Synthetic Sleeping Bags

These sleeping bags are more severe, absorb more moisture, less durable, and, again, more suitable for Nedalny travel by car, because they more aesthetically reminiscent of the bed, a soft, pleasant to the touch, do not rustle. They also need people who are allergic to synthetics. Synthetic lighter, more protected from getting wet, more wear-resistant and easier to wash, and they are more expensive than the bags using natural materials. Finally, the main division accounted for filling the bags. The first group – it's down sleeping bags. It is well known advantages of down, like a heater, but the main parameter of choice is the quality of the fluff, and not its quantity. Alas, the fluff has its disadvantages.

For example, the inability to use in high humidity, because in spite of the natural lubricant and special impregnation, down perfectly absorbs moisture and dries very bad. Therefore for the winter tours to areas with moderate humidity downy sleeping great, and for other cases it is necessary to choose other fillers. Synthetic fillers can also be divided into two main groups – a synthetic padding and silicone hollow fiber. Sinteponovye sleeping best known in this country. They are the cheapest, designed for temperatures of -5 to a maximum of -10 degrees, weigh from 1100 to 2300g and have received the most widespread. In principle, for hikes on the Karelian Isthmus in summer, for water hikes for summer trips to the Kola Peninsula, for the garden and giving the perfect option – what is called a "cheap and cheerful". The main drawback syntepon – fast enough "caking", resulting in a few years sleeping bag will lose 20 percent of its thermal characteristics.

More insistent lately we declare themselves sleeping with silicone hollow inside fillings. They are lightweight (900g), warm (down to -25 degrees), it is easy obliterated very quickly dry, absorb minimal moisture. These sleeping bags have virtually no drawbacks, except for relatively high prices, although prices are gradually falling with the advent of new, cheaper technologies. The principle of conservation of heat in these fillers are more or less the same: a hollow "makaronine contains the air that does not give you the warmth of you to leave. These materials differ from each other in density, thickness fibers and the number of internal holes in each fiber.

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Fitness Training

Men and women have different fitness needs women’s Fitness Sports is now just as popular as they are in men. According to the latest study of the German fitness market 2013 “by Deloitte, even slightly more than half of the members in German fitness studios are female. Women appreciate particularly a pleasant atmosphere as well as course and spa services in fitness studios. Fitness isn’t always so high was in women in the course, as a brief review shows in the history of the sport of fitness. At the end of the 19th century, the first light – and pools in Germany emerged in the course of gymnastics movement and physical education. You are the historical predecessor of the today’s gyms.

Men and women trained there strictly separated from each other. Fitness studios out of the ground like mushrooms shot bodybuilding as a man’s sport by the fitness boom that is imported from the United States in the 1980s. Bodybuilding and aerobics were the two major trends that drove the people in the gym. Aerobics, a mixture of dance, cardio, and gymnastics, enthusiastic mainly women, whereas bodybuilding as a pure motor sport in men was popular. Gym of this time were Muckibuden”frowned upon, and recorded a significant oversupply. Different fitness needs even today is to observe that women in fitness studios prefer cardio, dance and gymnastics, where men sports usually still force. This Division has two reasons: firstly the urge is evolutionary and genetic explanation, after more muscle strength in the men as physically demanding work in the past was mainly for men.

Men have an average of approximately 20 percent more muscles than women. The second reason is linked to the former: even today often our notion that men muscular and strong, should be slim and toned women, however, determines the social ideal of beauty. In women very popular do not easy to satisfy all needs of the different training habits of both sexes FitX. A FitX Germany GmbH offers successful concept. All FitX studios have separate free weight areas, large classrooms, modern lounge and areas, as well as integrated Lady Gyms. Also the studios create an atmosphere of well-being with warm colours, depending on the different music and appealing design. A comprehensive course with 35 courses weekly completes the offer. So is entered on the fitness needs of women. And with success: about half of all FitX members are female. This is particularly surprising, as gyms with high proportion of women according to the Deloitte study, especially in the premium segment are found. In Krefeld, FitX opens his twelfth Studio on November 25. The proportion of women is one of the decisive factors for the success of the fitness company. Because generally in the fitness industry: If the women there are, the men come first right.

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