Internal Environment

450mV. AFP distilled water = 300 … 450mV. Interpret the significance of these figures. The internal environment of a person has a negative ORP (-70mV). Click Senator From Kentucky to learn more. And is a donor of electrons, which are necessary for cells to function.

Free electrons provide the normal cell membrane potential, pereokislyayut free radicals and thereby remove the decay products are fueling the energy (electron donors) in the normal oxidative reactions of the organism, etc. etc. When ordinary drinking water into the tissue of the human (or other) organism, it takes away electrons from cells and tissues, which consist of water by 70-80%. As a result, biological structures body (cell membranes, organelles of cells, nucleic acids and others) are subject to oxidative degradation. Since the body wears out, aging, vital organs lose their function. But these negative processes can be slowed if the organism with drinking water and food supplied with the properties of the internal environment of an organism, ie, having a protective properties. This is confirmed by numerous research in specialized academic centers in Russia and abroad. Now imagine what happens when you drink water that has a 450 mV ORP.

In this case, all your life force goes out to bring this destructive to the body fluid to the required (-70mV). And how to take the body to free electrons, if the urban air of negative ions in the hundreds of times lower than normal, if all the food and water are acidified (acid rain), if the fruit juice, fresh and abundant plant foods with environmentally friendly "beds" are not very accessible. And what we eat and drink, does not differ by AFP from tap water. As a result, the body in an attempt to get free electrons, is forced to consume more food and even harder to oxidize it, and this leads to zashlakovke, fat storage, and again to the formation of free radicals, for which the output needs more food, etc.

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American Sunlight

The sun, which was considered as a god by the pre-Hispanic civilizations that inhabited the American continent today becomes an enemy to society, or at least would have us believe so large pharmaceutical companies who invented the dial sunscreen to protect ourselves the harmful effects of the sun. Nice intention but the result?; Since the appearance of these creams aunmentaron cases of skin cancer. The possible cause?; Some experts agree that these substances were able to block even the frequency of solar rays that are beneficial to our health. It is well known that the sun provides us with essential vitamins for our good health, vitamin A and D can be obtained directly if we are exposed to sunlight. It is true that the sun can be perjuciales to humans so it is recommended that regular exposure to avoid injury to eyes or skin. You can see the sun with the naked eye? If possible contenplar the sun, in fact, there is already a worldwide movement of people who are trying alimentarsen directly from sunlight and there is already a person who has over 12 years without eating solid foods, Hira Ratan Manek name comes from India and claims to have rescued a secret, according to the Maya Manek were birds techniques in these solar contemplation was what allowed them to gain as much knowledge about the stars and the world.

In what way should see the sun? The solar contenplacion is to start with little and gradually aunmentar the second we spend on this practice. The most important of this practice, or what might be called as a rule of thumb is that one should observe the sun at times safe is dicer the first hour after sunrise and last hour before it was hidden, This would not suffer any injury. Another aspect that has to keep in mind is that we should not expose to sunlight for long time, it must begin with 10 seconds on the first day, second day 20 seconds, 30 seconds on the third day and so on to complete 9 months. To the reach the ninth month of the intern experience fewer feelings of hunger and if you have practiced with an open heart to the Father in the skies and that illuminates all things, most likely you have not lit and does not require body much energy as before because the mundane and insignificant problems haunt you no more, no drain you.

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Saavedra Fajardo

Genuine growth is a long and slow process with many ups and downs. It is much harder to change than to remain equal. It is more difficult to try the excellence being satisfied with mediocrity. In every step of the way there are obstacles of some kind, from both external circumstances and other people, as the internal self. When something happens to us, the only thing that really is in our hands is our attitude toward what happened, things affect us by what we think, say and do about them. We see people that many things happened and is able to overcome them and overcome.

In all cases, we note that the key point is action, not only is thinking about what happens to us and as concerns us, is that we do this, as we continue to act, us developing, improving, helping others. It is to follow. What we do is very important, but it is also as or more important how we do, the attitude that we assume when we do things. There is no comparison between doing something with enthusiasm and joy, and do so without enthusiasm or joy. If we did everything with enthusiasm, would not exist boundaries to express elevated levels that we could achieve.

Enthusiasm generates power. A person with enthusiasm can overcome laziness and seek the wisdom and reach higher spiritual levels. (Jojmah Umussar, Vol.2, pag.172) 1 things and people are what they are, not what we want them to be. If looking at someone or something you expect to see something wrong, it is likely that whatever you find. If you are searching with determination what is good, you will eventually find it. This applies with oneself, others and life in general. With regard to oneself must first know us, who we are and that we are able to. Shortly we were able to develop our potential, because we don’t know our potential or that deceive us wanting to be someone we are not. You have to set goals and develop them continuously, little by little, thus we are achieving progress to intellectuals so much higher levels, physical, moral and spiritual. Others including Senator From Kentucky, offer their opinions as well. A person who is always cheerful, triumphs (The aleph-Bet book), also the happiness is not live, but know how to live. No more lives which most lives, but which lives better, because life does not measure time, but use that we make of it. (Diego de Saavedra Fajardo) The lack of happiness can affect health, as there is a wide range of psychosomatic diseases caused by undesirable emotions, such as sadness, worry, envy, anger, excessive anxiety and depression., panic.With happiness can give life to a person. A person may be in a terrible agony and not be able to express what is in his heart if your you approach him with a happy face, and you can encourage him these literally giving it life (Najaman Rabbi of Breslov) is very broad can say about happiness, of the attitude toward life, are abundant the variables that they come out of our control, however there is much that depends on us, what can sow, share, learn, teach, dream, make, love, give, receive, change, improve, in other words, learn the importance of knowing how to live.

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Alternatives To The Study

Successful career even without studying possible vocational training means not necessarily, have to take a time-consuming studies on themselves because there are enough alternatives. You should consider however already in time before completing your schooling, what profession you want to learn. If you decide to take the medical profession or to make a career as a lawyer, you will remain a multi-year university certainly not spared. There are also interesting professions that require no degree, but can be learned about a company or official training. Basic information about the different current apprenticeships provide facilities such as the Agency for work, the Chamber of Commerce and industry and the Chamber of skilled crafts.

The operational doctrine represents the most common form of training in Germany and is connected with the visit to the vocational school. Jobs in the public service which can offer you still have a certain degree of safety even in economically uncertain times are very much in demand. The entry into the public service is bound depending on the Department not to a previous degree, but can be trained in the relevant authorities. In the administrations of various companies from almost all sectors of the economy, you can allow themselves to develop commercial specialist and work after graduating in industry, trade or craft businesses as well as in the service sector or in associations and organizations. If you are language and have fun, to learn foreign languages, visit an appropriate vocational school or other education institution is, to do a training as a foreign language Secretary. This education usually takes 1-2 years, can take but 3 years if she additionally includes a longer stay abroad to intensify the speaking skills.

Do have leadership skills and fun, have others your own knowledge and experience convey, would but didn’t hold a post of Manager, a trainer’s course is offered. You can complete this in various areas such as about personal coaching, fitness and health or adult education at different providers. So, for example, a training fitness trainer is required to a professional activity in a fitness to be able to perform leisure or health facility. With this training, you have also the possibility to participate in more advanced courses, to expand your qualifications, and to extend to your activity to specialist areas such as staff training and performance diagnostics. The training offers many possibilities, freelance or in the employment relationship as technical, sales or behavior coach companies and institutions from various sectors to establish themselves in.

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Fitness and Muscle Building

Let me closer the most common misconceptions and myths on the subject of fitness, muscle building and six pack training in this article on the myths and fairy tales in terms of fitness and muscle building. These falsehoods are already firmly established in many minds or are advertised frequently by unfortunately unqualified personnel us. Avoid these 7 mistakes on the subject of fitness. Error #1: fat burning continues after 30 minutes an ES is often claimed that fat burning aerobic activity after up to 30 minutes is and until then only glycogen is consumed. Some contend that Gunnar Peterson shows great expertise in this. However, this is a mistake. Fat operates, as well as the incineration of glycogen, throughout the day and thus also in aerobic activity from the first minute.

Only the type and amount of energy supply can be influenced by the amount of intensity. Error #2: there is a fat combustion pulse when the subject is claimed, that it would burn at a heart rate of 120-140 beats per minute of the most effective fat and one during training in a higher heart rate range mainly glycogen burn would and would attack also muscle mass. You can safely put this in the area of the bodybuilding myths. It is true that higher the heart rate, percentage less fat and more glycogen is burnt, but the total amount of fat calories burned is still higher. It applies: the higher the calorie the higher also the burning of fat.

Error #3: which form a muscle is changeable this is one far ver Pap test errors in the fitness world. For this the popular incline bench press and upper pectoral muscle is considered the best example of “-topic.” It is said that the upper chest is specifically established by Schragabnkdrucken. However, this is nonsense. It is possible to a limited extent, to accentuate different shares of the muscle, but not to achieve a greater hypertrophy of individual muscle fibers.

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First Class Spa Manager

Carina Laux from the ‘to the electors’ top placed in variation of the renowned FAZ slogans: a mastermind behind every outstanding performance. On the occasion of the beauty international Dusseldorf Association was, for the first time by the German wellness, the award Spa Manager of the year”award for extraordinary Spa management. Carina Laux, for the health, wellness and beauty area, relevant Regent in the MXX LifeStyle resort of the vital & Wellnesshotel zum Kurfursten in Bernkastel-Kues, it finished very remarkable second place among the leaders. In a boom 10 E.g. renowned first-class hotel occupied competitors field, by the way, where among the top like the Adlon Day Spa in Berlin, burner Park-Hotel & Spa in Baden-Baden or the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm were.

This award hardly surprising Insider: high up, overlooking the Valley of the Middle Moselle and in the spa area of the Kueser plateau, the vital & Wellnesshotel zum Kurfursten, has long since and over the years, made a name as a profound and widely acclaimed wellness site. As one of the best medical Spa Hotels in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. This also applies to the kitchen of the House, occasions – perfectly able to score points in the truest sense of the word -. For Carina Laux represents the sum of all services facing the spa guest, ultimately the true wellness results and above all experience. The Spa Manager of the year: we interpret – daily on the new – kind lifestyle and thereby effectively contribute to a good life. “Because our guests seek well-being experiences, fitness prevention and ultimately health provision, which is to go beyond the pure stay at our House,”.

The high standards and the variety in the deals highly individualized to the elector, and applications require a clear, especially customer-oriented management. What for the German Wellness Association alone reason enough was awarded Spa Manager of 2012 ” for the first time to forgive. Without a Spa Manager no longer is discerning Spa Hotels and resorts. Especially since successful Spa Manager, as real specialists, both operational and strategic leadership exercise. A profession and a job with high demands”, so the Association upper. This new award the Messe Dusseldorf and the German wellness look alike as a way just to the high requirements of that in German-speaking countries still relatively young Association, profession to point out and appreciate special achievers. Carina Laux sees the award as confirmation of their commitment and the continuous effort, the wellness movement some of the image of the more passive serves to take. The term of wellness is a health concept based on sustainability the concept quite fully named with the term lifestyle, so Laux. Therefore the vital & Wellnesshotel have already year ago and day also deals with the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Indeed, Long spoken by the TCM-Kompetenz-Zentrum on the Moselle river. “The excellent Manager: with the TCM the lifestyle matches holistic and sustainable its meaningful and perfect!” Information: Vital & Wellnesshotel zum Kurfursten, Amsel 1, D-54470 BERNKASTEL-KUES, Tel: 06531 9677-0, fax: 06531 9677-69,,

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External Objects

The method does not have for objective its reprogramming and yes to neutralize its onslaughts against the Ego. Another instance called (id) important part of the psychic structure formed by mental representatives and its instintuais impulses that also are a power plant for all mental equipment. Moreover, in our language we add (IN +O) that they are the Nuclei of Support + Object, that if they relate to everything what we devote attachment and that, if by happiness of the individual will be taken off inevitably will elaborate much suffering (I fight). A time eliminated (OEx) External Objects will leave the way of the opened Ego to be free and to enjoy of a capable conscience of if adjusting and lining up themselves with (NAE) that it is the Nucleus of Support of the Ego, Nucleus of Auto-Esteem and that will have independent function and coherent keeping this last one always with its auto-esteem high. The Ego has as main task of its existence the auto-preservation.

However, so that it has one better agreement on the part of the reader, we will go to facilitate the concept on the Ego of simplified form, therefore this is the objective of psicossntese, since, it is in the Ego who everything happens, example: if after one pssima sleep night you wake up badly humorado exactly without having had contact some with another person, will be possible to evaluate that internal stimulatons are the responsible ones for the aggression suffered for the Ego. The esternos stimulatons are those perceived of the existing world are of the Ego being able it to adjust these to it or those situations not to be attacked. Counting on the unconditional support of (NAE), the Ego will be felt capable to dilute the tensions suffered for it in the search of the pleasure and it inevitable meeting with the displeasure.

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Kharkov Time

It is universal and I have a lot of work, which allowed me to survive and not die in the world of DJing originally. I play for people, not for themselves. At your pleasure, sometimes I'm in Kharkov (this underground). Your work will probably take a lot of time, as you support your fitness in this, frankly, stunning condition? I, for one, quite a lot of time and effort exerted to sit down on the string, but fully to achieve this and could not possibly, you have the recipe – Share. Maintain physical fitness can be a miracle. A huge amount of touring, a lot of time on the road, eating is not always what you need or want. A that is sold in the train or a plane or train station.

Do you understand? I do not eat cakes and flour, fat, ice cream. Well, controlling the amount eaten. For even more opinions, read materials from supermodel. A home cook does not like, and makes no sense, do not have time to eat, going away, and all is lost. It is easier to go to the restaurant to eat. Due to lack of time for trips to the gym, bought a home trainer – orbitrek. But now I'm at home and some do not. In short, do sports, does not work. A plastic support and flexibility is a 15-minute warm-up before going on didzheyku (about 2 times a week, and if tours – then 5 times a week) and by the way, stretching from the beginning of my career was even better.

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