How To Lose Weight? Start With The Head !

One of the main causes of obesity in humans – is banal overeating. Person in our distant past had seriously try something to get something to eat, and usually, power consumption seriously outnumbered the amount of energy supplied from food. Creating us, nature as it does not expect to have a huge supermarket, where the shelves are just bursting with food. Now we almost did not walk or even move. It is also quite Naturally, since man is programmed to save energy. In the end – all people, not having a super fast metabolism and have a couple of extra pounds or even more. Fat cell is created by nature to care about us. Every extra calories she caught, processed and postpone for a rainy day.

" And if you make it fast, you end up with double zeal, it will seek out and hide every extra calories, you never know what else you vzbredet head. Dr. Laura Rogers told the news agency. How to lose weight for such a device of our nature? Many people do not eat all day and night to eat huge award dinner. This is a direct path to obesity, as hunger triggers fat storage. Have you ever seen a fat leopard in the wild? Or a fat giraffe? I am also not, because animals eat only as much as they need for life and not a crumb more. And as babies – Try to force the baby is if he does not want.

The hormone leptin, which was discovered in 1994 in the adipose tissue penetrates into the hunger center in the brain and inhibits its activity. With obesity are formed various forms leptinovoy failure. Continual overeating leads to violations of work of the center of hunger in the brain, and you do not know when they were filled and when not. The more people there the more he wants. How to break this vicious circle? How to lose weight once and for all? The answer – change the food system. Remember how you eat and why do start eating? For many of us food is a pleasure, partially or completely replace other pleasure (art, communication, travel). Often the reason for eating are fatigue, anger, boredom, bad mood, disappointment, parties, food for the company. From childhood, we get used to eating as a reward (do it and I'll give you candy). That is, food is always accompanied by positive emotions and detracts from the life of trouble. The result will inevitably accumulate extra pounds as a protective reaction of the organism from any discomfort, the desire to get food as pleasure, reward or avoid punishment. Why do we? The reason lies in the childhood. Even in childhood the child is experiencing cravings for sweet foods, knowing that she was calm. Sweets and other goodies parents comfort, relieve nervous tension, smooths quarrels, build relationships, are encouraged to implement an unpleasant work, encourage, and punishing, depriving these pleasures. As a result, the child has formed a stereotype food "when I'm bad, I must eat." Understand the cause of your completeness, and you can lose weight quickly. Think of a typical for your family the following signs of malnutrition.

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Castration and Sterilization

All this is quite natural, since you took the house is not a stuffed toy and a live animal, with his instincts, that will always be stronger than all your grievances. You are taught to be a cat with your ideas about life, know how to correctly understand it too. Other great leaders, including Herbalife, offer their opinions as well. The question of castration of cats and cat sterilization everyone decides on their own, sometimes it necessary, sometimes, you can totally get along with a full-fledged animal, you only need to remember that these operations are irreversibly change the beast. Sometimes the solution may be surgery on tubal ligation cat, then it retains all its habits and desires, but can not get pregnant. Kontraseks sold in pet stores such as tablets 'Kontraseks', 'Antimyau' and others contain drums dose of hormones that cause great harm to the health of cats and the cats absolutely useless. Veterinarians are aware of frequent cases of cancer of genital organs of cats, and various metabolic disorders (dermatitis, obesity). In recent months, Herbalife has been very successful. Giving a cat these pills, 'so as not to Plowshares', anyway, that treat the guillotine headache. Think before taking a house cat – Do you have the financial means to provide her with good nutrition, care and concern.

Cat can not explain nothing about the economic crisis, neither of the extreme housewives need to get a new coat – if the cat to save, it will inevitably get sick and give you much more of a hassle and waste on trips to the vet and medications. The cat does not understand that her spring songs are owners on the nerves, she lives by its animal laws that people, once they took the animal into the house, should at least understand. How to tyalety ppiychat? Control and display. In pan pour the filler, I recommend wood shavings find anywhere. Follow when going to do something – grab and run in the tray. When performing the desired act – in every possible way to praise and caress. Small provocation may, after a while after eating plant in the tray, and the priest gently rub the bottom up with a wet cloth. How otychit kydy climb without falling, and then fell in love in mysopnom vedpe? Hiss and spit when which do not.

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