Kharkov Time

It is universal and I have a lot of work, which allowed me to survive and not die in the world of DJing originally. I play for people, not for themselves. At your pleasure, sometimes I'm in Kharkov (this underground). Your work will probably take a lot of time, as you support your fitness in this, frankly, stunning condition? I, for one, quite a lot of time and effort exerted to sit down on the string, but fully to achieve this and could not possibly, you have the recipe – Share. Maintain physical fitness can be a miracle. A huge amount of touring, a lot of time on the road, eating is not always what you need or want. A that is sold in the train or a plane or train station. Recently Bobby Gocool sought to clarify these questions.

Do you understand? I do not eat cakes and flour, fat, ice cream. Well, controlling the amount eaten. For even more opinions, read materials from supermodel. A home cook does not like, and makes no sense, do not have time to eat, going away, and all is lost. It is easier to go to the restaurant to eat. Due to lack of time for trips to the gym, bought a home trainer – orbitrek. But now I'm at home and some do not. In short, do sports, does not work. A plastic support and flexibility is a 15-minute warm-up before going on didzheyku (about 2 times a week, and if tours – then 5 times a week) and by the way, stretching from the beginning of my career was even better.

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South Russian Cossacks Resort

In 15 health centers in 4907 beds treated 113.7 thousand people. By 1984, the resort has had 5950 seats. Political and economic reforms of the nineties of the last century have affected the activities of sanatorium Zheleznovodsk: plummeted arrival guests, many of the body resorts just shut down. But like no other resort town in the region of Caucasian Mineral Waters, Zheleznovodsk is a dynamic resort, future-oriented. In 1994, the Council and the administration had approved a program of social and economic development of the city until 2005. First of all, attention was drawn to the budget-building enterprises, with clean, non-polluting nature of an amazing resort area. And these companies have appeared, among them the famous plant mineral water bottling company "Slavyanovskaya" plant carbon dioxide, was the reconstruction of existing plants for bottling and Smirnoff Slavyanovskaya mineral waters. Began to revive the resort industry.

In 2001, the 20 health centers in 5378 Zheleznovodsk places was for rest and treatment 66 029 people. Even in hotels and motels and 14 690 lived in the private sector, 4507 people. And all for a year at the resort rested and got first class treatment 85 226 Russians and citizens of foreign countries. The price of sanatorium vouchers in December 2001, union health centers ranged from 5,600 to 27,600 rubles in departmental – from 7500 to 65,000 rubles. Such resorts, as "Mountain Air", "Oak Grove", "Beshtau", "Rus", "Mashuyu" them. 30th anniversary of Victory, "Elbrus", Thaelmann widely known in Russia and abroad for its modern medical-diagnostic equipment and first-class treatment. The city budget was filled with real money, thus successfully execute a number of social programs. Celebrity trainer takes a slightly different approach.

Changed beyond recognition and image of the resort village of Zheleznovodsk Inozemtsevo. New housing health centers, excellent entries in the resort town, recreational areas, water mains, a magnificent building of the Lyceum of the South Russian Cossacks and North Caucasus peoples, but only and are not listed, decorated resort town. Only in September 2002, inaugurated a specialized rehabilitation kindergarten "Ryabinushka" for 150 children, a new music school building and sports complex in the village Inozemtsevo, took the kids sports center "Dolphin" on the slopes of Mount Iron, first began working at the Caucasian Mineral Waters bowling. Scheduled to open after restoration of the Pushkin Gallery, cascading staircase fitness center for adults: "Olympus". There are new traditions unique to Zheleznovodsk. For the fourth time we here a colorful extravaganza of air-International Balloon Festival, one of the the most representative in Russia and CIS countries. Further development of the resort town said in an interview with "Caucasian health resort" of 5 October 2002, the head of administration Anatoly S. Teeth: "In the western part begin construction of musical and general education schools, complete secondary school will be built in the village dropper. In the long run – creation of water park rides with a mass at the city lake. Will expand Inozemtsevo settlement. You name it – a lot of plans. And, of course, constantly working to create an attractive image of the resort, creating maximum comfort for holidaymakers. The main objective – the European standard. A year later, another – and you will not know the historical city center. Will be kept the idea of forming the resort, but it is enriched with an original hand-made architectural performance complex of small resorts and hotels. This is the most promising path of development of the resort. Negotiations with the first investors are already underway. Village Inozemtsevo adorned the boulevards and squares, there will continue an intensive housing. Brilliance of the resort town will be achieved by our labors. "

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Mathematical Sciences

This word can not be translated clearly: just as a chiaroscuro shades of weight, as well as in the word 'sfumato' many values, as if shimmering in each other. As for the "relationship between figure and ground ", it is best to look in the records of Leonardo, that he thought about it:" The most important thing in painting is that of the body, it has shown, seem to relief, and backgrounds, their associates, with their deletions seem extending into the wall, which brought to life through a picture of the three perspectives, namely: a decrease in the figures of bodies, a decrease in their values (a decrease in sharpness of the outlines) and a decrease in their colors. Of these three perspectives derived from the first eye, and two others made the air trapped between the eye and the objects visible in that eye. " And the "sfumato", and the relationship between figure and ground is present in almost all the paintings of Leonardo, and in the paintings of other artists. This, apparently, not enough to explain this unusual, "then smiling, then frowning" face of Mona Lisa. Soviet historian and a major scholar of Leonardo da Vinci M. Gukovskij wrote about Mona Lisa, that she stares at the viewer, not just a spectator to it, and that the viewer feels awkward anxiously for this view and at the same time can not take my eyes off the wonderful portrait. So, in the face of the Mona Lisa is not only an extraordinary expression, but this expression is changing all the time! AA Gastev compares smile lingers around the lips Mona Lisa, a one-day tie. Perhaps it was a butterfly, with its rapidly flapping wings, lightning-fast changes of direction of flight will help us in otgadke? Efros wrote: "poluchelovecheskogo, poluzmeinoe being." But the snake is associated with the winding and changing all the time the movement! Consequently, in the face of the Mona Lisa – the movement! But any movement occurs in time, and static tableau – it captured a moment, but maybe these are the sheets of his treatise on painting, which irretrievably lost? Let's try to find existing records of at least a hint of these ideas and research, "Do not you see that the eye embraces the beauty of the world? He is the head of astrology, it creates a cosmography, he advises all human arts and corrects them, motivates people in different parts of the world, he is the emperor of Mathematical Sciences, its science – authentic: he measured the height and size of stars, he found the items and their location.

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Peace Through Culture

The Act directed to the service creation and Peace Through Culture. Banner of Peace. These concepts have come to our planet with the name of Nicholas Roerich as the Roerich Pact or Pact of Peace. The full contents of the Covenant, there is no need to present, anyone can read it online. Much more important than the fact of its appearance and its author. And it is no accident.

There is no similar example in the world of good will such scale that can compare with it. The name of this great saint, philosopher, artist, philosopher, writer, scholar and public figure today is known throughout the world. What is unfortunately not be said about awareness of the broad masses of content that a tremendous legacy he has left for posterity. Especially because what side of his heritage nor hell, it is so huge in scope and so multifaceted and deep that the bottom is not there. And the more attached to this heritage, the more new faces and values continue to discover.

Whether it's pictures, books, letters or travel notes. Today, in an age of rampant spirituality, with virtually erased the line between pragmatism and cynicism, and the passion for wealth and greed took epidemic proportions, and mankind in many ways they became fools, are particularly relevant to the covenants. His life, which may be an example for us. "The consciousness of beauty will save the world" – this is what he said. And as terrible a warning – "ignorance – the greatest crime." We are in the majority, unfortunately, for routine and vanity do not think about it. And for good reason. But there is still time, and there is a possibility. Especially because, thank God, his works are published, though very limited editions. Need a little time to take away TV, beer, and many other empty resulting in dullness and degradation of entertainment and fun. In order to devote to what actually distinguishes man from the man in the street, people from the population, and humanity of the population. How is titanium, a scale figure, he had to be that way to formulate the problem and to show ways to solve it.

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Sofia Butella: One Of The Best Break Dance !

Sofia Butella (Sofia Boutella) – one of the most sought after dancers in hip-hop and break dance in the world. Sofia started as a street dancer in Paris, stands out on the best stages in the world. What do Dle her dancing? She started to dance at an early age. Initially had a classical choreography at home, then, when she was 10 years old, her family moved to France where he became involved in gymnastics Sofia and even took part in the championship France. At age 17 she began to study at the sports school, then decided to try his hand at hip-hop, and, as time has shown that the decision was correct. Her physique quickly allowed her to win a few battles (competition) on hip-hop. After that, everything has evolved quite rapidly: Sophia managed to work with renowned choreographer Bianca Lee (among her works staged choreography for the video Daft Punk 'Around the world') and to star in the film 'Le defi' (2002). This was followed by two more small role in the 'Permis d'amier' and 'Les Cordier, juge et flic'.

But the real success came later, when the people of Nike (Nike) noticed Sophia. She was cast and became the face of Nikewoman. The girl tried and a lot of hard work, and now it has become a sensation. After the infomercial Nikewoman 2005, all talking about it. Sofia has worked with famous Hollywood choreographer Jamie King, famous for video RockStar Workout and traveled almost all over Europe. Since then, she is a dancer of Madonna, you can see her in such videos as 'Hung up' and 'Sorry'. She also worked with Rihanna, Mariah Carey and many other celebrities. Her athletic form is only work in the studio and not a public gym is now her career is on the rise, it reached a peak, but there is no doubt that for many years it will work for dancing!

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