Natural Bodybuilding

New natural bodybuilding & fitness magazine impressed again with tips, trends and reports of the renowned US magazine, natural bodybuilding & fitness”from the House of body attack is becoming increasingly popular in Germany as well. Also the third issue of the quarterly magazine (October-December 2010) contains an informative mix of the core areas of training, motivation, regeneration, nutrition and supplements. Also the magazine provides a detailed portrait of, the world champion and coach again this time Kahn on Frank. There are lots of competition reports like Atlantic coast natural for inclusion, Texas model search or inclusion Texas fit. “” “” Found in the category training is compelling topics such as real world bodybuilding “, world champion training”, defeats process, determined look ahead and much more. Also be Studio myths under the magnifying glass and illuminated the cardio progress versus fat.

Also on the subject of nutrition, the magazine offers valuable tips with the GNBF e.V. Supplement review, the heading knowledge or acceptance and new recipes from Hajos fitness cuisine. The 100seitige natural bodybuilding & fitness magazine is also in the third edition for healthy muscle growth and healthy body fat loss. Natural Bodybuilding & fitness”is the selling price of 4,90 euro newsagents available or online at to order.

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