'Treatment of varicose veins without surgery, without scars' – a standard leaflet leading European and American hospitals for the treatment of varicose veins feet. Development Endovasal laser coagulation (EVLK) has revolutionized the surgical treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities. After 40 minutes of finding the operating ex-patient varicose rises from the operating table to a healthy person! Endovasal laser coagulation (EVLK) becomes the method of choice (the main type of surgery) in the treatment of varicose disease abroad. Laser treatment of varicose veins – an operation without a single incision is made of puncture under ultrasound control using local anesthesia. The technique is to laser irradiation on the venous wall. Vienna puncture needle in the popliteal region, the thigh is held laser fiber, and then going on? burning 'veins using laser radiation. In this case, Vienna and its lumen closed.

After some time coagulated Vienna grows connective tissue and dissolves. Local anesthesia – an ideal opportunity for those who are afraid of injections in the back (epidural) or general anesthesia (endotracheal anesthesia). When Operations uses unique technology security controls laser emission. Large scientific studies suggest that after evlk has the lowest percentage of complications compared with other surgical methods of treatment of varicose legs. Given the small trauma of the treatment of varicose veins, any rehabilitation after such operations is not required. An hour after the operation, you will be able to leave clinics, and it is – a normal practice. Advantages of the method – surgery without incisions. – After the operation, minimal discomfort, no pain.

- No bruises, no bruising. – The ideal operation in cosmetic terms. – Minimum the number of diagnosed postoperative complications. Disadvantages of the method – When a large diameter of the great saphenous vein surgery without incisions is not possible. – Operation economically costly for the patient. What kind of laser coagulation is shown in each case may be determined only after a thorough ultrasound examination of leg veins. If the veins on ultrasound do not evlk (largest diameter of the greater saphenous vein), then applied technique combined with phlebectomy laser coagulation (operation with a single cut). Combined phlebectomy with laser coagulation (operation with a single cut) Once the data color duplex scan will show the inability to perform the puncture technique (the diameter of the veins will be too broad), you will be offered an operation with elements of classic phlebectomy. The operation is performed under epidural anesthesia. Will be made a small incision in the groin (1.5 cm) of which will be bandaged main Vienna, which makes prevention of recurrence in the future. Through the same incision will be introduced by a laser fiber into the vein and performed laser photocoagulation. When proper flow of the great saphenous vein or small saphenous vein will be removed from the micro-puncture technique for or will be made sclerotherapy, ie the whole operation is limited to a single incision in the groin area. The advantages of a combined method – a lower percentage of recurrence in the future – operation less traumatic than the classic phlebectomy – High cosmetic results Disadvantages of the combined method – Necessary to carry out the cuts – needed an epidural author Letunovsky Eugene A., vascular surgery, phlebologist Ph.D. Member of the Society Angiology and Vascular Surgery in Russia, Member of the European Society for Vascular Surgery (ESVS). Leading expert on Endovasal laser photocoagulation in Russia.

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