Poseldorf Plastic

Perhaps, because I knew about what’s coming to me, because I had to carry two plastic aesthetic treatments. Everyday life in the first week after the surgery the surgery went very well. There were no complications and the entire clinic team has looked lovingly to me. At the first glance in the mirror, I was scared then but easily. Everything was swollen and my face was hidden under a thick bandage. Since I am professionally pretty encouraged, I couldn’t afford a comfortable break. I was the first day and the first night in practice clinic Poseldorf.

On the second day, I went home, my cats and my housekeeper told, everything is good. Then have placed me in the bed, my face chilled and enjoyed the license to being lazy. The next day I could work from home. Supermodels opinions are not widely known. At the beginning of a conscientious cooling is not only pleasing of course, but also for healing conducive. And then I would recommend professional lymphatic drainage on all cases. But the most important is patience! The true effects of such surgery reflected only weeks, if not months later. And eyes also the small ailments such as burning or scars swelling under her Chin need some time until everything regenerates. My gaze in the mirror today have my expectations met.

“” And if known today come to me and say you look really good, “or you have very beautiful eyes”, I feel confirmed in my decision. At first I always thought I must clarify it and report of my treatment at the plastic and aesthetic surgeon. But it’s over. Now I enjoy just yet. Contact: ursula reimers consulting & communications Kerstin Germund + 49 – (0) 40 – 34 99 46 15 with already over 20 years of experience the clinic Poseldorf district is one of the leading specialist clinics for plastic aesthetic surgery in Germany. In the Private clinic on the clay Road 17 in Hamburg Eppendorf offers the entire spectrum of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery at the highest professional level. The modern ambience of the private clinic offers you the security of a fully licensed hospital (according to 30) to the outpatient and inpatient treatment. Holger Fuchs is specialist for plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery and hand surgery. He is responsible for the concept of the clinic as medical director of the clinic of Poseldorf, all involved specialists in the field of aesthetic operations in the sense of bringing together optimal solutions for each patient.

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Stress Neutralizing

Stress and health – the effects of stress and stress neutralization Everyone in his life faced with problematic situations. Someone did not appreciate at home, and it left its mark on the psyche. Someone suffered from the upcoming examinations. Someone was in trouble at work. Any negative factors are stressful. And if the person has not learned to control them, then sooner or later they will affect human health. Therefore imperative increase their stress levels and do not let the negative experience of triumph over you. Stress and its effects on human stress can contribute to various diseases, both physical and emotional.

If a person is faced with severe traumatic situation, it can lead to neurosis. A chronic stress weakens the immune system, nerve cells are depleted, there psihosomoticheskie disease such as duodenal ulcers, pressure, and many others. Prolonged exposure to stress increases risk of oncology. Stress affects not only the health but also on productivity. To perform Work does not have enough internal energy, a person does not have time, can not cope with the tasks. Just down the overall quality of life, the person ceases to smile and enjoy life.

Constant dissatisfaction does not bestow enthusiasm for your friends and family, and this may lead to a deterioration in relations. How to become a master of your emotions? Overcoming stress – is a science. And we need to study it and apply their knowledge in real life. Here are the general recommendations to deal with stress: thinking 1.Pozitivnoe To make it easier to relate to life and not make mountains out of molehills need to learn to think positively. Focus on a pleasant drive away and the thoughts that lead to stress. You can use the technique of switching. And every time you start reading the next dissatisfaction with affirmations or envision the happy images. You can also switch their attention to the outside world and observe what is happening, of what you see, hear and feel at a given time. 2.Fizichesie exercise regime Everyone must observe the regime of the day, sleep for 7-8 hours a day and exercise. And it is not need to go to a sports club, if there is no desire. Quite regularly go for long walks or daily exercise program at home. 3.Razlichnye techniques for stress management There are many techniques combat stress, the best of them – it's autogenic training and breathing exercises. And also helpful to do exercises to release negative emotions, such as keeping a diary or to engage in

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For many people, the spring is synonymous of allergies, estornudos, picazn, lagrimeos, congestion, cough, comezn, clearing of the throat, covered nose and tires. These allergies must mainly to the increase of pollens in the nourishing air, to which there is to add other causes that act the year throughout (smoke, detergents, additives, etc). Dr. Gerard Addonizio has firm opinions on the matter. In the spring, the allergies go off and every time they affect greater number of population, nowadays to near 20% of the Chileans. Of equal way, the own changes of temperature of this station do that the influenza and also the resfriados ones accompany many. Further details can be found at Mark Fields, an internet resource. In order to palliate the allergies, we can help us of some foods. * To take probiotic foods (like yogurth). It is necessary to notice that, there is no an ideal food to resist the symptoms of the allergy, but is a combination of several foods.

Mainly it is necessary to take a sensible and variable diet. These ingestions of nutrients must go accompanied, throughout the day, of abundant water to hydrate the body and to eliminate toxins. In our Web site Nutrition, antioxidants, health you can to find more information on the allergies, feeding and health. Original author and source of the article

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Body Inflammation

And so it occurs at the level of each body. Ie this phase of acute inflammation. Everything that happens acute in the body, he tries to quickly withdraw. This phase of excretion. The next phase – inflammation pathological. In this case the phase of pathological inflammation the body tries to maximize the use of all the immune system in some way to localize the inflammatory process. You can watch it at the next example. Furuncle.

What is it? This limited inflammation. Supermodel contains valuable tech resources. Also occur and the adhesive process. Also, the formation of cysts of different. All this happens outside the cell and in this case is still possible to unlock mizenhimy may yet be homotoxins excretion from the body. This is the extracellular phase and are in no way fall into kletku. phase – the deposit.

At this stage, is already accumulation homotoxins. A lot of them in organism. In this case, the body tries to occupy such a position that it is a chronic inflammation caused as little as possible pathologies in other organs. Ie he tries in some authority to limit the inflammatory response, and a process that takes place is characterized as chronic. Further, there is now an (image) the biological barrier. It is for this barrier process has gone far enough, and begin the changes at the cellular level. Ie this is the phase of the cell. When does the impregnation matrix, when toxic substances block the mesenchyme, a cell is in deficit, the cell does not receive those substances which are necessary for its functioning.

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Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

And we all know that this process is not new. Americans and Chinese will benefit with a future well-being and quality of life: the above will help to facilitate global stability "on the free market economy and abiertoa " twenty-first century. But we must prevent it from developing an endless pyramid expelled from the top with sharp a humos fearful, then, in the short or the long run, tend to develop collective fears and trigger a chain reaction with conflicting results and unpredictable. Cindy Crawford contributes greatly to this topic. So easy. In the same way that violence begets violence, so with fear, which breeds fear. There I have a bad day! Atout see it black! love hurts the heart!, we say, as if the viscera were able to detect muscle pain.

Within these and similar statements have been inserted for a world of fears (phobias, many times): afraid to love, myocardial infarction, cancer, AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), fear of losing his head, fear suffering, fear of pain. All these fears that we amenazana "in the run XXIa century " at the same time, lead us inevitably to the great fear in all of us: our fear of death. The society that we live does not exactly help us overcome these barriers of the intellect. We think and act like human beings us. And is that the global picture is problematic: fratricidal wars, violation of mujeresa "with the final outcome of muertea " and their rights, mental and physical abuse of minors, illegal detention of minors … that are gone forever, and so on.

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Chile Skin

Lorraine Valenzuela: For this experienced and spectacular Chilean model the best homemade prescription is to be happy, of one is seen there better, more brilliant and renewed, the previous thing is reflected in the photos of models in magazines and announcements say Lorraine. Also it gives tips so that rouge lasts hours, the best thing is to paint the lips and soon to dry them with a paper hand towel to remove brightness to them. Later it is necessary to put a little compact dusts in the mouth and to return it to paint. 7. Carolina de Moras: A good cleaning of skin, water of Roses and creams that they have much vitamin C, they are routines that do not lack in the life of Carolina, but when it has the tired body occurs to baths of bathtub with salt of sea and essences of rose. It complements it to this with exfoliation of verbenas of L Occitane, that is ideal to desestresar the skin.

8. Erika Niklitschek: The prescription of homemade beauty for when it is dawned with the swollen eyes is to soak five minutes a boiling water tea bag. When the water is lukewarm, to submerge two petals of cotton and to apply. Once they cool off, the procedure is repeated three times. The short while the eyes are rested, this aprendio in the school of models back in their Chile birthday. 9. Renata Ruiz: For the winner of the contest Elite Model Look, calve is not to estresar itself. According to her, stress kills the skin and it makes you eat of more. When she is anxious, it leaves his house and it uses if anxiety in positive form; for example, making exercise. Original author and source of the article

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Lange Tips SPF

What is SPF? SPF – a degree of protection from the sun, or "sun protection factor (sun protection factor). The value of SPF determined by comparing the amount of time required for tan to appear on the protected skin, and the time after which it will appear on unprotected skin. The time that you want to tan, depending on skin type and magnitude of SPF, which you need depends on the duration exposure to the sun. Learn more at: CEO Ford Motor Co.. However, the degree of skin protection against solar radiation does not increase proportionally to the value of SPF. For example, SPF 4 blocks up to 75% of harmful solar radiation, but he can not give to protect a wide spectrum. SPF 15 blocks 93% harmful solar radiation, and an SPF of 30 to 97%. Most sunscreens with protection SPF 15 + provides protection against a broad spectrum of the sun, protecting from both UVA, and UVB-rays from. That kind of protection ensures Sunscreen SPF 30 Mary Kay .

What are the advantages of sunscreen with a high degree of SPF (SPF 70 or more), which recently appeared in the cosmetic market? They are designed for people whose skin is very sensitive to sunlight, but do not provide protection at higher levels. For example, a sunscreen SPF 70 blocks 98.6% of harmful solar radiation, which is not much different from capacity of sunscreen SPF 30. You should also know that for everyday use – especially to protect the skin – recommended funds with SPF 15 or SPF 30. And, of course, for these purposes perfectly Products Mary Kay . Use and application thoroughly and apply plenty of sunscreen on all parts of the body that may be exposed to solar radiation.

Pay special attention to the skin on the face, ears and hands. Do not forget that the delicate skin on your lips, too, may be exposed to sunlight, so be sure to use sunscreen lip balm SPF 15 or higher. It is this protection is provided by Sun Balm Lip SPF 15 Mary Kay , which contains zinc oxide and vitamin E. Do not forget to regularly repeat the application of sunscreen. Reapplication is recommended every 80 minutes, especially after swimming, exercise, or after wiping the body with a towel. Water-resistant sunscreens may lose their effectiveness after 40 minutes after bathing; sunscreen with a high water resistance is effective after immersion in water for 80 minutes. Sunscreen SPF 30 Mary Kay has a high water resistance and effectively protects the skin after being in water for 80 minutes. It can also be used to protect both body and protect sensitive skin. Expiration date Most sunscreens do not lose their effectiveness over three years. If properly applied sunscreen, the tube volume 115 ml is enough for a season. Do not use sunscreen shelf life has expired. Use sunscreen of SPF 15 or more on a daily basis, because the sun shines every day! Dr. Beth Lange Tips For best protect the skin from solar radiation should choose sunscreen of Mary Kay SPF 30 broad-spectrum, which block the effects of UVA / UVB-radiation. Be sure to apply on the skin enough sunscreen. A reapplied sunscreen after swimming, exercising or towel after wiping the body

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