Smoking Dangers

Among the nearly 4,000 known compounds that are present in the smoke of snuff, a large proportion of them have mutagenic and carcinogenic. Today is clearly demonstrated that certain substances such as nicotine or tar and carbon monoxide are dangerous to health. Carcinogenic compounds of tar and irritants are responsible for respiratory disease in smokers, whereas nicotine and carbon monoxide carbon are responsible for the increased cardiovascular risk. In front of the other drug addiction of smoking snuff also presents a serious drawback, since it not only undermines the health of users, but also the environment of people who smoke involuntarily inhaled snuff. Most of the smoke inhaled by passive smoking comes from the so-called secondary current that occurs when the cigarette, cigar or pipe are consumed by itself without any aspiration of the smoker. The secondary flow analysis has shown that the concentration of carcinogenic substances is much higher than that found in the mainstream or smoke that is generated when the smoker inhales and circulating through the cigarette until you reach the mouth .

On the other hand, it has become clear that a passive smoker is exposed to smoke for an hour snuff, you could inhale the equivalent consumption of two or three cigarettes, depending yes, the amount of environmental smoke and of ventilation. All This means that in certain cases, the smoke can be exposed to the action of higher quantities of harmful components of snuff that is exposed to the active smoker himself. It is estimated that Spain would have about five million non-smokers who inhale smoke passively an amount at least equivalent to consumption of three to six cigarettes. Focusing on the relationship passive smoking and cancer, some recent work has shown that children of smokers have a cancer risk 50 percent higher than children of nonsmoking parents. Arguably, passive smoking is plagued most of snuff is certainly the child is forming in the womb. A few years have begun to blow "new life" smokeless snuff, and, against all odds, has launched the implementation of the Anti-Tobacco Law. Passive smoking expect the announced tightening of this Act comes aire promised "after more than five centuries of subjugation to snuff smoke, and that respect the right to breathe unpolluted air to snuff smoke in public places and at work. Although, as the poet said: "The final / not known until the end." Francisco Arias Solis DEMA "Judge Baltasar crater Garza N Association for a democratic justice and a dignified judiciary. Internet Users for Peace and Freedom and Free Forum. URL: a

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