Dream Job

Imagine that a company of your dreams. Follow others, such as celebrity trainer, and add to your knowledge base. Employer offers a salary that is an order of magnitude higher than yours. But the requirements for candidates, respectively: experience is required-so (which you really do not, but you are sure that manage, because had to deal with something like this), certain personal qualities (are you sure that you get them) How do I do? Breathe and walk past or still try your luck? Let us ponder how try your luck with the mind? Of course, if you do not have a full understanding of the activities for which you want to start, it immediately show up. Even if not at the interview, then in your subsequent work activity. We consider the case when you're a little lacking for something to go to the next stage of career. Did you know that if you faithfully believe in any legend or fiction, then you will not be able to catch even the the lie detector? Yes, often you can find experienced personalschik psychologist who has spent dozens of interviews. Or, in the end may simply check for prof.

suitability of using tests. But on the prof. fitness once again, you should have an idea. Here's how to become a candidate thus in the eyes of HR? Here you have to scout hard work, develops its own legend. You have to think about everything: his story (Of course, based on any true facts), so to beat their achievements and successes that they best fit the desired requirements of the vacancy. Be sure to think over what to do if the future employer will ask for recommendations. Simulate their behavior in the upcoming interview possible questions from recruiters and their answers. Believe in yourself and your capabilities and be with you Power!

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