Dealing with Failure

'And the same rake welcomed me …' (From a poem by Vishnevsky). Again the same thing! And at the same place! Failure overtakes us exactly where the last time: the second man as the previous one, is an alcoholic, a new work again exploited, friends, as before, call in for three nights, to talk about their misfortunes. Why this always happening to us? Fate? Rock? We are going through and puzzled, but over and over again on the offensive at the same rake. In psychology, there is a concept – the script of life. It is recorded in our subconscious mind in early childhood.

What is the scenario will depend on what surrounds us, the behavior of the adults around us, what we see, hear, feel. The child, like a sponge, absorbs the information he learns at an early age pattern of behavior in society, copying it to model the behavior of those around him. Already by early school age child has created a scenario life. If a family has dominated male-alcoholic, and a girl, growing up, subconsciously looking for a husband, an alcoholic, because in childhood she learned that the head of the family should be like that. If your mom was the kindest, trouble-free woman, friends and acquaintances unceremoniously used her kindness, and then to you, for sure, as bees to honey will want to complain sletatsya many of his waistcoat, ask for advice or ask for help. And you are likely to can not refuse them, despite the fact that you have their concerns through the roof. But there are other version of the script of life.

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