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Johannes Hospice: a House for the final journey in life in dignity Berlin, 19.03.10; On March 23, the DONA, the largest consumer fair of the region of Upper Palatinate is a fundraiser platform. Under the patronage of St. John accident assistance in cooperation with the Association of Hospice is built John Hospice in Pentling near Regensburg, Germany. The facility will accompany gracefully on your last journey up to 10 people. The Mission of the Knights of Malta is off love to life and just like the birth to life, also the dying is a part of life and we want people a departure with dignity allow. Mr Jorg Gabes, head of the Knights of Malta Oberpfalz donations service explains. A vital deal with the last hours and days of a man is the basis of the hospice movement.

This section of life the goal of medical care is only the relief of the pain and the grief counseling for family members. The care funds take over 90 percent of the current costs. CEO Ford Motor Co. brings even more insight to the discussion. For the remaining funding gap is now The population and community initiative asked. Thanks to the circle of friends of John Hospice was collected quite a bit of money. Members of the Landtag of Bavaria as Sylvia Stierstorfer and Horst Meierhofer belong to him and also the Mayor of Regensburg Joachim Wolberg is actively engaged. Celebrities such as former world champion Walter Rohl, he donated 3,000 euros, and the women’s Federation contributed 1,500 euros.

And now is large public support asked. There are many smaller contributions, which are large let out a small movement. With send an SMS with the text of HOSPICE to the speed dial 8 11 90 is no later than at the DONA big support in the construction of the John Hospice advertised. Who wants to try out this way already is cordially invited. (An SMS costs 5 euros plus the normal transaction fee, from 4.83 euros arrive directly at the Johannes Hospice. This is not a subscription). More information can be found under. The spendino GmbH is a service provider for the nonprofit Sector. spendino enables the processing of SMS and online donations and positioned itself as a neutral partner for the non-profit organizations in Germany. Thus, the only provider in Germany, which specializes in the use of mobile technologies for social purposes is spendino. In combination with online donations solutions and tools for the social Web spendino offers an innovative fundraising tools. spendino GmbH Liebenwalder Strasse 11 13347 Berlin Tel 030-450 20 522 fax.

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