For many men, properly handle an appointment can be tricky. In many cases, shyness or the level of self-esteem can be a big barrier to time to prepare for an appointment, however, there are some elements that should be considered and that will be very useful in achieving the objective of spend some quality time with a young woman. Here are seven simple, practical advice: 1. maintain a good level of hygiene. It is always advisable to take a shower, use deodorant and a little perfume to look and smell fresh before attending an appointment. Brushing your teeth carefully and make use of dental floss is also very important, since during the conversation, one of the focal points is the mouth and keep teeth clean and bright. Make oral rinse and keep on hand some Mint or chocolate sweets provides greater freshness in the breath.

2. Keep a good shave. Some men look better with a moustache or beard and others not looks them very well. If like the young use the beard or moustache, should be considered to keep it well arranged and crisp, displayed sloppy which would not probably attractive to the young. 3.

Stay in good shape. Exercise daily allows to have force and show a better physical appearance. Doing fitness exercises will reduce the level of stress and be paid to have a clear and focused mind. Do home fitness is probably the best alternative when you have some easy to use computer at home and popular as they are the bikes.Otherwise, it is always possible to enroll in a gym for exercise programs periodically. 4. Dress according to the occasion. Where the appointment is in a fine restaurant, becomes essential dress is casual without using clothes too tight or striking with respect to colors or additional accessories such as hats or caps. In the case that the appointment is a wedding or any other special occasion, use a suit with tie is vital. If the situation does not match either of the above cases, and the young knows the tastes of the young will be then suitable dress according to what the young You might expect. 5. Keep well care and with a moderate cut hair. The majority of young people prefer the man to have a hair short and well cared, so always keep within this frame of reference will be the best alternative. However, and depending on the personality of the young person, having hair long but well kept, clean and tidy is also a possibility in these times, since the diversity of tastes in the youth of today has expanded. 6 Find a good topic of conversation. Hold a conversation around current issues without entering into controversies, is always a good layout. It is critical to avoid an immature position in any circumstance within the quotation. Maintain a posture balanced at the moment of taking part in a controversial issue will keep aside from any discussion. 7. Finally, it is essential to be positive and have a willingness to adjust to different situations that can arise in an appointment. The young should be cheerful and act with confidence without reaching the end of disrespect to the young or other people around. It is always important to remember that there is always a possibility of a second after an appointment. It is advisable to avoid trying to make special things happen on the first date. It is worth considering that there are always new opportunities in the future.

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