Coaching and Problem Solving

So, coach – a word borrowed from English and it means "coach". Trainers are different – in fitness, volleyball, but the coach – it's not even really a coach, he is more a mentor, an assistant for a person to solve their life problems. How does a coach helps a person. Let's examine the basic methods of using cheloveku.Pervoe – do this for a man what he needs. In this case, the result has been achieved, but the man has learned nothing in the next time you need to solve such problems, all repeated. The second option – to give people advice that he should do. This is better, because the man himself will go and do it, and next time will be able to repeat it. Minus this method is that tips are not always easily accepted, and in different situations "generic" tips are not suitable.

That's just coaching solves this problem because the coach helps a person to find a solution to his own question, is to give advice to yourself. This council is much easier to make and best suits the situation, since the client better than no one knows the situation in which he .Kak same coach can not make it so that the client himself finds the answer to your problem. Coach asks questions to the client and thus organizes his thoughts, priorities, values, and thus allows us to see what the man himself did not see, can objectively look at the situation and find the best solution is at this moment.Na first glance it may seem that this is somehow strange – no board, no action, and the effectiveness of coaching is much higher than the effectiveness of psychoanalysis, counseling psychologist and similar forms. But it is only at first glance. Coach must ask the right questions in the correct sequence, and only if his client will be able to find the best solution to your problem. For a coach not solve the problem No, if it is a professional, because every situation there is, it just need to find a coach in this – the best helper.

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