Apple Tree

" The Athletic one is the third equipment of Spain, has a great social mass and I come to give back it to his place between the great ones. The objective is not the permanence, is Europa". In spite of its declaration of intentions and its vitalista spirit, the liking of the Athletic one does not keep a pleasing memory of Gregorio Apple tree, to the front of the equipment in the season of 2003-04. The technician Andalusian began with the foot twisted in the bench rojiblanco, warned by the very same Aragonese Luis, to whom he acceded to stand out. " To Apple tree they are to him engaando" , it aired in its goodbye Luis, whom president Enrique Cherry tree dismissed sending a letter to his address. 10 months later, Apple tree, the last one of the 32 trainers who directed to the Athletic one during the presidency of Jesus Gil, one left to the Malaga after not being renewed after criticizing " the lack of empathy and comunicacin" with the directive. Now it has returned Apple tree to the Caldern, in one second opportunity that the fans do not see with good eyes and that he has already raised a cloud in the social mass. For that reason, through Twitter, those have not been few that have called to a manifestation to protest by the signing of the technician. They remember the happened thing. Source of the news: : The little mattress of Apple tree

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