Sometimes it even seems that this is our true national sport: if you calculate the number of Russian participants in various competitions in weightlifting, the figure is more than impressive. And how many athletes have not yet appeared on the platform or are in the sport solely for himself? "But this sport, and our goal is not records and awards, and Health" – will tell you and you will be absolutely right. True, it is not necessary forget that the development of large sport not only as a record-breaking results of professional athletes, but also successfully used in fitness to the benefit of human health. Somehow, as soon as it comes to power training, all at once imagine the same picture: a strong healthy young man improves with strength exercises its already excellent physical shape. Hence, perhaps, and the distrust and timidity in with respect to weight training, which is firmly rooted in our .Bolshinstvo of us honestly believes that strength training – exercise solely for the elect, those whom nature already generously endowed health and strength, and the rest, mere mortals, because of their age, lack of physical fitness or the presence of disease, this path to health and perfection ordered once and for all.

In fact it is open to all. More In addition, this path is not just open, but it is particularly recommended for those who would like to solve the age problem, is extremely dissatisfied with their physical form or suffers certain zabolevaniyami. strength training might as adolescents and the elderly and that may seem quite unusual, even pregnant women, and specially designed programs will help restore the health of affected atherosclerosis, obesity, diabetes, asthma, arthritis and many other zabolevaniyami., without exception, have decided to do weight training must first pass a medical test and then train solely on the basis of recommendations from doctors.

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The most well-known trainer of this group – an exercise bike, suitable and effective for employment in a small gym or at home. Measured by loading the muscles of legs, the pelvis and the press, an exercise bike allows you to achieve maximum result in burning fat. Equipped with a computer showing distance, heart rate, the number of calories burned, speed of movement. Ergometers provide an opportunity to use one of the proposed producer of programs (10) or include your own, personal. They can be equipped with devices check the pulse and graphic load, which is shown on the monitor simulator or a personal computer to that connects to the simulator. Also shows a notice of the distance traveled, calorie consumption, pulse rate and t.d.Dlya independent training should choose an exercise bike with the ability to monitor efforts to get the desired effect and not to harm their health. Buying, equipment for fitness centers buy cardio is in the first place. Cardio – one of the most popular and useful for health. In addition, that they develop cardiovascular and respiratory systems, they provide the load on different muscle groups, promote efficient fat burning.

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Problem of Toxoplasmosis

Read them and at the Ukrainian minzdarve, I know for certain that the book "The Problem of toxoplasmosis" read deputy. Minister of Health of Ukraine, but there was no response. Surely deputy. Minister of the country is absolutely indifferent, in his office instead of cure, maim? Take, for example, schizophrenia, under which lies nothing more than a sluggish toxoplasmosis encephalitis, which was initially cured of the disease is easier than a cold, are also making life-long disabilities. How many times have I tried to draw the attention of psychiatrists at their deepest delusion, but all levels, I was told that they have their orders and they perform them. Psychiatrist Itkin from the fifth psychiatric hospital in Moscow indicates that schizophrenia hiding under toxoplasmosis encephalitis, and encourages colleagues examine these patients for toxoplasmosis. But they will investigate if they have no idea what is it? You, dear reader can imagine, the entire medical industry does not know and do not want to know that they are treated? Use in their practice lunatic ravings okolofilosofskie, centuries-old, maimed and absolutely no responsibility! At one of the medical meetings in London in 2007, it was stated that under schizophrenia lies entirely not what psychiatrists treat. Apparently, those who said this, perhaps not without influence from my books or articles on the Internet, have treated such patients by toxoplasmosis and saw good results. But to prove that they were treated for toxoplasmosis in England, too, there is nothing as reliable diagnosis in the world does not exist yet.

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