Offside Trap

HoREX HorExperten invite you to the soccer-fitness-look-check the coming weeks promise live football power. But what if exciting TV experiences be marred by difficulty understanding spoken words? Large forsa survey listening, the forsa Institute until 2013 on behalf of performing HoREX hearing acoustics EC, wanting to understand 70% evaluated up to now approximately 1,500 participants, their TV better. At the same time, the test survey shows how modern hearing aids can often significantly improve TV understanding. Assuming the HorExperten of the HoREX invite all interested parties to a soccer-fitness-look-check. The nationwide over 380 Community stores free checks the hearing. Modern hearing aids for some time in everyday life can be tested in the case.

These devices leave their vehicles for exciting football transfers quite certainly not on the sidelines. If “football fans TV viewers understanding spoken words is difficult, it is often not far from with the joy of a thrilling game”, explains Tannassia Raghavan, Chief Executive Officer of HoREX hearing acoustics EC. A people so high that other family members or even the neighbors feel harassed regulate the volume of their television. On the other hand, the words of the TV commentator even at high volume levels remain often incomprehensible them. “What many people don’t know: who can no longer perceive certain language frequencies due to natural wear and tear of the own hearing, which also increased volume can help only little.” See experts apply to loud TV has long been considered an important indicator for post-crisis speech understanding.

70 percent of previous participants of the large forsa survey listening wanted, to be able to understand your TV better. In the survey, which runs until mid-2013, people can participate, which in itself even difficulties have found in the listening and comprehension. At the same time the previous interim results of the study show that modern hearing solutions can substantially increase speech understanding in television: after the persons interviewed for two weeks had tested modern hearing aids in own everyday life, 79 percent of them confirmed that would have improved their understanding of language in television thanks to the testers.

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