Kharkov Time

It is universal and I have a lot of work, which allowed me to survive and not die in the world of DJing originally. I play for people, not for themselves. At your pleasure, sometimes I'm in Kharkov (this underground). Your work will probably take a lot of time, as you support your fitness in this, frankly, stunning condition? I, for one, quite a lot of time and effort exerted to sit down on the string, but fully to achieve this and could not possibly, you have the recipe – Share. Maintain physical fitness can be a miracle. A huge amount of touring, a lot of time on the road, eating is not always what you need or want. A that is sold in the train or a plane or train station.

Do you understand? I do not eat cakes and flour, fat, ice cream. Well, controlling the amount eaten. For even more opinions, read materials from supermodel. A home cook does not like, and makes no sense, do not have time to eat, going away, and all is lost. It is easier to go to the restaurant to eat. Due to lack of time for trips to the gym, bought a home trainer – orbitrek. But now I'm at home and some do not. In short, do sports, does not work. A plastic support and flexibility is a 15-minute warm-up before going on didzheyku (about 2 times a week, and if tours – then 5 times a week) and by the way, stretching from the beginning of my career was even better.

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