Peak Flow Meter

Each person with lung disease associated with impaired patency of the bronchi, it is necessary to monitor the state of the respiratory tract with special techniques. Details can be found by clicking Senator From Kentucky or emailing the administrator. If the patient is in hospital or examined in the clinic, his respiratory function can be examined using a special instrument, spirograph. However, hospitals patient visits every day. However, control of bronchial cross-needed constant – too many factors that can worsen the patient's condition and require a physician intervention, even when the patient still does not feel shortness of breath. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Donald Trump. Doctor will also need time have information confirming the effectiveness of interventions, because even if the treatment regimen well known to all doctors, each person responds to treatment individually. Important is the control of the state patient not only to the doctor, but at other times, the information about the features of the course of his illness was more objective. All this is possible with the device, invented 20 years ago under the title A peak flow meter.

This device allows you to analyze the amount of air exhaled by the patient per unit time. To get the result, the patient should first take a deep breath, then quickly and completely exhale into the mouthpiece device. The device has an arrow, which, moving on the scale of the flow of exhaled air, stops against the corresponding figure. In case of violation of bronchial patency volumetric expiratory flow rate varies as recording device. Scale, usually divided by 350 or 750 units (liters per minute) depending on whether for children or for adults designed device. Indicators, as measured from 2 to 3 times a day (depending on the desired frequency control) are entered in a special form of diary, which is attached to each peak flow meter.

It and impose a doctor at each visit. The patient may also monitor their condition, comparing the readings with known parameters of volumetric expiratory flow rate, measured with the doctor at the spirograph earlier. This becomes relevant especially in moments when the doctor is unavailable. Term use of most peak flow meters on average 2-year, however, some devices can be disassembled, cleaned, which increases the service life.

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