Environmental Cooperation Chile Canada

Thursday arrived at Small Chile where it met with the Antukulef group, spread information on rights of the proprietors by means of programs radial and entrevist with mayor Luperciano Muoz, who reiterated his commitment to impel legal actions against these companies since great part of the river basin of Baker (General lake Carrera, Bertrand lake and birth of Baker) is located in his commune, the one that today is being affected by the massive water rights and mining concessions given the electrical ones and is threatened by the possible step the pylons. During afternoon in Friday the lawyer it participated in a meeting to know the reality Claro and Panguilemu, in the commune of Coyhaique, where there are many small proprietors and farmers who see with preoccupation the possible passage of the electrical laying by those sectors and before which gave mandates for the presentation of collective demands. According to Marcelo Castle the situation that is lived in the Region of Aysn, and particularly in the South zone, is opposite to the fairness. Rights of water must to be for people that operates the Earth, that has projects in the zone, and does not stop speculation of great projects, in this case hydroelectric. It added that in relation to the mining concessions evidently always is to favor to the great companies in decline of the small mining industralists or the people who want to settle down some type of activity.

It draws attention to us that the authorities, that are the calls to guard the principles of fairness and equality before the Law, are first in violating them in the sense to favor to the great companies . AGREEMENT WITH CANADA An offensive that the professional has led by mandate of the CDP is the demand against the Chilean Be in favor of breach of the environmental legislation intern who interposed in June of 2008 in Ottawa before the Commission for the Environmental Cooperation of Canada that supervises the agreement subscribed by both nations in 1997. In December past east organism declared permissible the reclamation of the citizen organization. In as much the 12 of May of this year a public session of the Consultative Committee was realised in Santiago Public Set of Agreement of Environmental Cooperation Chile Canada where, next to the executive secretary of the Defense council of the Patagonia, Patricio Rodrigo, gave a dossier with the irregularities detected within the framework of the evaluation of the EIA of Hidroaysn, with special emphasis in the mining concessions asked for to protect the electrical laying of Transelec, controlled by the Canadian Brookfield Asset Management. In the occasion them they called much the east attention subject. They did not understand that the mining legislation was used, of fraudulent way, with environmental aims explained Castle. Even, Knudson Dean, chief of a main directorate for the Americas and representative of the Minister of the Environment of Canada, Jim Prentice, said clearly that the Canadian companies had to everywhere respect the Law of the world. It is a principle of his internal legislation that they were going away to worry that they fulfilled remembered the lawyer.

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