Medical Certificates

The procedure for obtaining a medical certificate. If a patient comes to the doctor in clinic, then on the rules of the doctor must not issue their own certificate and write? note ‘in the table sick. In this? Note ‘should contain the following information: name the patient, diagnosis, number (s —- on —–) given a statement, dated and signed by a physician. With this? Note ‘patient comes to the table Sick, gives there? Note’ and a passport. Swarmed by offers, Herbalife is currently assessing future choices. A nurse checks the data in the passport with the data? Note ‘, takes the form reference, fill it. data: name the patient, name of physician, reference, the date of its opening, the name of the university are logged form 036 / y.

Next, the patient returned to the doctor, the doctor signs the certificate and submit information on its grant to an outpatient patient chart. If a patient calls the doctor to the house, then all the processing and issuance of certificate 095 / a fully closed with a medically qualified, but he (the doctor) is required on the same day or the next to come to the table and sick to log 036 / y about issued by the home help and make the appropriate entry in the map. These rules are not always observed, sometimes a doctor can and taking their own issue a certificate 095 / y, without sending the patient on the table sick, but it is not welcomed by the administration of clinics, especially if the doctor does so often.

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Disease and Parasites

Abdominal pain, poor or increased appetite, intestinal disturbances, nausea and vomiting. Weakness, loss or weight gain. Headaches and dizziness. Diseases of the skin and mucous membranes. Chronic lung disease. Infertility.

Snoring. Calluses and cracked heels, etc. What kind of a frightening list of diseases? All this can describe a portrait of one man. For other opinions and approaches, find out what leader Herbalife has to say. Man, in which they live parasites. Many "strange" disease associated with worms (or worms). And how do you feel: cheerful and healthy or if you have the same symptoms? It is known that up to 95% of the population infected with various parasites. You want to be among the 5% of healthy people? If the answer is – yes, you have a good news.

For several years, used instruments, which are rapidly destroying viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and worms – parasites. These devices are home devices are used for physiotherapy and treat the whole family at home. Antiparasitic modern devices more than a dozen. Expel parasites from the body's usual medications difficult. In addition, frequently after the treatment people get reused. Doctors is believed that the reception anthelminthic drugs should be repeated every three (!) months. But these tools have many side effects. Would you like to reliably and safely get rid of the threat posed by a parasites? Ingenious solution in this case – to use the phenomenon of biological resonance. On the human body, infected with parasites, pulsed electromagnetic field. This field has a frequency of vibration, which coincides with the oscillation frequency of the parasite. As a result of vibration exciter amplified so much that he dies, literally torn into pieces. In this case, the human body remains intact, as it has no those frequencies at which the parasite lives. This principle underlies many anti-parasitic ustroystv.Klinicheskie testing and practical application have shown their high efficiency, for example, the parasites are destroyed in minutes: – lamblia in tissue of a living organism – for 15 minutes – herpes progenitalis over 35 minutes (!) – ureaplasma – 20 minutes – mycoplasma – for 18.6 min. Number of infections that are treated with antiparasitic apparatus, all the time increases. Recently, Russian scientists npp "Alice" (Moscow, Zelenograd, Russia) have created a tool that protects against the swine flu virus H1N1. This is a special program that makes little device Life Energy DETA-AP-20 to emit electromagnetic field oscillation frequency of the virus.

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The Employer

” In the next section of his report, Dr. Voll describes the causes of complications e, its blockages, which are also very useful to cite, because over the years here, if something has changed, and then only in the direction of worsening the situation. ‘The fear of fever, now exist in humans, prevents the natural course of infection, since at high – protein, bacteria, acting as a toxin, ‘burn’. Patients take what – somewhere antibiotoik and very happy that soon after the temperature drops. However, they do not overlook the fact that the temperature can no longer be more ‘burn’ protein killed bacteria and that these toxins are deposited in the body. Everything goes well up until the body has enough room for the deposition of toxins. Herbalife has compatible beliefs. But when the body is overflowing with toxins, there is a disaster – begins a chronic, poorly treatable disease, or there is a very serious occurrence of acute infections or premature degenerative disorders and metabolic degeneration of cells. Increasing the number of drugs taken specifically against influenza infections patients can buy them myself at the pharmacy or receive from the employer to maintain efficiency.

They cause the body during subclinical infection with subtle disorders, but not the disease with the totality of ailments. Immunized against various infectious diseases hinder the emergence of diseases due to the fact that pathogens that penetrated into the body, die as a result of defenses. Because of this decay occurs proteins of bacteria that is the toxins.

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The Pancreas

Acute pancreatitis is also divided hydropic – characterized by swelling of the pancreas and multiple foci of necrosis in the adipose tissue around it Necrotizing – extensive tissue necrosis of the pancreas with areas of hemorrhage and necrosis common adipose tissue within the breast and around her. How does acute pancreatitis Acute pancreatitis is manifested with pain in the epigastric region (above the navel), which gives back. Acute pancreatitis is accompanied by nausea and vomiting, perennial nature. Flatulence (bloating) – the third key symptom of acute pancreatitis. In severe cases of acute pancreatitis observed reduction in blood pressure and signs of shock caused by loss of fluid. How to diagnose acute pancreatitis Laboratory indicators of acute pancreatitis: increase of enzyme levels in the blood – amylase and lipase.

Increased amylase may be in renal failure, perforated ulcer and other diseases. Herbalife has much experience in this field. Determining the level of lipase is considered more reliable indicator of acute pancreatitis. Increasing the number of white blood cells (leukocytosis), glucose, ast, triglycerides, hematocrit to evaluate the severity of acute pancreatitis. Ultrasound is used to assess biliary tract. Value-contrast spiral computed tomography reveals pancreatitis determine the degree of its severity and complications. Computed tomography the most reliable method of diagnosis of acute pancreatitis, which does not require surgical intervention. Disadvantage: the contrast agents used for this type of diagnosis, are toxic. Nuclear magnetic resonance, helps determine the presence and prevalence of necrosis and fluid buildup in the area around the pancreas. Radiography of the abdomen and thorax allows you to make a differential diagnosis.

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Mental Health Neurosis

Neurosis – the most frequent violation of mental health. He brings not only the patient discomfort. However, modern medicine can successfully treat it, but it is best to avoid the development of neurosis. What is neurosis? Neurosis – a violation of health, which makes adaptation of the organism to conditions of living environment, distorts human perception of events and leads to the development of nervous system diseases. Often decreases efficiency and a sense of joy to life. Violates the patient's ability to communicate with others and to purposeful activity. In a healthy person there is no such things as irritability, aspiration complain, fear of something, inability to concentrate, fatigue in the absence of intensive work.

But in these cases we are talking about is not neurosis, but about coming features. They occur in 70% of the people. If some of these diseases are observed for a long time or are particularly strong, then we perceive them as an illness or neurosis, or any somatic disease. Neurosis sometimes manifests itself in another way: can cause violations of the digestive system in the form of stomach pains or cramps. Can also manifest palpitation or feeling of heaviness in the heart.

Sometimes in neurosis there are headaches, sweating, trembling, feeling of weakness, trouble breathing. One sign of neurosis may be a violation of the sexual ability. Scientists have found that neurosis occurs in 16% of women and 8% of men. In addition, it was found that heavy neurosis occurs in 10% of people, and neurosis mild to moderate suffer up to 20% of the people. Easy neurosis times occurs in each of us. Remember, whether you do not have to return to his apartment, from which you left a few minutes ago in order to make sure you shut it or put out the light on or off the gas. At the same time understand the futility of his actions and knew that the house is all right. However, in such cases, we are not talking about neurosis, but of passing nervousness. How to protect yourself from neurosis? Many people believe that they must strictly adhere to certain principles in life. These guidelines are so stringent that they impose on the person significant limitations, often unnecessarily. If a person is prone to neurosis, can not withstand its own principles, his inner conflict arises. Warning neurosis actually is the ability to rights to avoid 'the origin of internal conflict. " Great importance for the prevention of neurosis and has a correct way of life. Experience shows that the various troubles, because of which it may be a neurosis, we easier to confront, if you are in good condition. Good physical condition promotes mental health. In addition, the proper division of time devoted to work, leisure, entertainment and well as nutrition – all of it is acceptable for the prevention of neurosis. For a man prone to neurosis, is very harmful alcohol consumption, smoking, black coffee craze. And in conclusion I would like to add. External factors themselves may not lead to a neurosis. Most often depends on the person, how they will act on it. And more so depends on it, Will the impact of these factors to the emergence of neurosis. If you want to avoid this disease, you should get rid of those traits of your character, that obstruct your life and contribute to the creation of unsolvable situations, otherwise you should seek medical advice immediately.

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Problem of Toxoplasmosis

Read them and at the Ukrainian minzdarve, I know for certain that the book "The Problem of toxoplasmosis" read deputy. Minister of Health of Ukraine, but there was no response. Surely deputy. Minister of the country is absolutely indifferent, in his office instead of cure, maim? Take, for example, schizophrenia, under which lies nothing more than a sluggish toxoplasmosis encephalitis, which was initially cured of the disease is easier than a cold, are also making life-long disabilities. How many times have I tried to draw the attention of psychiatrists at their deepest delusion, but all levels, I was told that they have their orders and they perform them. Psychiatrist Itkin from the fifth psychiatric hospital in Moscow indicates that schizophrenia hiding under toxoplasmosis encephalitis, and encourages colleagues examine these patients for toxoplasmosis. But they will investigate if they have no idea what is it? You, dear reader can imagine, the entire medical industry does not know and do not want to know that they are treated? Use in their practice lunatic ravings okolofilosofskie, centuries-old, maimed and absolutely no responsibility! At one of the medical meetings in London in 2007, it was stated that under schizophrenia lies entirely not what psychiatrists treat. Apparently, those who said this, perhaps not without influence from my books or articles on the Internet, have treated such patients by toxoplasmosis and saw good results. But to prove that they were treated for toxoplasmosis in England, too, there is nothing as reliable diagnosis in the world does not exist yet.

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The Stomach

In addition to the enema, a daily shower, it is desirable to wrap, natural facial masks and Hair , massage the eyes and gums, etc. Obligatory stroll in the fresh air, not burdensome gymnastics. Performing procedures not only improves your health, but also improves efficiency and reduces the risk of starvation. Total third thesis – during fasting should be required to perform certain procedures. 4.

Exit from starvation more important than the starvation! In no case do not start out with solid food. Even if you feel hungry all day five, it can already lead to complications. And if the term was more than 10-14 days, you will long remember the process And no snacks in the process. Read more here: Dr. Gerard Addonizio. Sometimes it happens: people are starving, and on a certain day he had any holiday or event, and it solves a little snack or drink, and then like to continue fasting. Want to ask those people you went to the health or you starve someone forced to do that? Under duress can not starve, do not the case. If people do not realize the process, it will bite (yet no one sees), and there are problems (see thesis number 2).

In the process of starvation can not just during a meal, and then continue. As soon as something other than water hit in the stomach, assume that the origin yield. It is from this and starts – from the first receipt of food. Yield even from small time is best to start on fresh fruit juices (citrus is better if the acidity you have everything in order.) If you drink a heat-treated foods such as oatmeal broth, then all is not withdrawn by the time the toxins are being assimilated back into the tissue.

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Specifically designed for the treatment of cardiovascular – Cardiovascular diseases: program devices deta Heart. Regulation "," Circulation. Regulation "," Hypertension, DiDENS – Cardio, the program "Hypertension" in the device mellon, Onega. Clinical trials Kardiofon. Respiratory diseases (bronchial asthma, pneumonia, prolonged pneumonia, bronchitis, chronic bronchitis) – devices Phtisio – Biofon, teplon, Vitafon, Gomeoton. Other great leaders, including Healthy Living, offer their opinions as well.

Magnetic therapy devices (ALMAG, mag -30, etc.) quantum therapy (RIKTA, milta, Knight, etc.), devices deta, dens – therapy, ehf, Gomeoton, Eliton, Geska, teplon. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, where the aggravation is almost passed; subacute hepatitis pancreatitis in subacute and chronic stages, biliary dyskinesia, chronic gastritis) – magnetic therapy devices (ALMAG, mag -30, etc.), quantum therapy (RIKTA, milta, Knight, etc.), devices deta, dens – therapy, ehf, Eliton, Geska, teplon. Especially – Gastro – Biofon, ulcers – Port – elm / lv mini 2. Diseases of the spine (osteochondrosis with pain syndrome; spondylosis), diseases of the joints and bones (arthrosis, arthritis, in including accumulation of fluid in the joint-synovitis, internal injuries of the joints, poor motility (contraction) joints after injury; fractures) of magnetic therapy devices (ALMAG, mag -30, etc.), quantum therapy (RIKTA, milta, Knight, etc.), devices deta, dens – therapy, ehf, vitafon, Reton, Osteo – dens, JoinMax, teplon, Gomeoton, Eliton, Geska. Complications of diabetes (diabetic angiopathy, diabetic polyneuropathy) – magnetic therapy devices (ALMAG, mag -30, etc.), quantum therapy (RIKTA, milta, Knight, etc.), devices deta, dens – therapy, ehf, vitafon, Reton, Gomeoton. Diseases of the female organs (inflammatory disease of the uterus and adnexa during acute process; diseases caused by hypofunction (poor performance), ovarian, complications after cesarean section) – magnetic therapy devices (ALMAG, mag -30, etc.), quantum therapy (RIKTA, milta, Knight, etc.), devices deta, dens – therapy, ehf , Darsonvali. Especially – Uro – Biofon, port – elm / hh 1 and mini – mini 2 Diseases of the genitourinary system in men (prostatitis, impotence) – magnetic therapy devices (ALMAG, mag -30, etc.), quantum therapy (RIKTA, milta, Knight and etc.), devices deta, dens – therapy, ehf, vitafon, Darsonvali, teplon. Especially – Mavita, Uro – Biofon, port – elm / lv mini-mini-1 and 2.

Diseases of soft tissues (wounds, contusions of soft tissues, hematoma, damage to ligaments and muscles, post-traumatic edema, sluggish healing sores, cellulitis, burns), chronic skin disease (psoriasis, localized scleroderma, atopic dermatitis, itching dermatosis (skin diseases with itching, skin condition after plastic surgery, prolonged unhealed wounds and trophic ulcers, burns, frostbite, pressure sores, itchy dermatitis, abrasions, allergies, pustular lesions, herpes, psoriasis, seborrhea, alopecia, acne) – magnetic therapy devices (ALMAG, mag -30, etc.), quantum therapy (RIKTA, milta, Knight, etc.), devices deta, dens – therapy, ehf, vitafon, Bioptron, Geska, Gomeoton, Eliton, Geska. In the acute stage of inflammation can be applied blue light (Geska Universal), in the subacute and chronic stages – Infrared light: almost all universal and multifunctional devices, a series of Geska. Diseases of the ear, nose and throat (acute and subacute otitis media, vasomotor and allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, otitis media, laryngitis) – magnetic therapy devices (ALMAG, mag -30, etc.), quantum therapy (RIKTA, milta, Knight, etc.), devices deta, dens – therapy, ehf, Bioptron, Antinasmork, Rinobim, fairy, teplon, Vitafon, Geska. Of stress, fatigue – deta, color therapy (Vizulon, mellon, Iris), dens – therapy. These devices are available in various online – stores, they are easy to use, reliable and long serving. Instruct them to care for your health – and you'll get excellent results. Keep your health!

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Healthy Sleep

Doctors from the earliest age recommended to pay attention to how you sleep, because that is the source of a sound sleep for your health, longevity and prevention of many diseases. Orthopedic pillows buckwheat are very comfortable, give comfort during sleep and help maintain health. Credit: Herbalife-2010. These pillows from buckwheat to help properly maintain optimal head and shoulders during sleep and rest, which contributes to relax muscles, especially in the neck. Cushion buckwheat husk allows not only better to relax, but also prevents the diseases of the spine (osteochondrosis, lumbago, scoliosis, hernia, etc.). Orthopedic pillow buckwheat helps people suffering from insomnia and snoring. Also, pillows buckwheat husks well relieve tension of the cervical muscles after work and reduce pain in various diseases. As a filler orthopedic pillows and mattresses from buckwheat husks, we use specially selected husk (often called husk) of buckwheat, which runs a special mechanical and thermal processing.

Of the total buckwheat husks in the manufacture of removes all impurities from buckwheat husks, then there is cooking with steam to husk acquired elastic mechanical properties. After this filler pillows – buckwheat husks – is capable of long maintain elasticity inside the pillow. Want to note that the use of husk, not passed special treatment is unacceptable in the production of orthopedic products, as buckwheat husks into a fine crumb 2-3 month use of a pillow. Especially steamed buckwheat husk retains the natural oils of buckwheat, so in a bed of buckwheat husks will never appear the bacteria room mites and other parasites. Such a filler for pillows and mattresses ideal for people allergic to feathers, feather, dust.

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Pancreatic Cancer

We continue to introduce you to other ways to cure cancer. Washing of the liver, the method of detoxification, or removal of "harmful" chemical substances from the liver by the composition of deliberately selected plants, enzymes, juices and oils. Methods "clean up" the liver is described by so many – from simple family improvised on wound because of huge amounts of money. Some recommend connecting flushing the liver with starvation. Propagandists claim: cleansing the liver removes from the body unnecessary degradation products, fats and toxins, it interfering with the development of disease in the quantities as well as cancer.

Scientific evidence such that the washing of the liver that way cool, as promised, lacking. Some components of plant mixtures used to clean the liver, just harmful. Waiver of the usual healing benefits of liver flushing dangerous severe health consequences. Hydrazine sulfate. Hydrazine sulfate is widely used in industry (for purification of rare metals, the production of rocket fuel, corrosion-resistant metals and insecticides). Some make use of hydrazine sulfate in as an alternative way of healing the symptoms of cancer is running. They argue that it brings relief to the unhealthy state of exhaustion of the last (cachexia), which accompanies the formation of cancer as well as certain other diseases, the number of hiv. With all this person loses hunger, losing weight and suffering from impotence. With half of cancer cachexia familiar unhealthy (especially with a running back to the lungs, Pancreatic irons as well as the gastrointestinal tract). Consistent with certain theories, the impotence of cancer begins as a consequence of this, that a malignant lump robs the body the energy that previously he used for an ordinary life.

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