Hospital Classrooms

Considering the first aspect of the research the great majority of the hospital classrooms she does not have formal accord and the ones that had been implanted had counted on different strategies, as the case of Santa Catarina with the publication of Portaria. Exactly the classrooms that formal have a firmed document, the accord, the majority does not present clarity in the assignment of the physical space, neither it discriminates furniture I specify and of exclusive use for this space. To mention that the number of accords with indefinite validity and the ones that stipulate minimum and maximum duration is equalized, that is, half of the percentage for each situation. Click Cindy Crawford to learn more. A presented positive aspect in the research is about the participation of the professionals of the Secretariat of Education, the hospital and the Secretariat of Health during the firmed accords, as well as at the moment of renewal of these agreements. Another significant point says respect to the formation of the professors whom they deal with the classrooms. The biggest number of professionals possesss graduation and some after-graduation. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Jim Hackett. However, a considerable percentage of these professionals possess graduation in other areas, what she translates a comprometedor arrangement of the recognition of the work of pedagogo (professor). The etria band of the clientele in the hospitals is between 6 and 12 years for the most part of them, others take care of since the birth until the 15 years and superior ages to the 18 years. During the educational attendance in the hospitals the used methodologies in such a way pautam in the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of National Education – LDB (Brazil, 1996) how much in the Politics of Special Education (Brazil, 1994; 2001) and in specific lines of direction, perfazendo respectively percentile of 38%, 24% and 22%. This allows to classify the Hospital Classrooms of Brazil in two trends: a playful-therapeutical one and to other pedagogical-educational on or not to the origin school.

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Healthy Child

In face of the child, he is as if it was a representative of all the adult inhabitants, pointing the details and saying the child: This is ours mundo.' ' (Arendt 1992, P. 239) Taking as counterpoint the violence of each day, of which we are hostages most of the time: Which world we have presented our pupils? Which of its details we have pointed to them? Which history we want to bequeath for the new generations? It still has, in the habitual meeting of the responsibility, classroom for this world and hope of one another one better? The study most necessary of the measures of mental hygiene to be applied it will later take in them asking in them as he would be allowed to insert already in the professional choice as such and the formation of the future proper professors certain half to facilitate to this close recognition and a better knowledge of itself, inhaled for psychology. 2.2 The inhibited aggression The impulse of aggression and its multiple disturbances are another unconscious motivation, regarding to the educator profession. This constatao will shock the educator, and the factor has easy explanation. ' ' The habitual, typical image of presents us to the educator as an exempt man of aggression and fully gentleman of its affection, at least during its activities pedaggicas.' ' (SCHRAML, 1996, P. 223) The social conventions enough are characterized by the ideal representation of the exempt educator of affection. How much to the particular situation of the pedagogical domain, the work next to the children puts, in general, the educator protected from quarrels with people of its age, and, therefore, of equal condition to its, inevitable in all the other professions. Evidently, the educator meets equally in competitive fight with the adults, its colleagues and its superiors.

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That these give to problems the time all. What many do not know, or they do not perceive, that, the pupils who many friction times as ‘ ‘ preguiosos’ ‘ , e’ ‘ incapazes’ ‘ , they can, to be to present learning difficulties that appear in the individuals of soft forms; moderate; serious; deep. When detaching the subject ‘ ‘ difficulty of aprendizagem’ ‘ many confuse this conception with a carelessness in classroom or ‘ spirit bagunceiro’ of the children. But the learning difficulty is treated by many studious theoreticians and as a riot, that can be generated by a series of cognitivos or emotional problems, affecting the individual in any area of the pertaining to school performance. This article aims at to present one brief reflection on these conceptions. PALAVRAS-CHAVES: carelessness, individual, difficulty of learning, riot, upheavals. in the interior of the classrooms of some institutions, mainly public that to find educators discouraged, tired and if complaining that, some pupils do not learn.

That these give to problems the time all. These pupils are classified by these professors as ‘ ‘ maus’ ‘ pupils. Therefore, its pertaining to school income is always in imbalance in relation to that, they are had as ‘ ‘ Bons’ ‘ pupils. What these educators many times do not know, or they do not perceive, that, the pupils who many friction times as ‘ ‘ preguiosos’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ lerdos’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ imaturos’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ lambes’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ infrequentes’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ apticos’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ desinteressados’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ desorganizados’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ incapazes’ ‘ difficult to deal.

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Rio De Janeiro

The theories of the Citizenship become related all the problems that say it respect to the relations between the citizens and all a nation and enter the proper citizens between itself, marking its democratic complexities, practical challenges and in the societies contemporaries. Which this democracy if relates with certain utopia where nor all have its right as citizen and usufruct its rights and duties with a citizen of this same society. FINAL CONSIDERAES The quarrels on resume possess extreme relevance for the educational thought, bringing essential reflections for the evolution of this context. To think the curricular dynamics is something obligator for the exercise of if constructing one Education capable to fulfill with the objectives that are very traced for it, until why is in the resume that such objectives are explicit not only, but also goals, knowledge and practical capable to make possible this reach. It is important that this construto perfectly is sharpened with the scene where will be lived deeply, respecting cultural, social, economic aspects, as well as interests and wills of that public. That is, Resume has necessarily to see with a perfect contextualizao with the way where it happens, focando ideal and ends in accord with this. Through this process, the resume has that to all watch over for a common purpose and the any educational process or of formation, that are the exercise of the full citizenship of Educating. What if it wants to say with this is that the curricular dynamics essentially must act as tool to reach I long for it maximum of the Education, that is the real emancipation of to be, the capacity to make possible to this truily to consist as a citizen endowed with well structuralized critical conscience and, based in knowledge that an efficient quality and school it made possible to construct and that as such, of concrete and verdica form is capable to enjoy of its rights fulfilling with its duties and paper stops with the society.

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The Maternity

The used methodology will be the bibliographical research, for the survey of the necessary material. It will be searched in scientific books, articles, magazines and sites of Internet, so that it is possible to arrive at the corresponding conclusions. 1 PREGNANCY During centuries and same during millenia, everything what he was relative to the reproduction human being, including the pregnancy, remained envolto in representations, extremely obscure beliefs, myths and traditions. Ahead of the mysteries that surrounded the generation of the human being, the society created myths and beliefs in order to give account of these facts that they occurred in the real life, but for which science not yet had advanced the sufficient for supplying a rational explanation to them. Curiously, although the clarifications offered for the medicine, biology and psychology, still today survive a series of myths, beliefs and superstitions concerning the pregnancy. Seedbed & Martins (2006) had undertaken a research in order to describe main myths on the maternity, being also presented the fears of decurrent them. They had verified that, over all in definitive social nuclei, the women need to respect definitive interdictions and social lapsings sidewalk in a series of beliefs, popular myths and traditions. The authors consider that such myths and representations do not have to be disrespected by the professional who deals with the assistance the gestantes, therefore these beliefs happen directly in the way with the woman subjectively try the pregnancy and the maternity in general. For these researchers, the health professional that works with gestantes and with women during the after-childbirth it must consider these aspects in order to understand the expectations, the fears you distress, them and same the guilt that the women feel in this period of training of its lives, mainly if these have some type of behavior or illness that can harm its baby.

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OBS.: This option pedagogical, called tecnicista or the conditioning. 3.1.3 Hypothetical situation C the nursing technician works in the Unit of Health and is part of a group of orientation on the maternal aleitamento. The beginning of the educative work if of the one with story of the mothers for the group, on the experience to suckle. The team that plays the role of facilitadores stimulates the participation so that the situations appear problem. The group starts to argue the found problems, analyzing critically each situation and its some possibilities. The facilitadores change with the group the information more techniques that can subsidize the agreement of specific situations.

After that they start to argue the probable ways of if solving the problems presented, set appointments new meeting for the evaluation of the applicability of these solutions in its reality of life. OBS.: Practical pedagogical used the problematizadora, of the autonomy. (RODRIGUES, Coord. 2009, p.63 the 65). 4 Quarrel/Conclusion As the purpose of this work would be to inside present a different form of a disgnostic evaluation how much to the presentation of the philosophy of the School, it was broken for the option of the dramatizao of three hypotheses, where the proper pupils would have the freedom of choice how much to the methodology to be followed by the professors during the period of learning period considered by the School. Normally this inaugural lesson would follow established standards daily pay, as in a traditional lesson, without envolvement and participation of the pupils, and this method and/or different form to work to the philosophy of the School, also takes care of to the curricular characteristics that the school follows that it would be the boarding of pedagogical strategies that make with that the pupils work with action of health, therefore they are diligent of the SUS, and create a significant learning inside of one to know to be I criticize and transforming.

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