Lose Weight Eat Less

It has proven that people eat less when food is placed and distributed in smaller pieces, i.e. that surely if all our foods were in the form of mini-bocadillos, probably we eat less. Have you heard that Chinese are slim because they eat less? In Eastern culture eat with sticks, single and can put a little food snack, filling more rapidly with less food. Probably in a few months all the diets for abdominal created by self-styled gurus of the topic, to include this principle, which perhaps already knew since hundreds of years ago in the oriental culture in spite of that it is almost impossible to guess the number of candy in a jar, persons and animals use numbers to judge how much food is presentreferring to quantity. That is to say that our body automatically think that this eating more, if we eat several mouthfuls of food, if we devoramos the same amount in 2 snacks.

In a study presented at the meeting of the society for the study of the feeding behaviour, the researchers tested this hypothesis with rats; placing a large ball of food and in the other 30 smaller balls in 2 parts of a labyrinth (being the same amount). Both contained the same amount of calories, but the rats showed a preference for running the area with smaller pieces of food. The researchers also examined how people respond to the sizes of the portions. With more than 300 University students, either with a whole bagel, or a cut in quarters again. Then, the researchers carried out a meal of courtesy, and let students choose how much to eat.

Students who ate the cut bagel ingested less calories, both the thread of bread and the next meal. This, suggests to the researchers, that the largest number of small parts are more satisfying and filling. These investigations, who will be joining many others performed, are completely logical. ES more, we can pilot the situation ourselves, and we are going to notice the difference between eating a great Burger with 3 floors, eat 3 Burger cut in half with which surely only we come to the second.

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