Safety of Children’s Playgrounds

It’s so important that children’s playgrounds are designed safely. Smartly-designed playgrounds provide a high level of mandatory child safety. Playgrounds are a place of daily entertainment. During the game, kids are unpredictable, they passionate about the gameplay. Therefore, it is important to consider all possible dangerous moments, with special care plan for playgrounds at the stage of a project. When built playgrounds, be sure to take into account features of the surrounding landscape, the natural terrain slopes. Transport routes should be at a remote distance to playgrounds were safe. Necessary to have an irresistible fortified enclosure that will safely separate play areas with roads.

Green areas, which are decorated with children’s playgrounds should be located taking into account the placement of game elements, to facilitate the unhindered movement of children. Each element of the game – swings, gazebo, sanders – must have its own security zone around the site of its installation. Require special attention for children platforms for the smallest visitors. Curiosity, spontaneity of children can lead to emergency situations. On average, all the elements that make up the playgrounds, calculated at the age of three to six years.

The most common elements of children’s playgrounds – slides, sandboxes, a variety of houses, balancing and rotating swing. The maximum allowable height of ladders and slides of 1,2 meters. Each of them must be equipped with high-quality filler elements. Sandbox filled with clean sand. You should periodically sift through the contents of the sandbox to avoid child injuries by sharp objects. Gaming area for older children, from about seven years, which need to be athletic exercise, do not include a sandbox, and horizontal bars and shells for active movement. Playgrounds for children in this age group are essential elements that require good physical fitness, coordination. Restrict access to the youngest age groups on such dangerous playgrounds may use simple measures. For example, crossbar horizontal bar or bottom rung slides should be placed at more than 40 centimeters from the ground.

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