Single Player

Absorbs the damage of your Force, and converts it into your reserve forces. Level 1 – absorbed 33% of damage, restoration of power; Level 2 – absorbed 67% of the damage, the increased recovery Force, Level 3 – 100% damage absorbed, increased recovery of the Force. Protection (Protect). Absorbs damage your physical damage due to your strength reserves. 1 level – 50% damage blocked, 100% removed from your reserve forces, the maximum 100 points damage; Level 2 – 75% damage blocked, 50% removed from your reserve forces, a maximum of 200 points of damage, Level 3 – 87.5% damage blocked, 25% removed from your reserve forces, maximum 400 points of damage.

Deception of the Mind (Jedi Mind Trick). The only offensive force Jedi. Action: obscures understanding the enemy, which is why he does not see you. When attacking the action is interrupted. Level 1 – 20 seconds (in Single Player – 5 seconds), Level 2 – 25 seconds (Single Player – 10 seconds), Level 3 – 30 (A in Single Player enemy generally gets to your ally, and if the using cheats to increase the level of the fifth, then you have them and can manage). Treatment group.

Available only in Multiplayer. Allows you to treat his fellow Jedi, standing nearby. Recovers 50 points to one ally’s health, 33 two health points or 25 points allies health three or more allies. Level 1 – normal range, 2 level – a normal range, increased in half, and 3 level – double the range. Office of the sword attack Sword (Saber Offence). Provides access to various techniques of swordsmanship Level 1 – Medium style (marked in yellow), 2 level – fast style (denoted in blue), Level 3 – high style (marked red). Protection Sword (Saber Defence). Allows you to reflect shots and melee attacks Level 1 – a reflection of projectiles flying within a small arc in front of a hero, Level 2 – the same, but increase the radius of the arc and the rate of reflection; Level 3 – large arc reflection, high speed; zaryadv fly back to those who have them released. Throw the sword (Saber Throw). Allows you to throw the sword, which is then returned to the owner. Level 1 – the sword flies out of your hands and back, Level 2 – Partial control of the sword – as long as weapons are not returned, you can change altitude and direction of the poet (left-right) Level 3 – full control of the lightsaber in the air (which is in the air until they encounter someone or something or you do not end reserve forces. That ended with a brief overview of Force powers in Jedi Academy. Enjoy the game! Article is based on, as well as their own gaming experience.

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