Infectious Diseases

This result was surprising, for the doctors and the investigators like doctor Anthony Fauci, director of the Institute Domestic of Allergies and Infectious Diseases of the United States, and it means a great advance in the matter of preventive measures against the VIH/SIDA. And clear that it is it. Without seizure, in this month to create it brings back to consciousness on the disease, is important to stress that this medicine is a new equipment for the prevention of AIDS, but not unique it. Not you forget that good way to warn contagion of VIH/SIDA is using preventive, having sex with pairs healthy (that is, being made the examination long ago have a sexual relation to memorise if they are infected), avoiding to use illicit drugs that requires the use of needles and having a stable pair. If Truvada passes the studies which it will be continued putting under to evaluate its effectiveness in the heterosexual women and men and in their equipment to comfortable term, doubtless it will imply a great change in the panorama that exists against this disease. Although of course, it will imply a cost and probably never it will have the guarantee of the security of the prevention that we know. So far, if you have doubts or you think that you are in danger of infectarte with the virus of HIV that causes AIDS, informarte on the matter. Here in Intelligent Form we will maintain to you abreast of the advances.

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Binational Science Foundation

“Collaborated in the most fruitful and became good friends,” said Kaempfer. “Our lab was known as a microcosm of coexistence.” Kaempfer Jarrous managed to make his post-doctoral training at Yale under the tutelage of Nobel laureate Sydney Altman who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1989 for his work with enzymes. Ghada Jarrous and his wife – who also holds a PhD in Molecular Biology from the Hebrew University and now working on his postdoctoral fellowship – emigrated to the United States in 1996. “Yale was a different world than it was accustomed. I liked “says Jarrous. “You are people everywhere, from every corner of the world.

He also had a wonderful advisor Professor Altman, and was fortunate to join a science laboratory was exceptional. ” After three years at American University, Jarrous external applied for a position in the HU and joined the academic staff in 2000 as a lecturer in the Department of Molecular Biology. “Gradually he raised his own laboratory and began on their own,” said Kaempfer. Jarrous has prospered in its own laboratory, and in her teaching career. When asked to describe the work he does with RNA, it is easy to understand why Jarrous is a professor of success, since it is patient even with most basic questions. “What we do basically is to study the flow of genetic information from DNA to RNA to protein, focusing on the transition from RNA to protein. Specifically studied the maturation pathways of transfer RNA molecules (called tRNA) in human cells, “says Jarrous.

The “tRNA is an adapter that can decipher our genetic code is messenger RNA into protein. We apply cell biology and biochemistry to watch the processing machinery of tRNA molecules in human cells. Nobody knows much about the maturation pathways in human cells. Through our pioneering work, we now know much more about cell function and genetic information?. More specifically, the maturation of molecules that decode our genetic information. ” For those wishing to get to the bottom as to how this research may have applications outside the scientific world, Jarrous is equally succinct. “A genetic disease can affect the DNA and thus affect the flow of genetic information. Knowing the normal situation is crucial to treat the disease with gene therapy. We pure scientific studies with no connection to any medical research, but we are thinking about it in the future. ” The award, Ben-Porath Prize, is awarded annually by the president of the Hebrew University in honor to the memory of former rector and president of the university, who died with his wife and young son in a car accident near Eilat 1992. Jarrous also won other awards during his relatively short career. Is a recipient of the Scholarship Foundation and has won Kahanoff research, among others, the Israel Science Foundation, the US-Israel Binational Science Foundation and the Abisch-Frenkel Foundation of Switzerland. Jarrous says he has had the same opportunities to advance professionally to any Israeli citizen. “I have never been subjected to any discrimination in my career by be a minority. I never had any doubt in my mind to end my studies, my PhD, I would go to America and back and work in Israel. I’ve never felt that I was treated differently.

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The Subconscious

Very often, many of us in these moments negatively programmed their minds. Any thought of a negative character will seep into our subconscious. And what would stop this program, there is one simple remedy. Each time you notice a negative thought, you should say to himself or aloud two words: "erased, blotted out." And over time, the flow of negative thoughts will diminish. Perhaps at first you'll resort to this exercise very often, but not worry this is normal.

We got rid of the negativity now turn to the positive programming! To begin take a piece of paper and divide it into two parts. On the left side write all the negative from which you want to get rid of (for example: low self-esteem, self-doubt, poor memory, fear, communication, etc.). In the right make a positive program. Rules of drawing up affermatsy: Must be present pronoun I or I It should not be too difficult. Many are very long, complex programs that do not know what but it's hard to read. Must describe the reality of implementation or implemented. Do not be be straightforward. For example: "I have no problem with confidence, in this case you are trying to deceive yourself and your subconscious mind, so it rejects such allegations and may make it worse.

affirmation must bear specifics. Must be free of the comparison. Do not make more than 7 affirmations, preferably 3-4. Try to visualize the process of reciting affirmations. An example of correct use of affirmations: "My self-confidence is growing every day! "" With each passing day, my memory is getting better and better, "" Every day I become more sociable and more confident "in this case there is no direct lies. It is recommended to pronounce Affirmations 2 times a day for 30 times each statement, you can hear, can himself. The same can be recorded on electronic media (players, phones, etc.), and just listen to them daily. How long do this? You do it understand when a program is written in your subconscious and become part of you. And do not forget to praise yourself for any progress. Good luck and success to you!

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Immunology System

As this author, the Psiconeuroimunologia is the science that studies the interaction between the psychic and neurological system and still its level of influence on the behavior of the immunity of the body and the health in a general way. As diverse research had been perceived that the thoughts and the emotions are really capable to determine the conditions of functioning of the immunity of the body and to make it efficient or fails in its defense work, what consequentemente it can determine a healthful or ill condition. Thus, the psiconeuroimunologia studies the relation between Sistema Nervoso Central (SNC) and the Imunolgico System, as well as the disturbances that if they reflect in one and another one, mentioning itself as a new area of the medicine. This area also explains because emotional situations as the anxiety, the depression, the hatred, the unreliability, the anguish, the fear and all the type of estresse, intervenes directly with the formation of diverse cutaneous riots (EVELINE, 2007). This author still comments that she enters the typical examples of cutaneous riots associates to the psiconeuroimunolgico system are: psorase, vitiligo, the allergies, the acne, the alopecia (calvcie), the tricotilomania (compulsory pulling up of the hair), the rosette and hiperidrose (perspiration excess). The majority of the studies regarding these dermatosis sample that its sprouting or aggravation is strong on thoughts or emotions that produce high levels of estresse in the organism.

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