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The specialized job market Sportyjob lists jobs and internships in the sports industry and sports industry the sport and fitness industry is booming and sports jobs and sports internships are begehrter than ever before. Therefore the job market Sportyjob is committed to the goal, to combine job opportunities in the sports industry. Sportyjob lists sports jobs and sports internships throughout Europe, offers but still considerably more than the pure collection of current vacancies in the sport sector. The Jobborse provides practical features for candidates and companies. Video application Sportyjob offers among other things the video application. Short video applicants can imagine personally that their potential employers. This allows job seekers to break away from competitors and left a very positive image. For employers, the application video also is a welcome help in the decision-making process and the search for the perfect job candidate. Since many applicants claim not exempt the application video, candidates who take advantage of this feature, have decisive advantages. Last but not least, applications with video for the employers appear visually on top and stick better in the head. More smart features like for example inpidualisierbare questionnaires provides functionality for enterprise Sportyjob. These can be integrated in the application process, so that companies can ask targeted questions their future employees. An application management system also serves to simplify the management of incoming applications and allows to share profiles and applications with colleagues, to bookmark or to edit. Sportyjob are tips Sportyjob has about a blog that gives tips and advice for everyday work and the ideal advertising candidates. Topics such as “How dress I to interview” or “How can I an application video” approach all issues, which have budding professionals. Current industry news or fun videos on the topic of application and career will be published in the Sportyjob blog and on the Sportyjob Facebook page. The job market has In addition to offer video interviews with professionals from the sports sector. So hardly anything in the way of specialized job board Sportyjob is a sporting career. Sportyjob tries to mediate between industry and Inpiduum and focuses on the specialization in the career sector “Sport”. Press contact: Christina Antje Friedrich

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Managing Director

Spot date at the study centre in Saarbrucken, Germany with the German University of prevention and health management DHfPG has a nationally recognized, private college that focuses on Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs for the market of the future prevention, fitness, sports and health of the State of Saarland. End of 2013 is already over 4,400 students enrolled at the College. Currently, 3,000 companies and institutions to study at the DHfPG qualify their own specialists and executives, and that not only in the Saarland. Because nationwide study centres in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich, Osnabruck, Saarbrucken and Stuttgart) as well as international study centres in Austria and the Switzerland benefit from the practical study on the DHfPG also students from other States. Spot date at the study centre in Saarbrucken, Germany the Committee for science, research and technology takes over important tasks for the Saarland Landtag.

Prior to this The members meet regularly to exchange technical and organisational background. On January 21, held such a meeting in the premises of the College/BSA-Akademie on the study and training centre in Saarbrucken, Germany. After the welcome by the Managing Director of the University / BSA Johannes Marx, a presentation to the University was on the agenda. Then, a tour of the Center and the study centre in Saarbrucken, Germany took place. Here, the visitors had the opportunity to gain insight into the current curriculum at the University.

Then talks with the pro-rectors, professors and department heads instead of, as well as with the female officer and Director of the study secretariat Anna Farke and students representatives/students were. While the members of the Committee were done by the College and its rapid development has occurred since its accreditation in 2008. Practical study concept an important basis for the success of the DHfPG is the dual Bachelor’s degree system. This is a combined Distance learning that is supported by an online campus, with compact attendance phases and operational training. The students from the first study day in a company are under contract, in the context of the dual Bachelor’s degree. Thus they acquire important professional experience already during their studies. This form of study allows a direct transfer of knowledge from your studies into operational practice training companies. A total of five Bachelor’s degrees to choose from are at the University.

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Strength Training

Popular sports strength training: Errors that should be avoided weight training has now become a kind of national sport. “If years ago still football and running” was, it is today more and more people in a gym. Thats really odd: in a gym, there is a wide range of training devices and everyone is here: whether man, woman, old or young. But especially as a beginner you is often the mistake too much of the apparently well-trained powerhouses”, which are in the gym every day to impress to make and to accept advice and tips from them, that are not suitable or even completely wrong for a beginner in weight training. Moved the warm up quick and get to the devices. One of the most common and also most dangerous mistakes during strength training.

To warm up before the workout with some exercises reduces risk of injury and also ensures a better training results. Only and always same machines are for the Used modern fitness equipment irritate strength training simply to take advantage of this. But on most devices only specific muscles are trained, and if then always the same fitness equipment is used, that is nothing to do with the successful strength training and muscle building. In the free weight area, much more targeted exercises can be performed, which burn more calories. The coach at the Center will help here.

Copying other athletes in the Center impressed by the muscle mass of the minor person? Then, the exercises of must be really good. Thought wrong! You really know why your side man performs just this exercise and for which it is intended? “You’re also sure that this exercise really is running, or it is possible that even the experienced crack” is anything wrong? Better turn on the coach in the Studio and ask. It too often training is 7 days a week 2 times at day in the gym run and soon the muscles grow? This is also completely wrong. After an intense workout is once a recovery phase of at least 48 hours. Who has more experience, which can be later training program units to split, to get more training. Too light or too heavy weights and exercises are run upside down to heavy use often to light weights and the men women. Both makes for an ineffective training. Also many exercises carried out in particular by beginners still wrong at the beginning. It is better again at the coach to ask or to ask him, a little care must be taken, and to let you know if he or she notices that the exercises be done wrong. It is located incorrectly fed the best strength training little will use, when still Burger, on the menu are French fries and co. every day. Also a lot of supplements and protein to buy and to use them indiscriminately is not the solution. You should sit from the outset a target you, which should be reached with the strength training. Then is a training and Diet plan, which itself should be kept. The athletes, for example, in shops, which can provide exact information about receives information, what proteins for the own training are ideally suited.

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Sporting Challenges

Physiotherapy in Menden: services include also pain therapy and individual training after the concept of key players in practice for pain, physiotherapy and exercise therapy ( by Juliane Pidt in addition to classic physiotherapy services such as physiotherapy, manual therapy and healing practical applications in the field of physiotherapy pain therapy in the Centre of the performance catalogue. It works with their patients based on the concept of LnB, after the pain signals are regarded as warnings of the body, which is to deal with it before the serious injuries occur. The causes can be found usually in the muscles and accordingly very treatable. The effectiveness of the method has confirmed among other things the sport University Cologne. The therapy takes place in one-hour sessions, which includes akkupressurartige items such as targeted exercises to improve range of motion and strengthen the muscles by working with various devices. Treatment is manual and of course without the use of Medication or pain injection. It is a this smooth transition between the pure pain therapy and movement therapy. Individual exercises tailored to the image of pain must be continued afterwards at home.

A significant improvement in the pain occurs most of the patients already during the first treatment session and only a few treatments are often necessary, to decisively improve the well-being. The experienced physiotherapist is supported by her husband Gerd Pidt, which can enter into a PE teacher and fitness trainer also has developed as a concept, with which he individually on the needs of so-called key players are people who play important functions within an organization or a team that and specifically prepare for professional or sporting challenges. He aimed it at sports clubs as well as to companies and families, because applies to all teams: this is a key player, has important consequences for all involved in his environment, costs rise, objectives or results can not be achieved. With athletes, Gerd Pidt works therefore either individually or in small groups of up to four people. He works out an individual and thus it tailored to program for each participant. This training replaced not training with the team, it complements it rather. An individual program of strength training, stretching, sports massage, and Kinesiotaping helps the athletes to train their problem areas, to prevent injury and to shorten the down time after an injury.

Pain can be an appropriate treatment directly with Juliane Pidt. Companies can benefit from this offer. Service providers can be sensitised for the development of their individual physical problems and are able, they reduce before the physical complaints are so strong, that they cause expensive downtime for the company. Manager is also available in families and they are not operational, sometimes breaks the Organization together. Individually or in small groups of up to three people can already preventive work on problem areas. This includes the same components as the training program for athletes.

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Please understand that I am not saying that you are condemned by your all genes can achieve amazing improvements in their physical doing appropriate exercises and having good eating habits. I mean that when we started to compare us with people who appear in the magazines is when we get into problems, we get lost in this vicious circle of exaggeration and sensationalism that currently prevails both in fitness and fat burning. As I said before, you have a life. You’re a busy person. So we all. We live in a society that goes at a pace rapid, in the information age, in which we have to complete too many tasks and very little time to do so. Not be you, but many times I find myself trying to put everything that I do in those few hours that there are between the moment that I wake up and I go to sleep. It is not easy.

Then come the gurus of fitness telling you that to burn fat and be in good shape you have to train every day or almost everyone. You have to do aerobics or cardio to burn fat, several times a week. You have that train with weights other so many days a week, so you literally end up training 5-6 days a week, every week. If you want it, you have to do it, they say. I’m here to tell you that this is very far from the truth! Many of these programs also will tell you that you have to follow some irrational diet to burn fat. This may include removing all or most of the carbohydrates, eat massive amounts of supplements or any other magic potion to lose weight. Besides that, when their programs do not meet expectations, they will tell you that everyone is different and you have to discover what works well in it.

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Various Massage Treatments

The traditional Thai massage includes various massage treatments. There are always more people who deliberately fitted the massage in your wellness program including the herbal stamp massage, foot massage and the different aroma oil massage therapy in Germany. The massage has arrived. Nich only in physiotherapy facilities where for example, manual therapy is offered, in the many hotels and fitness centre facilities. But many go specifically to a traditional Thai massage! Also, because many travelers have met the traditional Thai massage in your own holiday in Thailand and learned to appreciate. But what exactly this traditional Thai massage? This is just turn and tap. The massage therapist walk around with their feet on the back really? Traditional Thai massage in the Thai language is a Thai massage Nuad Phaen Boran may refer to.

This technique is a combination of passive yoga, meditation, acupressure and energy. Typical for this type of treatment is, that also here as always at the far eastern treatments man as a unit in the Center stands. Ayurvedic elements can be found in the Thai massage. While in Thailand the Thai massage more applied and there daily naturally is prevention on the agenda, people come in our latitudes to a Thai dentist, if they already suffer from massive complaints. Then it is not possible to achieve a comprehensive effect of course also with a single session. Rather, one should undertake this in several steps.

What happens when a reputable Thai massage? A reputable Thai massage is made only on the clothed people, a clear difference to other offers. But the reason that when using oil the handle of the masseur would not be enough. In addition to attending and the masseur at the same level on a mat on the floor are. As a result, the power can be transferred much better. Even if the body is treated with a Thai massage, has the effect to get the effect, in the emotional level and to create a deep relaxation.

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Format Offensive Art Images – Now Poster Lounge!

New image formats for commercial framework from now on poster lounge! The Leipzig art publishing poster lounge GmbH offers now new image formats for standard frame. This should not only a richer selection will be created for the customer, but above all the quality and longevity of the images will be improved. Because some image formats fit poster lounge GmbH not in standard frame sizes, the formats were now fully customized. The change of the image formats to 20 x 30, 40 x 40, 50 x 70, 60 x 60 and 60 x 80 is a response to increased customer needs to adjust images for commercial framework in retail. Images from the online store in a suitable size can be supplied now available for standard frames are available in major retail chains such as IKEA.

Managing Director Falk Tessmer says: “the more formats can be offered a motive, the easier it is to meet the needs of our customers. So for example an existing picture frame can patrimonial value quickly and easily with a matching art print new be equipped.” With the format offensive of the Leipzig company founded in 2003 the band width of the images – and poster formats ( art prints c2.html) should be expanded now even further, to make for more choices in the product range. With the product finder to specially imported, the customer it is now also possible to select the image formats in advance and adjust the search criteria in the online shop. Thus, the existing image formats can be chosen. Company description of the 2003 founded Leipzig art publishing poster lounge GmbH sells via the Internet shop pictures, art prints, posters and art images in various formats. The company brought on current contemporary art, modern art and design, as well as the works of art of great Patriots, which is found only in posters lounge specialized. If successful gift idea, or trendy wall decoration for private or business premises – poster Lounge offers you the appropriate image. Company contact: POSTER LOUNGE GmbH Mr Falk Tessmer Weissenfels road 67 04229 Leipzig phone: 0341-2 47 0 47 2 E-Mail: Web:

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The Congress

You saw that the Bank took care of their employees and offered them great opportunities. Yes, there were also employees who left the Bank. Some of them, because they could do nothing with the new culture. Others, because they realized that the profession of banker was not right for her in the course of the program. These employees were encouraged and assisted to go their way and find their passion. As a human Bank we wanted no Prisoners”have. We wanted employees, who wanted to be, because it felt right for them”, explains the strategy Stojanovic.

We have included the people, placed much value on their accomplishments, and made sure that everyone had fun. It was first and foremost to have fun at work!” The Australian Stock Exchange asked annual institutional investors 48 criteria to assess 50 Australian companies. The results are reported in the corporate confidence index”summarized. Prior to start of program breakout, the ANZ was Bank in most areas on the squares in the second half. 2004 took the 1st place CEO and the senior management team was on 8th, all other values were in the upper third of the good. In addition, McFarlane was elected 4 times in succession to the banker of the year.

The Bank was the Bank of the year and received multiple awards as an employer, providing equal opportunities. Impressive impact the story was so unique and successful, that the team led by Sonia Sansom funded themselves. The internal workshops, as well as internal consultations and the sale of merchandise paid by the business units and departments. An annual turnover of 10 million Australian dollars was attributed to this Department alone. Soon saw this external interested parties. There was an offer to buy a complete breakout team, to use it for other companies. The offer was rejected. Nevertheless or precisely the ANZ Bank remains as the most dramatic example of a business transformation “referred to. Other top Australian banks followed suit, so that the ANZ must ensure Bank again and again, to be one step ahead. “Schade finds Stojanovic, who in the meantime worked for McKinsey and now runs her own consulting firm, that it world’s very few generic” is. She said: only a few companies had or have the courage to make a similarly dramatic transformation. Many of the customers I work with, ignore the human factor completely. It seems as whether they are still living in the 80’s. The degree of ignorance in the United States and Europe is more than shocking.” While the example shows the ANZ Bank more than themselves international companies with the right management can become more successful and above all better company. For viewing employees as the most important asset, and to vote on people’s business model can be more than lip service. It can help as a bank to save themselves! John McFarlane met the only right decision at that time for the ANZ Bank. He said: we need to reduce costs, but include also the people. Because without the people the Bank is just a bunch of buildings, computers and hard drives.” The Congress of visionary economies”, for the first time in Munich will take place on 15th and 16th October 2011, speaks to people who share this vision. People who want to learn practical examples of successful companies and entrepreneurs. People who won’t want to miss the mega-trend. There is information about the Congress under Gaby file

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Black Box Germany Gmb

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Frame and packet encryption ensures, on the other hand, the header remains intact. Thus, the data are compatible with the existing network operating. EncrypTight is completely transparent and supports also VoIP and video, without causing it to adverse effects such as jitter or increased latency. A vulnerability often represents the physical backup of the data center or the server room. With the Intelli-pass system is a solution to the effective biometric access control and securing of doors about fingerprint, PIN and RFID to provide (biometric access control). Here, the optical fingerprint system offers maximum security for offices, laboratories, data centers, business and server rooms. In contrast to many other systems read and controller units are separated here: while the reader with the fingerprint – and keyboard unit easily accessible at the door is installed, the control unit with door safety, control and network communication within the safe range can be accommodated and is protected from unauthorized access and tampering.

The multi-level identification to the reader is biometric fingerprint and PIN (numerical code) as well as optional RFID (radio frequency identification). With extensive management capabilities, Intelli-pass also ensures a high degree of protection. In addition, critical environments can be monitored comprehensively with AlertWerks II. The system controlled environmental conditions with up to 600 intelligent sensors and provides a targeted monitoring of failure critical parameters such as temperature, humidity, smoke, air pollution and power surges. The solution to the environmental monitoring (environmental monitoring) alerted the user deviations using SNMP, email, sound, voice, fax or photo attachment in the mail. Thus, the system in addition to the usage in data centers, server and computer rooms is also ideal for sensitive areas such as telecommunications or food industry. Not all potentially explosive devices can be in this way.

In particular Calculator in publicly accessible areas, such as airports, hotels, authorities, or shops, represent a risk to the security of the network. The innovative LockPORT cable protect the vulnerable ports with their patented clip from unauthorized access and accidental separation. In doing so the key locking cable (Cat6) with red locks only with the LockPORT key tool can be removed and so absolute port protection with the following characteristics: network protection on the level of security layer 1 (physical layer in the OSI model physical layer), compatibility with all RJ-45 ports, CAT6 specification, as well as securing wireless access points, surveillance cameras and PoE hardware connections. The secure locking cable have green fixtures and prevent unintended separation and thus expensive downtime. The key/secure cables combine both approaches, and have a red latch and a green clip on one end to the other end. Press contact: Black Box Germany GmbH Axel citizens Ludwig road 45 B 85399 Hallbergmoos Tel: 0811/5541-322

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Grace Hotels

Now vacationers in the new Reval can learn Hotel Russian way of life in the Centre of the city it’s finally here: with the Reval Hotel Sonya, the first House opened the largest Baltic hotel chain outside the Baltic States. Is a 4-star hotel of Sonya in the heart of St. Petersburg is the ideal starting point for exploring the many cultural treasures and monuments of the former capital of the Russian Empire. Also the visitors of the Reval Hotel Sonya is feel back offset in the former Russian Empire. Crime and punishment, inspired by Fjodor Dostojewskis Roman”, playful and modern elements in the design of the House turns. How to determine the topics change in the book”and transformation” the atmosphere of this city hotel. The guests of our hotel we would like to tell a story, we want to surprise you and make your stay special with unexpected details, so the CEO Heikki Vanhanen about the special atmosphere of the House. The former rooms of the Reval Hotels “” “” “Standard, Reval class, Executive and suite”Masterpiece be replaced in the new House inspired by Dostoevsky’s the categories of conscience”, Grace”, rebirth”and ego”.

In addition, each door sign of hotel’s 173 rooms is individually equipped with a set of the novel. Also in the hotel’s own restaurant Metamorfos guests inside the Russian dining and reading culture. The a la carte menu in the format of a book shows in addition to the selection of traditional Russian and European dishes in different sections Dostoevsky’s life and that of the protagonist of crime and punishment”, Rodion Raskolnikov. Despite the reminiscent of the historical novel, the guests are provided all a First-Class amenities such as an on-site bar, a fitness centre, conference rooms, a courtyard with banquet facilities and free Wi-Fi in the entire hotel.

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