The Soul

Staying in your own soul, You get a true Ya And then the health, happiness and prosperity just happen to you … without any effort. When you understand your feelings – you are holistic. Your body and mind in harmony. You are full of life. Deep relaxation happens to you. This is Love.

This love – this is not sex and not relationships. It's your money, your quality of life. The way you walk, breathe, touch loved ones. If you are not holistic – you do not. The action is – you do not. And then – voltage.

If you totally, and the mind and body are involved in something – you're there. And then – Love. You are real and there is love, integrity and harmony. Just for the fuss we forget this. People such as Rand Paul would likely agree. Love – is the quality of your being. And if you're deeply experienced this on Experience … relationship will not only have sex and need each other – they will smell your love. While this is true not only of personal relations, but relations with the outside world in general. Come to our training, and you can deeply experience this amazing experience … Himself known as Love and integrity. Remind your body inner beauty and unique individuality. Getting rid of unnecessary restrictions and pain, realizing that you or do not love – it always ends in pain, and the action of love – there is happiness. And then – the harmony with oneself and with the world. And then – real freedom and there are no limits! And Good luck to you and forever! The objectives of the training: – Find out what real love, find it a true Power. – Understand that there is true freedom, and learn not to lose it, even in love. – Learn taste Isolation and open it in your personality. – Make the desired changes in health, family relations, personal life and career. – Meet the man she loved. Loneliness is not the absence of communication. This overflow Himself. Fullness of love and gratitude, compassion and friendliness. Ease, joy and playfulness. And then the friends and loved ones will find themselves You!

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Issues from the Family

In this regard, would be useful to look back at our life in the past and ask yourself some questions: Is there unfinished, undetected situation or relationship? They, of course, consciously or unconsciously influenced by real life and take part in all our problems, conflicts, difficulties and failures that we face. There is our share of problems that may arise from another: a lack of understanding, lack of participation, and respect? Idea is to find our personal interest in the causes of failures or difficulties encountered, to clarify our position, and then estimate the positions of other parties involved. What are the unclarified situation or relationship that could affect our present state? Of course, we entered into the orbit of our current families, starting with the original family. And now it is necessary to consider the situation and the family: the conflicts, difficulties in certain cases, excluded person … since we know that children, with their unconscious love of parents, sometimes taking on the burden of care and not authorized by previous generations. (Example a son who should play the role of spouse who had abandoned his mother, etc.). This fate to bear the burden of another is an illusion, and in fact this is impossible.

A consequence of this will be suffering, which is continuously transmitted from generation to generation. We know also, that it is a "mistake" committed to the principle of seniority and dignity … In the family eyfonicheskih representations, regardless of whether one is talking about our current family (spouse and children) or on our first-born relatives (grandfathers, grandmothers, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters), we can return a different burden of care to those to whom they belong. In order to, on the one hand, to find our own lives and our destiny to find them in our own power. On the other hand, restore dignity to those who would follow their own destiny, to bear its own weight. Failure to comply with the principle of precedence of this principle will inevitably lead to conflict situation.

This principle is violated in the case when trying to take the place of a young senior. This principle assumes that parents always remain "the greatest". Make your child an accomplice of their marital problems that put him at a place that was not his. It is fraught with disastrous consequences for all. It is important that children do not interfere in the affairs of the parent, but parents do not involve children in their marital relationships. This principle means that the person who receives or takes from others, must cultivate respect and gratitude to them. And so in all areas of life. As for the parents, they give what get themselves from their parents life. This force of life they can not add anything and nothing can take away either, nor keep for yourself. This encourages children to take parents for what they are, neither more nor less than: not giving up without fear and without requiring anything. This approach contains the power of humility, that is, taking life as it is. If the child refuses the part that represents the parents, whether their state of mind, their social status, their illness, or some aspect of their weaknesses, he can not get the power of life. For him, for his life is fraught with difficulties, challenges, setbacks, trouble or diseases.

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Human Injury and Resentments

Getting rid of the resentments We think that depression is at the heart of human injury, which does not give us easy to live, work and creative work. The root of the offense laid in the envy of human relationships – what is given to one, it has been granted another. We can not be like all at once. Each person is different and unique, as unique by nature. No need to conceal resentment against people living more beautiful and better than we have to make yourself your mind and strength to change your lifestyle for the better … . How can refrain from envy your neighbor? How to resist the negative feelings for him?.

No need to sharpen its focus on the successes of others, have put together his own will and leave all their internal capacity to achieve their goals, better than the other. It's no secret that envy planted in the depths of our subconscious is the same as that of the poor and the rich. We do not know where to lose, and where we find. Today, we are rich and tomorrow or poor naobarot. Do not be jealous of a man in a nice tuxedo, withdrawing from the 'limo' – it's not about what does not speak, but hatred, which we have already laid in the soul at the sight of this luxury, deep in us lay, and be sure not to pass besledno, and will influence our psyche with you. So why, we ask you, cork anger?.

To bring yourself up to a depressive state, and then in a panic to see a doctor – a psychiatrist?. No shall we say, we do not have this. Therefore, we will not pay attention to the other, and the loans for its current problems, which are all fairly, and they must be urgently addressed, not to save, to have time to work on yourself. And over are we definitely have to work. Most likely have to change their habits, developed in the course of life. 'In all probability it is not easy? " – You ask and we will answer yes – it's not easy, at once put an end to years formed habits. But by God – it is worth trying, because it can revolutionize the future of your life. On the difficult road awaits perevoplascheniya 'human' envy. You will survive taunts and ridicule, you will substitute the step – but not paying attention to nikokogo all you have to move only forward, not looking back not to the past, no future, but to go forward interpretation in the present tense. Be sure that this is going to a ladder, dropping completely envy, we will go from a depression addiction. So help us God!. leave a comment

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