How To Lose Weight? 5 Rules To Lose Weight And Save

If you want to lose weight, follow these simple 5 rules help make your weight loss as comfortable as a result – more achievable. Rule one. Before you take weight loss as well as before any other business, think about what it is you want to achieve. Think and imagine, using all the senses, as you look, how you will feel, what emotions will experience how you will think about themselves and perceive themselves in an updated form. After you create your svelte image, continue to apply to him.

This image of your harmony will move to the target, even when you do not think about it, and easier to overcome temptations. Second Rule. Remember that weight loss – is a process. If you gain weight over a period of time, you can not expect instant success. Details can be found by clicking Cindy Crawford or emailing the administrator. Well, when you tune to a gradual and moderate weight loss. WHO recommends that an independent safety weight loss takes place at speeds up to 500 g per week! So 1.5 – 2 kg per month dropped – quite decent sporost. Tune in to what you are "long-distance running", do not expect quick results and do not worry if the time of time your weight is not changing. Weight loss can not and should not go every day.

Because even in the right way to lose weight weight can sometimes "stop" and even increase, then to leave again. For more information on the dynamics of weight loss here. Third Rule. If you want not only to remove excess weight, but for a long time to save the result, avoid starvation. Our bodies are a lot of years of evolution have adapted to ensure that cope with hunger as a common threat to life. Hunger is a signal for the body to ensure that the lower rate of metabolism and jump to the program storing energy as fat reserves. And one of the sites for fat deposits – is subcutaneous fat. So remember that starvation results in reduced weight, which usually does not last long – this time. And the two – creates a tendency to accumulate fat in the future. Rule Four. If you want to lose weight and keep then the result achieved, then look skeptically at the complex diet. The more refined a diet you use, the less chance of saving the progress of weight. The reason is that your body, "concludes" that, if the weight loss to just give up some of the product or product group, then, accordingly, to maintain the weight will still need to give up these products. As much how much you want to maintain the achieved weight. So if you want to save the resulting weight by the end of his days, it turns out that you should avoid those same products to the end. And this is a very difficult task. Because it is not necessary to use very complex and sophisticated diet if you want to not only lose weight but to maintain the achieved results in the future. More information about diets here. Rule Five. Move. Physical activity positive effect on the rate of metabolism – and that means that the accumulated weight will go faster – this time. Two – the movement develops in the muscles of those substances that affect our mood, and allows respond to emotions. This means that your mood is better, and you do not need to eat food! Use these simple rules in order to not only lose weight but to maintain and secure the result in future.

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