All Diseases Of The Nerves

The word "stress" we hear almost more than the word work. Stress is inextricably linked with it and became a integral part of life. Stress tests are not only the man himself, but also parts of the body, muscles, if it is wrong to give them load, hair and skin, if time does not protect them from weather. So what is stress? The first definition of stress given the Canadian physiologist Hans Selye. According to his definition of stress – it is everything that leads to rapid aging the body or cause diseases. Collegiate Dictionary gives the following interpretation of stress: 'The set of protective physiological reactions occurring in animals and humans in response to various adverse factors.

" We decided to talk about stress and much more with a psychiatrist a degree of psycho-neurological clinic of Domodedovo Pogonina Elena Arkadyevna. Elena Arkad'evna tell, is it always the people that appeal to a mental hospital, mentally healthy? Far from it, along with people who suffer from serious mental disorders turn to us for advice and help, and people survivors of severe stress. What can cause such stress? Anything: the loss of a loved one, property problems, conflicts at work and at home, loneliness and more. Not everyone gets sick from stress this kind. Most often affects people with a certain temperament: value-emotional, anxious and insecure, overly touchy and sensitive. Such people are the hardest to respond to stress and often can not themselves out of difficult situations. How to manifest the effects of stress? Decreased mood, the person becomes irritable, anxious, tearful.

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