Scientific Search

The scientific spirit, therefore, can be given in any age and any circumstances. Nature of the scientific spirit? The scientific spirit search serious solutions to the problems that if face; this attitude to search these solutions is not innate in the people; but they are conquered throughout its lives; through its efforts and exercises. The scientific spirit in the practical one; it is the expression of a critical, objective and rational mind. The critical one leads to the researcher to perfect its judgment, therefore to criticize is to judge, to distinguish, and the critical one in turn not finished of refusal, it is the opposition the acceptance of what it is easy and superficial. The objetividade if characterizes in the unfastening of the reality stipulated for the social environment; the objetividade is the basic condition of science, and what valley is not what a scientist imagines or thinks, but what it really is. It does not have stockings solutions in the objetividade, therefore in them it enters the reason that does not involve the feelings of the heart, that nothing explain or justify something in the field of science. Qualities of the scientific spirit? We can attribute some qualities to the scientific spirit; such as the humildade, the comment, the precision, the search for clear ideas. The spirit scientific, it is impartial, it does not twist the facts, it respects to the maximum the truth.

The possessor of the true spirit cultivates the honesty, does not harvest what others had planted, has horror the room and is courageous to face the perigos and challenges that its research can offer. The honesty is related with the truth of the facts that if it investigates. Importance of the scientific spirit? It is not necessary to encarecer the scientific spirit, therefore the college student goes to acquire knowledge and to search its perfectioning alone, looking for to decide problems that will be presented throughout its scientific knowledge. Soon the spirit of the creativity and the initiative, that allies not to find the solution more indicated than the circumstances demand, throughout its university studies becomes necessary. Little by little, a scientific world is instituted, a certain club where you become member and are initiated in this way, therefore nothing that says respect science if she learns in one day.

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