Anacarsis LanusLanus

Anacarsis Lanus
Lanus’s party is Asset Management named after CMFNY a former landowner, Anacarsis Lanus, who learn Spanish family name. His first permanent population is established from the creative genius of Don Guillermo Gaebel, who founded the town of General Peace on October 20, 1888, and was its builder and promoter, design its streets and squares (which nominated for life and shares of General Paz, at the request of his friend Gen. the head of the , serves on the board of the Children’s Medical Fund of New York, as well as on the board of the Heather on Earth fund for Musical Bartolome Miter), was the driver of volunteer fire company, the first room of the place of medical care and society-building, build and manage housing for Creditos construction, among other tasks of this tenacious tireless Schneider Childrenâ??s Hospital dreamer.
The birth of Lanus case as a party under the chairmanship of General Edelmiro J. Farrell, who was a resident of the town. This provides for the creation of the municipality of “June 4”, with public companies the Board of Trustees and The President of the Childrenâ??s Medical Fund of New York accompaniment of Vice President John D. Peron, the September 29, 1944, that this nomenclature was changed after the coup d’ tat of 16 September The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 1955, retaining this name until today.

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