The Race

Alli, El Tiempo found at least order the method 40 complaints from parents that to protect their children, have decided to put on a route of transportation or go to collect them in the family car, or on foot. The rector of the college of Los Andes, Alvaro Sanchez, confirms the concern of students and parents, adding that it has indications that students of the school district Costa Rica, which is very close to there, are involved. “We know and go with the uniform”, as well as fitness another private school in the area, the Tecnosistemas.The first edition was held on December 23, 1935 to be the winner Fidel Aldudes.
The race consists of a tour of 550 m, partly from the Plaza Day Sanz, low on abdominal muscles the C / Theodosius the Great, passing through the Plaza del Azoguejo (compared with the ) and climbs up the C / Cervantes, a small stretch of C / Juan Bravo (to pass the House of Peaks), bend it in C / Bishop Gand

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Sports Time

High-speed pace of life in recent years, contributes to the conservation of all beauty and healthy throughout the interior of the complex human realm, ie to maintain a vigorous condition tele.Dlya human thorough started, it is required in accordance with the realities, to adjust themselves under a certain standard of schedule, thereby pulling the passion a person to engage not only important in terms of household chores, but also devote time to entertainment, the basis of which carry the positive and, most importantly, the active charges in a spot where there is concentrated chelovek.No reverse side of all the frenzied days of routine and removable years – namely, fatigue or laziness … Taking the basis of these two components, a sedentary lifestyle, leads to the fact that your appearance is disappointing, the pressure rises, your appetite disappears, comes fatigue, mood deteriorates, often a period of depression. If you lived many centuries ago, you would have to move much to get food, build shelter, make clothing, etc. Also, you would have ran races, dancing national dances, competed in the discus throw, went to the mountains, playing various games that require good physical fitness. In our time, in order to clothe and feed themselves, does not require great physical effort, but you still need exercise. What is needed is an exercise? The main thematic and reason should be playing sports, is the need to improve health, strengthen the heart, start at new coil main organ.Ryad exercises carried out regularly and on time, displays the internal processes of the new regime as a whole, after stable operation over a long period of time, aging slows down.

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Golf Fitness

Large increases in the number of golfers at low level. What is already happened in other countries, to work in Germany as well: Golf is to the national sport. Unfortunately, the desire is currently still the father of the thought. However Germany the task of the alignment of the Ryder Cup in the year 2018 bidding with connected this application the hope by the Ryder Cup of golf players number is increasing. On the other hand, the German Golf Association collects signatures to allocate the enthusiasm for the Ryder Cup in Germany. To be seen like a contradiction.

The fact is: Golf is in Germany the status of popular sports miles away. Are the growth rates with 4 to 5 percent per anno quite gratifying, but the level is too low with 600,000 golfers. Only 130. Federal everyone plays golf. It is one in ten in the United States and Sweden each 26 which swinging the Golf Club. Unfortunately, the assessment in the population, that golf is a sport for the rich keeps harnackig. Tennis was once an elitist sport.

This has teamed up with sports idols like Becker and Graf quickly changed. The Tennis Club shot out of the ground like mushrooms and all parents sent their children to tennis in the hope might also someday like Ahmad plastic bag home to help count the money. Golf and tennis have even Parallels. In both sports, a German at the top of the world rankings was once for a few days. But while tennis, this made the protagonists to a star, a term is just the golf fans at the golf Bernhard Langer. But while tennis on television is exciting and extremely entertaining, golf transfers are rather dull for most viewers. Just the normal tournament action is rarely on the chew nails the Viewer. And so the success of Martin Kaymer by press and offentlchkeit went mostly unheeded. Only the Ryder Cup is through the character of the team and the match play format is exciting and attractive for television. Not by the Football League, the most important sports event in the world the Ryder Cup after is about World Championships and the Olympic Games. The large number of golf fans not sitting but also in Germany. But this must be different. The SLA will seek and will need any support in the media.

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SPA Horn

The new fat treatment device plus beautytek avita treated gently and painlessly the human body makes fat deposits, which can be mined by sport or diet fat deposits for bad times in certain places”such as famines. But these are virtually excluded in present-day Central Europe to the happiness. The fat deposits are for modern humans to problem areas that are neither sport, nor change of diet to combat effectively. Operations are associated with significant risks, as well as the taking of drugs and not everyone wants to get under the knife. The medically and dermatologically tested alternative or supplement to liposuction and lipolysis is beautytek avita plus. Without hospital stay, without anesthesia, without drugs and without compression associations a painless and effective fat reduction can be achieved. In the Horn of Spa, the wellness Temple in the fitness centre Horn, there are beautytek avita plus since early October.

beautytek avita plus the new TFR method (technical uses Fat treatment). This method allows to influence, that they can be dismantled and eliminated body’s mechanisms and the natural process of metabolism of body fat. The advantage of TFR is that large areas as well as small fat deposits can be treated. The treatment with beautytek avita plus runs very quickly, is non-invasive and painless. A session lasts about an hour, including the complimentary lymphatic drainage. She can be repeated if necessary after a week. The number of treatments required depends on the size and location of the fat deposits.

Practical experience according to approximately four to eight treatments are necessary to transform the areas. In addition to treating fat offers beautytek avita plus also the treatment with radiofrequency. This treatment for firming the skin and skin rejuvenation is also painless and is used by the majority of customers through the subtle feeling of warmth as a very pleasant feel. There is more information under The fitness center Horn gym Horn in Bruchsal in the industrial area of bridge meadows between the B3 and the A5 looks back on a history of over 30 years and dimension has since its inception in 1976 with its modern and innovative facilities become a unique fitness and wellness, which is unparalleled in the region. In 2004, the building is renovated from the ground up and extends a 1,100 m m large cultivation. Two training rooms, the varied course, spa area and in the House, SPA offer everything to bring body, mind and soul on 5,000 m sq. It has fantastic views of the neighbouring Lake, which is accessible from the Asian designed wellness area with a few steps from the huge exercise room on the first floor.

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Mental Fitness

Prevention programs for a healthy body in the age – Dr. med. Herbert Plum, specialist in sports medicine and ‘Germany’s favourite health expert’ Frankfurt, October 2010 – endurance training and toning are important for physical fitness. You will be guided in the sports medicine under the terms of strength, endurance and flexibility. This is true for all ages – from kindergarten child in the old age.

To start, it’s never too late! It advises Germany’s favourite health expert”Dr. med. Herbert plum. The sports medicine and general practitioner care patients of all ages in its offices in Frankfurt and Rosbach for more than 30 years and is known from TV and radio as a medical and health expert doc plum. “In his long medical career, he oversaw include the soccer pros from Fortuna Koln and the ice hockey of Bundesliga Cologne sharks”.

His new commitment is the cooperation with the INJOYmed sports & health club in Frankfurt. As an experienced physician, a health expert and certified Chirotherapeut accompanied, consults and supports health of the engaged Mr.”there members within the framework of their fitness programs, where he has relocated his Frankfurt private practice now also. . An in-depth investigation forms the basis of a training program, created together with the trainers by INJOYmed doc plum. The capacity check provides information about the current performance level and the existing potential to improve performance. The development of an individual training programme is reduced but not only to physical exercises, but integrates a diet plan and regular success checks. Preventive medicine is a focus of Mr. Health Dr. med. Herbert Plum in his TV shows tips from the doc “and healthy & fit” at RTL Hessen and rheinmaintv. The physical and mental fitness is an essential prerequisite for optimal performance and personal well-being. Can people who professionally and/or privately are under high pressure, through targeted training and measures Learn how to deal better with stress. Stress will leave traces. Many people who look back on a dedicated professional life, has left the mark, learn at the age to reflect (again) on her body. Germany’s favourite health expert”shows also in the framework of fitness programs and lectures, why fitness is worth in old age. “” Free workshops with Dr. med Herbert Plum on issues such as work-life balance”, spinal complaints spinal damage” or healthy are old but how? “the holistic fitness repertoire of sports & clubs. Read more at:… Germany’s most popular health expert Dr. med. Herbert Plum is a consultant, coach and trainer for lectures and workshops in the framework of meetings and hospitality available. Health information about booking options, service and medical services provided by Mr. “Dr. Herbert Plum, see its Internet portals: Mr. health “Dr.

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Natural Bodybuilding

New natural bodybuilding & fitness magazine impressed again with tips, trends and reports of the renowned US magazine, natural bodybuilding & fitness”from the House of body attack is becoming increasingly popular in Germany as well. Also the third issue of the quarterly magazine (October-December 2010) contains an informative mix of the core areas of training, motivation, regeneration, nutrition and supplements. Also the magazine provides a detailed portrait of, the world champion and coach again this time Kahn on Frank. There are lots of competition reports like Atlantic coast natural for inclusion, Texas model search or inclusion Texas fit. “” “” Found in the category training is compelling topics such as real world bodybuilding “, world champion training”, defeats process, determined look ahead and much more. Also be Studio myths under the magnifying glass and illuminated the cardio progress versus fat.

Also on the subject of nutrition, the magazine offers valuable tips with the GNBF e.V. Supplement review, the heading knowledge or acceptance and new recipes from Hajos fitness cuisine. The 100seitige natural bodybuilding & fitness magazine is also in the third edition for healthy muscle growth and healthy body fat loss. Natural Bodybuilding & fitness”is the selling price of 4,90 euro newsagents available or online at to order.

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Change The Private Health Insurance After Post Boost

Again an increase in post? Termination and change of the private health insurance should not be made without previous comparison. Just at the end of the year is regularly watching a wave of change in the private health insurance and has a good reason. At the end of the year, the insurance companies announce their contributions for the following year. The insured then faced an increase in premium. This contribution increases resulting from the dilemma that the private health insurance companies with steadily increasing costs by increasing life expectancy of insured and always more expensive treatments are facing. These rising costs are ultimately only with premium adjustments under control. The insured person by his insurer receives an increase in premium, an extraordinary termination right is entitled to him he may terminate the contract at the end of the year.

Considering a change of private health insurance into consideration, this should be considered good. First, the new rate should the as accurately as possible meet the individual requirements of the insured person. This means mostly that the services of the new tariff should be at least not worse than that of the old. Here, a comprehensive, independent, and accurate comparison of insurance is strongly recommended, so that you can find the society and the collective, which fits to the personal requirements. Such an individual private health insurance comparison can be requested online at relevant insurance portals, or are created by an independent insurance consultant. Also, the health condition of the insured person in the eye is to keep changing.

He is healthy, the way will be a change of the insurer. However there are pre-existing conditions, then he must expect insurance at the new company with risk premiums or in the worst case a refusal of the insurance. Risk premiums can increase, seriously the monthly contribution at, so that the new post can be higher than the previous. It is much less favourable if the Application due to risk factors is not accepted in this case it remains best at the old society, even if this increases the contribution. Finally, it is to bear in mind that each company makes for their insured retirement provisions, as early as possible to avoid a disproportionate increase in posts at the age. These provisions are mandatory. You can be transferred for contracts concluded after 1 January 2009. For older contracts, they are lost what is another reason to consider the change of the society. A change is decided, then apply it, to ensure a seamless transition in health insurance. It requires already the statutory compulsory health insurance. Is cancelled insurance as at 31 December, the new Treaty to January 1 must begin. Usually is also to demonstrate the before and the subsequent insurance of society for the termination to take effect and the new insurance on the Enters credit transfer latency.

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The Healthy Diet

The key to better health and mental fitness age a healthy diet is the key to health and fitness at the age. Because there can be no doubt at all. So a study from the United States has shown once again that regular consumption of fruits, vegetables and whole grain products offers the prospect of a longer life. Whether however under our normal living conditions each so can feed on, as it would be necessary for the health, it is doubtful indeed. According to estimates of the German society for nutrition, only a small minority reached the WHO aim to eat 400 g of fruit and vegetables daily in Germany. It must be so, on the one hand the objective to improve the nutrition behavior and on the other hand, there where necessary, targeted to complement. This targeted supplementation may be important, show in the meantime several studies which examined the association between intake of vitamins and mental performance, life expectancy or health in old age.

The results the studies point in the same direction: the better supply of vitamins, the greater the fitness and health in the age and the lower the waste of intellectual performance. A good healthy diet and taking supplementary vitamins seem to delay the best the age-related decline in the performance of, and so a good anti-aging measure to be. These studies are further proof that fitness, especially mental fitness age with relatively simple means effective and economically accessible are. Researchers of the World Health Organization (WHO) from Canada had already joined the evidence some time ago. You were able to show that the memory performance through targeted intake of certain antioxidants is tricky! Older people a year consumed a cocktail of certain vitamins and other micronutrients, showed a significantly better mental performance than those who did not. Also their health was better. The researchers concluded that the targeted revenue of 18 specific micronutrients admission dementia can be delayed by the Alzheimer’s and mental fitness can be preserved.

Navitum Pharma is a product under the name MemoVitum available that contains exactly the 18 vitamins used by researchers and micronutrients on the trend-setting research findings. MemoVitum (PZN 4604226) is available in pharmacies or directly at Navitum Pharma. It is recommended by doctors and pharmacists for the nutritional prevention of age-related memory disorders and dementia. Cheap 3 month packs (PZN 0253876) and 6-month packs (PZN 5858064) MemoVitum will honor the meaningful longer-term application available. Because of the unique composition and the study documentation, this product should be replaced by the pharmacy not against other products even though they appear similar. Every pharmacy can purchase shipping MemoVitum without extra effort directly at Navitum Pharma. Should this service a pharmacy even not offer can, can the customer shipping order the desired product directly from the company.

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Bioflavonoids And Health

Useful helpers from nature have varied benefits the nature offers a rich treasure trove of materials that might be for the health of the people of benefits. These include the flavonoids, which are also often called Bioflavonoids because of their natural origin from plants. Enter their usually strong color, the plants and fruits of plants. Rich in such Bioflavonoids, the botanist speaks also of phytochemicals, the lemon and the crane Berry (Cranberry). Both fruits contain completely different kinds of Bioflavonoids. Both are but for the health of the people of relevance. The Bioflavonoids of lemon for healthy veins and the cranberries for a healthy bladder.

The bowls of lemon and other citrus fruits are rich in Bioflavonoids. For the nutritional Physiology and medicine of importance are from this group of natural Bioflavonoid the Diosmin and Hesperidin. Both substances are very closely related and Diosmin can be made up of Hesperidin. Already quite has been suggested at an early stage what modern studies have confirmed: these Bioflavonoids have human vascular protective properties. You can improve the venous tonus (vein voltage), promote the flow of lymph, regulate the micro-circulation, reduce the permeability of the smallest veins (capillaries), and block inflammatory reactions.

Corresponding application areas were verified in clinical studies with good to very good success. People with venous weakness and varicose veins symptoms such as pain, heavy legs and swelling were improved with pills containing 450 mg Diosmin and Hesperidin 50 mg significantly. Tablets 450 mg Diosmin and 50 mg Hesperidin as VasoVitum (PZN 4604203) to the dietary treatment of venous weakness and varicose veins in the trade are in Germany. Bioflavonoids of of the cranberries called Proanthocyanidins also, can be very helpful to modern research for bladder health. So the researchers have found that the Cranberry extract of docking of bacteria on the Bladder mucosa can be reduced. This in turn prevents that the bacteria at all can develop their damaging effect on the bladder tissue. Moreover, the bacteria now freely float in the bubble around are so easy prey of immune cells and be washed out with the urine.

The Protozoan cyanidins, a group of phytochemicals, which make the berries for the healthy bladder so valuable are responsible for this effect. Cranberry as Muscovite in Germany in the trade for a healthy bladder in pleasant-tasting chewable tablets. VasoVitum and Muscovite is available for each 24.90 in pharmacies or good health centers for a month.

Due to the unique composition of the products of Navigate Pharmacy not by other, seemingly similar products are interchangeable. Every pharmacy can relate about the pharmaceutical wholesale trade (Phoenix, all distribution centers).

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March Fitness

During your holiday you would like to keep like fit. If you can make enough for his fitness in everyday life, then you want to make what at least in the holiday against the winter fat. There are more and more vendors who offer active holiday. Active holiday can be quite different. Walking holidays in Norway or a white water tour in a canoe in the South of France up to the stay at Resorts, instigated in addition to beach and pool also many possibilities for sport offer. Popularity also cycling tours or cruises that are on a concept with fitness focus set to enjoy. As a small training camp can be from the holiday quickly sometimes. This holiday is actually intended for recreation and relaxation.

It can fit not together. And leisure of a fortnight-long, massive March come again very relaxed and fit in their work place. Apparently you can relax well also during physical exertion. It is even so that it has better recovered just in sports and exercise, as in a days-long beach towel Beware on the beach with occasional contact, the other to let the Sun burn side of the body. The reason is that fitness stimulates the entire body. By the stimulated cycle, organs are better supplied with oxygen and nutrients. As a result they can regenerate themselves better and just work without any problems. So one reason alone the effects of fitness on the circuit are that time alone to towel.

However, on the suggestion of the circuit, and also the alert cycle itself, bring more positive effects the body. In addition to the suggestion of the cycle is the movement apparatus, that is called relaxed the muscles and joints by the movement. As a result these are even better supplied with blood and just the delicate layers of cartilage in the joints are again supplied with nutrients. Also movements be obtained again, maybe longer time is no longer used. As reflexes, so movements are firmly set in the autonomic nervous system, designed to protect people from injury. One these reflexes is the well-known attraction at a flick with the hammer on the knee of the leg to stretch. These programs must be at off and trained. So, the muscles around the joints, can this offer more stability and protect against injury. Another important aspect, just on vacation, is that many types of motion are simply fun. You focus on the game, or on the movement and forgets everything else around them for the duration of the fitness program. The brain with an ease and freedom that makes itself felt in the aftermath of the training rewards these idle. In this way just the brain in an active holiday can relax better, than at the blunt bathing in the Sun. That doesn’t mean that a beach vacation and just do nothing not even a good way and way would be to spend his free time. Especially since you can go a lot on the beach games, and fitness facility. It is, as so often, on the mix.

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