Protein Bars

Now you can order online Syntha-6 bars of BSN the long-awaited the renowned, globally in the Fitnesszende-well-known manufacturer BSN wading now with a high-quality alternative to traditional protein bars on. Syntha-6 bolt is in his class of one of the bars, that very exhibit the protein concentration. All six different protein sources provide a wide range of important amino acids that can promote muscle growth and recovery ability the fitness and strength training athletes. In total, 30 grams of protein, which contains as much protein, contains the Syntha-6 bars that it almost constitutes a substitute for a meal. The proteins are extremely important in particular for athletes because the proteins build up the muscles and get reperarieren can. For your body easily absorbable proteins as Molk and egg protein can be digested quickly, and the body first available. Slowly recyclable sources such as milk and casein protein put their amino acids time delay on the body also also nourishing and act can therefore alleviate cravings. Therefore is taken of Syntha-6 bars mostly after the training, while the muscle begins to regenerate, the muscle building process still takes place.

The protein matrix ensures that the proteins get promptly there, where they are needed. The used protein is also casein, whey, milk, and egg protein. Syntha-6 bolt is interesting but also for non athletes. By the fact that he can replace almost a meal, it is suitable to bring people through the day. He can be described quite meal replacement. Below the taste does not suffer in the rest.

The manufacturer BSN made sure that the Syntha-6 bars is extremely tasty and reminiscent of a candy bar. It is also a kind of sweet, at least by the taste. Of Syntha-6 bars is the perfect companion for athletes after training or in everyday life as a small snack. The delicious one is ideal Protein snack for example on travel, Office, school, University or as a protein and high-energy snack in the spare time.

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