Cypress Alley

For evening entertainment in Sudak ideal conditions. Cypress alley lit by thousands of lights, is filled with music, various shows and attractions. One important issue is the organization of hot meals during the holidays. You can purchase the products on the market at affordable prices, and cook in the kitchen in the yard. But the rest what is good and what you can afford forget about the pots at the time, and more to enjoy nature and the sea air. On this case I have for you one more practical advice, which can be tasty and inexpensive lunch. Near the cypress alley is a cozy cafe where You can eat fresh salads, a delicious soup, rice and other oriental dishes, very tasty pasties with meat or cheese, drink green tea and black, served in traditional Asian dishes, refreshing beverages.

When that you will meet a friendly host with piercing blue eyes, and cultural and serviced by cute young waitresses. I will not you paint the historic value and grandeur of the Genoese fortress in Sudak, unique "royal beach", "Chaliapin trail" and wine cellars in the village of Prince Galitsina new light on these remarkable places you certainly know, and if desired, can visit them. And have you heard about the miraculous fonts Toplovskogo nunnery, located an hour from Sudak in the direction of the city of Simferopol. Three times is enough to plunge into the water at a temperature all year round, plus 6 C, and you will experience a fantastic rush strength and energy. For the soul can visit the monastery holy places and to get in the icon shop ritual objects made by hands of nuns, taste and rich bread dough, zameshennogo in the holy water. After visiting Monastery you do not leave a feeling of peace and grace. A few words I want to say more about the advantages of rest in the early season fitness. May-June, a month is good for people who love the thrill. Nothing can compare the feeling of delight, when you come to sea with more cool water, submerge it, you feel a light tingling of the skin, swim, and you think you're not some kind of grit and a whole universe and the whole world belongs to you. Come out after swimming of water, the beach is not overloaded with sunbathers bodies and you're happy from a sense of freedom and beauty of life.

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Synthetic Sleeping Bags

These sleeping bags are more severe, absorb more moisture, less durable, and, again, more suitable for Nedalny travel by car, because they more aesthetically reminiscent of the bed, a soft, pleasant to the touch, do not rustle. They also need people who are allergic to synthetics. Synthetic lighter, more protected from getting wet, more wear-resistant and easier to wash, and they are more expensive than the bags using natural materials. Finally, the main division accounted for filling the bags. The first group – it's down sleeping bags. It is well known advantages of down, like a heater, but the main parameter of choice is the quality of the fluff, and not its quantity. Alas, the fluff has its disadvantages.

For example, the inability to use in high humidity, because in spite of the natural lubricant and special impregnation, down perfectly absorbs moisture and dries very bad. Therefore for the winter tours to areas with moderate humidity downy sleeping great, and for other cases it is necessary to choose other fillers. Synthetic fillers can also be divided into two main groups – a synthetic padding and silicone hollow fiber. Sinteponovye sleeping best known in this country. They are the cheapest, designed for temperatures of -5 to a maximum of -10 degrees, weigh from 1100 to 2300g and have received the most widespread. In principle, for hikes on the Karelian Isthmus in summer, for water hikes for summer trips to the Kola Peninsula, for the garden and giving the perfect option – what is called a "cheap and cheerful". The main drawback syntepon – fast enough "caking", resulting in a few years sleeping bag will lose 20 percent of its thermal characteristics.

More insistent lately we declare themselves sleeping with silicone hollow inside fillings. They are lightweight (900g), warm (down to -25 degrees), it is easy obliterated very quickly dry, absorb minimal moisture. These sleeping bags have virtually no drawbacks, except for relatively high prices, although prices are gradually falling with the advent of new, cheaper technologies. The principle of conservation of heat in these fillers are more or less the same: a hollow "makaronine contains the air that does not give you the warmth of you to leave. These materials differ from each other in density, thickness fibers and the number of internal holes in each fiber.

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