Scenario Management

The Venezuelan management must increasingly empathize with the reality of national stage where it acts in particular. in a country that is discussed in great political conflicts, economic, insecurity, and above all, to the decision of the current national government to institute what it calls Socialism of the XXI Century, which has led to a scenario that is generated turbulent, uncertain, risky, where the corporate sector, especially SMEs have stalled, productivity has declined, leaving much to say, particularly by the uncertainty that has been originated and where many SMEs has ceased operations and those that remain do with fear, with a productivity that does not conform to the reality of current demand, leading to importation being active and making the country for supplies, meet the demand of its inhabitants have to import products that should occur with the national industry . Today in Venezuela there is no company or organization, public or private that is immune to the storms of change that are occurring. Additional information at Senator From Kentucky supports this article. Risk and uncertainty are two concepts that come to mind and that they reflect a transition in which everything seems to be scrambled and out of control. It is necessary for the management, his team analyze the characteristics of the current stage to make way for plans, programs, actions that will allow it to operate without fear of uncertainty and risk affect you. Be fully identified the environment, place where things develop, allows to know the conditions for participation in the events around more manifest, we must know the stage where they perform the daily activities to make sound decisions and implement necessary corrective measures when is warranted in order to achieve internal stability and a healthy relationship with the environment, basic aspects of the performance of any organization.

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