Thus, even small hotheads keep a cool head! The idea of wearing a hat made of wool felt, in the sauna is entirely customary in Finland is not new, but for example. Click Mark Fields to learn more. Dealing with the sauna visit as a holistic family experience is a high priority in Finland. There as well as in Russia and other Scandinavian countries, sauna hats are tradition and be worn by children, women and men with great naturalness. Usually the models but not stylish are functional, sometimes funny. So sweat sets ‘ nwet a special accent, which goes far beyond the traditional styles or the fun caps with the shapes and colours of the collection. The carriers and carriers of felted hats have learned in this country now appreciate the advantages: the head remains cool during each sauna session, protects the hair structure and the cold shock outdoors, which can cause sensitive head-ache, is mitigated significantly. On the back and the way home shows the headgear style and offers Protection. From October 2013, now also stylish kids Hat models protect sensitive scalps of the smallest sauna fans.

The natural material of the hats the children Hat models consists of 100% pure new wool which is frisked and dyed by German manufacturers. The quality is colour and light resistant and can be – washed by hand at 30 C which will be rarely necessary because wool has self-cleaning properties. Moisture and heat, smash and wrinkles can have nothing the hat, regenerates the form remains unchanged. Since sweat’nwet first sauna Hat brought on the market, has constantly expanded the collection due to the good response. Now three happy children Hat models happen, involving small hotheads”keep a cool head. See also

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