Shaved Hair

One can not but agree that intimate place with shaved hair, looks more aesthetic and sexual. But the whole picture can ruin the skin irritation when shaving was not very skilful. Contact information is here: actress. We give the following advice on how to shave without causing skin irritation. Before shaving can take a warm bath.

If your hair is long, trim them with scissors bulk. Before you apply shaving cream, rinse with cool water pubic place. Apply cream and wait a few minutes, the hair became softer.

Not Use a dull blade, it will cause irritation to the skin immediately. Shaving process should consist of only two slides with a razor. Some people shave against the hair growth causes irritation and a nasty thing as ingrown hair on the skin. Therefore, this method is not suitable for everyone. After-shave lotion treat this place or wash with soap and water to avoid getting the infection. You can use baby powder after shave from irritation. At least once a day, wash the shaved areas with soap and water. Do not get involved in frequent shaving. If you are allergic to shaving cream, you should use hypoallergenic moisturizer. Do not use shaving with electric razors and trimmers, as the skin in this place is very flexible and can easily get stuck between lezviyami.Bikini-scent design their own hands So now anyone will be surprised at the navel piercing or tattoo on his buttocks? It has long been not sexy and certainly not glamorous.

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