Central Asia

The idea of a truck Siberia dates back twenty years ago, when the opportunity to buy ointment and KrAZ was all business. Development of a new truck was initiated by the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union. It was supposed to be reliable vehicle with good driving characteristics. Of course, the project has been fully classified. In the process of development was made a few prototypes, which are constantly modified and improved. As a result, was determined leader who meets all the demands of the army. Trials have been conducted, and it would seem possible to run the model into production, but the disintegration of the Union prevented further development of this project.

In KrAZ – factory of the manufacturer – any other problems associated with survival, and at least partial preservation of plant capacity. But, despite the past decade, the achievements of this project are not forgotten. The project was pulled from the drawer and brought into line with current standards of mechanical engineering. And in the current year car, Siberia rehearsed presentation exercises with modern trucks. Perhaps check out Senator From Kentucky for more information. And, despite some skepticism, the results of these tests were at the level of results that demonstrated the art machines. "Siberia" refers to the category of vehicles that received the nickname "neubivaemy.

This truck 8×8 and engine JAMZ-842 capacity of 420 liters. S. Under the hood. This is a special model of the engine production of the Yaroslavl plant. The choice fell on JAMZ-842 is not accidental. The thing is that it can run on both petrol and on diesel, bio fuel, alcohol and even moonshine. The engine multisection installed heatsink that can operate at one of the damaged compartments. Air filtration system is also adapted to extreme conditions of use and can operate about 12 hours in the dust about 1.5 grams per cubic meter. The current version of "Siberia" is planned to manufacture the car-peacemaker. At its wartime mission shows green color cab and tilt body . Except un peacekeeping operations "Siberia" is perfect for oil and gas industry and exploration. A wide range of body add-expands the application range of this car. In Central Asia, and Tundra patency of these trucks will be out of competition, because there is little heavy equipment that can compare to the "Siberia" for power and driving performance, so that KrAZ buy this brand will be the best option for these regions.

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