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The lack of information and the ignorance of the properties of cosmetic products are the main problem of the consumer at the time of choosing the treatment to be applied. Add to your understanding with Healthy Living. For any other product of health and beauty, or for being prescribed or because the results can be appreciated at first, there is no this situation of purchase completely without information nor of deceit and exaggeration in the advertising campaigns. Practically nobody really knows as they are the imbalances that produce or will produce that the passage of time notices in our skin. One thinks about three types of skin, dry, greasy and mixed, whereas they are 10 those that there are to consider. Of this it is deduced that if we united the different degrees from presence of each factor, there are hundreds of results of a face diagnosis and therefore hundreds of cosmetic combinations that there are to value to have a correct cosmetic treatment. More information is housed here: Herbalife. Problem as the wrinkles have diverse reasons and factors cause that them, when a mark removes anti-wrinkle cream, cannot satisfy more than to a small part of its customer, to whom it agrees to him group of assets that come to him well. As the majority of the customer will not repeat the product for want of satisfaction, soon after they must remove another product, also anti-wrinkle, with another group of assets to return to catch the customer who was not satisfied.

This way the consumers can be passed a life, spending money without being able to become effective and lasting a treatment that is used to them for something. In order to eliminate already present problems in your skin, you would need serums biological, aesthetic treatments and possibly some type of treatment in an aesthetic medicine clinic. To your products of beauty you only can demand to him that they balance the skin to you so that the passage of time is less visible in your skin. The perfect combination of cleaners and tonics, creams, contour of eyes and masks can only be obtained with a correct face diagnosis. The great increase in the invoicing of the white marks must mainly to that all the consumers disillusioned by the false promises you chew of them cosmetic, think that all the products are equals and find the satisfaction that would have to give a good cosmetic treatment them in the satisfaction that produces to secure the same effect to them to a reduced cost. They are innocuous products if its use is not extended in the time and these clients never know what means a correct cosmetic treatment and its beneficial effects. The author of this article is distributing of an important cosmetic product laboratory for centers of aesthetic. Also he sells and he teaches the operation of aparatologa for aesthetic treatments. He administers blog of beauty that treats these subjects and manages a store online where it within reach puts of the particular client all these professional products.

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