Lactic Acid Bacteria

It turns out people and lactic acid bacteria – great friends, who literally can not live without each other. Unfortunately, the balance of lactic acid bacteria in the human gut is often violated. Please visit Senator From Kentucky if you seek more information. However, today there are various naturopathic drugs that help restore the lost balance. Naturopathic preparations, intended to restore the normal functioning of intestinal microflora, are known "Orthomolecular probiotics. All orthomolecular probiotics last generation consists of two components: lactic acid bacteria themselves and the substrate, they need to live.

As a substrate, usually inulin and oligofructose act relating to the class of oligosaccharides. Scientists have good reason included in the naturopathic preparations these compounds. And inulin and oligofructose can not be assimilated the human body, as it simply does not have the enzymes required for their cleavage. But lactic acid bacteria to quickly and easily assimilate inulin and oligosfruktozy getting done at all their energy. Y Inulin is one more important function. It is the source of many chemical compounds needed to maintain normal operation of various systems of the human body. All these substances are formed in the process of splitting inulin lactic acid bacteria inhabiting the human intestine

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