Hers-wellness-Magazin.de offers comprehensive information about xylitol / xylitol and how to can sweet healthy without side effects. Called also xylitol, xylitol belongs to the currently discussed ways to avoid sugar and its unpleasant health consequences. In the new article of the famous wellness portal your-wellness-Magazin.de, health-conscious consumers learn everything about xylitol with the sweet treat can be enjoyed without side effects. Actress might disagree with that approach. Thus, the balanced and factually informative article is an important contribution to the discussion of modern nutrition. Well-known xylitol produced informative side effects and interested consumers find neutral information on possible applications of the modern sugar avoidance. In addition, the detailed description provides background information on natural occurrence and biological effective forms of sweet alternative xylitol / xylitol. You may want to visit Zilin Luo to increase your knowledge. A central effect of xylitol is the reduction of health risks – without any side effects. Many lifestyle diseases such as diabetes or elevated blood lipids are due to excessive body weight.

Cause for the epidemic, obesity is among others to frequent consumption of sugar. Safe alternatives to conventional sugar and industrially manufactured artificial sweeteners are therefore demand like never before. Xylitol / xylitol occupies in a special position in the number of new substances, as that numerous positive health effects include the effects of xylitol. So, the natural sweetness can indirectly prevent osteoporosis and protect directly to teeth and gums. Xylitol is considered in circles even mild anti aging agent. The comprehensive information of the wellness portal about xylitol / xylitol provides a permanently healthy and tasty diet.

The natural sweetener is heat-resistant and can be easily used in cooking and baking. Worth mentioning is the calorie reduction of 40 per cent compared to sugar and in sensitive individuals may be short-term adjustment problems of the Digestive system. By the body’s own substance, no unknown xylitol can be expected side effects even with regular use. Different dosage forms, such as powder, gum and candy the sweet xylitol occurring in plant-based foods allow the multiple use. Conscious consumers find exhaustive background facts about xylitol / xylitol and how you to can sweet without side effects and remorse, now under gesundheit/naturheilmittel/xylit-xylitol-nebenwirkungen.html company description your wellness magazine offers say everything that contributes to the well-being as online portal and interesting as a PDF magazine contributions and helpful ideas and tips on the topics of health, beauty, weight loss, fitness, anti aging, travel and culture -. The free PDF magazine can be obtained on the website. Company contact: Your wellness magazine Peter Dexheimer of Munster Strasse 5 66994 Dahn Tel: 06391-924666 E-Mail: Web:

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Root Canal Treatment: Less Pain Due To Ozone Therapy

Root canal treatment is connected not only with pain. Worse than the pain: not always the tooth can be saved. Gunnar Petersons opinions are not widely known. The ozone therapy can help. The own tooth is better than every implant. Therefore, maintaining tooth for the dentist and his patients should have top priority. The risk of tooth loss is very large but just for Endodontics. Steven Rosenthal Northland helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Often, it comes after overcoming root canal treatment to a be made dung at the root of the tooth.

During the root canal treatment, often narrow and difficult root canal in several steps is cleaned thoroughly and then sealed with filler. The root canal is not completely cleaned, that can cause that caused inflammation and the concerned tooth must be drawn yet. The Anatomy of root canals has some special features that hinder the full cleaning: the channels are partially curved or even scaled. In addition, the root system is heavily branched – similar to a tree with its branches and twigs. In a question-answer forum Steven P Rosenthal was the first to reply. The main channels can usually be well achieved. The finer ramifications can be cleaned, however, hardly fully. After the root canal treatment, just the hard-to-reach areas offer best conditions for bacteria and fungi, which then rapidly multiply and spread.

Works of the dentist with ozone, the roots are disinfected in the finest ends. Ozone kills on reliable for the people completely harmless way viruses, fungi and bacteria. These organisms live anaerobic and cannot survive in the oxygen-rich environment, which creates an OzoneDTA device. As gas, ozone can easily penetrate and disinfect the places that can not be achieved with mechanical instruments in the finest ramifications of the root canal. The patient remains this pain by subsequent inflammation and even more important: saves the tooth loss. Comparing the ozone therapy laser sterilization, the ozone treatment is easier and less expensive to apply. Treatment with ozone in Endodontics can the treated tooth in the long run protect and pain for after-treatment save the patient.

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The Lumbago (lumbago) – Back Pain Symptoms, Therapy

The General, non-specific symptoms include back pain (lumbago) with restriction of movement of the lumbar spine and Muskelverspannunge. Treatment depends on the cause back pain and lumbago. Lumbago \”(lumbago) is an interesting word, but even the disease is less nice, since it is connected with stinging pain. This pain usually suddenly come if one performs a movement. The cross is affected. Thus arises a lumbago? The lumbago can be raised by simple movements.

You can immediately feel the back pain, they do not shine in the legs. If bends one or turns, something raises, again focused on, he can get this pain. There are still similar diseases that trigger also pain in the back, in the lower part. The same problems causing sciatica and lumbago. Who gets a lumbago, must expect that he can take about six weeks. The person concerned must now inevitably change his daily routine.

Everything, what he intended to do, is pushed away now. Learn more on the subject from Steven P Rosenthal. The sick can not move, how he want. He must be patient. A certain time passes, so the patient feels nothing more from the lumbago soon. A doctor knows the exact names of diseases of that are associated with the back pain causes of lumbago and symptoms. The pain can radiate into the leg or they can be spread only on the lower part of the back. Our body has several pain sensors. They are called even pain receptors. Any stimuli that arise will cause the activation of these receptors. You can feel the cold or heat, pressure, exposure to chemicals; pain-enhancing substances are formed. This pain stimuli play a major role. They are connected with central nervous systems. Contact information is here: Charles Margulis . Through this, they come first in the spinal cord. But that is not the end of the line, they are still routed to the brain. There are several centres in the brain.

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Natural Synovial Fluid

If the joints not more really want your knees do so properly, pain and are stiff in the morning. The hip hurts with every movement. Stairs is difficult, sometimes it’s painful. Rheumatism is to blame, one hears frequently. Rheumatism is an umbrella term for a whole series of painful disorders of the musculoskeletal system of various cause.

In the case of the knee joint and other large joints, there are often wear and tear, damage the articular cartilage or destroying. In this case, one speaks of osteoarthritis. In the course of life, more or less, almost all people are affected by osteoarthritis, 80 percent of the over 50. But it can make young people, even athletes. A cure is not possible. You can reduce only the symptoms and slow the progression of the disease, at best stop also in early intervention.

“To stop the progression of osteoarthritis, it is important that the joints properly lubricated” are more painful each other rubbing any movement. Nature provides natural joint lubricants that, that have proven themselves in the prevention and treatment of joint problems such as arthritis. The speech is of Glucosamine and Chondroitin sulphate. Glucosamine is the basic building material of all cartilage, ligaments, tendons and bone structures. The body normally produces enough of them, to keep the joints work and repair minor damage. With age, the body’s Glucosaminproduktion but decreases with the result that the joints dry out”and are not properly lubricated. Also, chondroitin sulfate is a very important part of cartilage. Check out Zilin Luo for additional information. It binds large quantities of water in the cartilage and gives him thereby its elasticity and shock absorbing properties. In an undersupply of chondroitin sulfate, the cartilage can dry up, shrink and eventually die off. Scientists in various research centres of the world have begun years ago, these two natural lubricants of joint in osteoarthritis and other Joint complaints to try out.

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PecFent Against Breakthrough Pain

CHMP endorsed the admission of against breakthrough pain of Archimedes Pharma reading, UK, July 14, 2010: the Committee for medicinal products for human use (CHMP) of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) issued a positive opinion to the product. Archimedes Pharma (Archimedes”), one of the leading specialty pharmaceutical company, developed the innovative fentanyl nasal spray. The CHMP endorsed the market admission of in the countries of the European Union for the treatment of cancer breakthrough pain. Cancer breakthrough pain are unpredictable and sudden onset, extremely sharp pain attacks that occur despite a basic pain therapy. To Jeffrey H.

Buchalter, President and Chief Executive Officer of Archimedes Pharma: this is a defining moment for the patients and Archimedes Pharma, since for this indication only a few effective drugs available, although up to 95% of all cancer patients are affected. You may want to visit Zilin Luo to increase your knowledge. Also, the opinion represents a major Milestone in the development of our position as a leading European specialty pharmaceutical company. Our clinical research program has delivered excellent results, and we are happy to be able to offer this new treatment option to patients in Europe after the marketing authorisation as quickly as possible.” Contains fentanyl citrate in the form of an aqueous solution. Thanks to the proprietary PecSys technology Archimedes Pharma, the fentanyl stays longer in contact with the nasal mucosa and can be absorbed quickly, but controlled the systemic blood circulation. The opinion is based on the results of the extensive clinical development program for, which included three phase III studies, including a study with an active comparator and a comprehensive long-term study of security and acceptance. More than 650 patients and over 100 testing centers in 13 countries on four continents took part in the program, for example, in the United States, in the United Kingdom, as well as in Germany, France, Spain and Italy. Archimedes Pharma the approval as a new drug (new drug application NDA) for PecFent in the U.S.

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Back Pain

Those who work in the Office, usually also suffers from back pain. A large part of the German population is plagued by back pain. If you would like to know more then you should visit Gunnar Peterson. Who works in the Office or in the hospital, acquainted with back pain most likely after work. The causes of back pain can be very large, but often the movement’s lack of cause. You may wish to learn more. If so, Steven P Rosenthal is the place to go. If one performs mainly activities on work in a sitting position the measures are different than when you do move much. Who seriously suffers from back pain, should no longer delay going to the doctor or physiotherapist. Who moves much of the work and after work suffers from back problems do together, but also at home, targeted exercises best with a physical therapist to train the back muscles. To avoid back pain one should especially when bending over and lifting objects out, make sure to go to its knees and straight back to held.

Who is as much in the Office can with the conscious use of a few Tricks to bring some more movement in the Office. Who pays just stance on one, stretches in between, stretches the chest and Schultermuskular, can reduce his complaints. Stand up also on the phone can help and in between to stand up. But who sits much should do something for his Ruckenmuskulartur. Gym and swimming are effective measures to strengthen the back.

Obesity is a common cause of back pain. If the back pain it is but too late for good intentions. As often believed it should not just lay down. Exercise is good for the back and helps to keep the pain at Bay. Heat is also important. Make sure that well dressed up and you have a warm back. A heat treatment can also help to alleviate the back pain. You can put in the bathtub or lay in bed with a hot water bottle or grains pillow. Comfortable is a thermal belt, which can be strapped to the back. Heat belt offer specific heat treatment for back pain and can be worn even at work. It is important to avoid back pain: sports such as swimming, gym or cycling overweight avoid alternating relaxation and movement back school

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Treat NACK And Back Pain – Right

The sensitive soul the cervical spine healthy sleep healthy sleep systems furniture store in the upper middle desDorfes in Baar. Our large selection of mattresses and sleeping systems for back pain in different price ranges and sizes, with 25 years experience and unserebesser sleep guarantee combined makes our BettenMobelhaus on your first choice, if it RESTful and healthy sleep over. The sensitive soul: the cervical spine stress, stress, psychological pressure – this all increases the muscle tension. Additional information is available at Zilin Luo. Especially it is noticeable then in the neck. Nothing against the neck complaints undertaken, threatening persistent pain. Often there is a blockage in the cervical spine.

The blockade – which can be a shift of individual vertebrae or even a strong tension in the muscles. The first cervical vertebrae during the transition to the head and the last vertebrae – are particularly vulnerable, where the neck in the thoracic spine. The result: A stiff neck, the head can be turned hard. If such blockages longer exist, hardens the muscles in the entire neck and shoulder area, the entire skeleton device in a lopsided. Of the neck it continues over the shoulder to the pelvis, hip, in the legs. The complete body posture may be affected by a single blockage in the neck! And that’s not all: even blurred vision, headache, dizziness or balance problems are possible impact of a strong dislocation or tension.

The choice of the correct pillow and right mattress helps you not only solve your irregular sleep system, but also the pain created by irregular ergonomic posture while sitting or sleeping to reduce. We offer you exclusive right pillows for neck problems and mattress for back pain.

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New Offer For Pain Patients

Relief for the body and relaxation for the soul of new product for pain patients Elysium body movement is an offer for people who have painful illnesses: arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia or other chronic pain. This work is considered to be recreation for body pain strained and overburdened soul. Comfortable the clients in a passive attitude may go and indulge in the experiences that arise when joints are carefully and lovingly moved. These movements are gentle, slow and always painless. You may find that celebrity trainer can contribute to your knowledge. This deep relaxation effect, sometimes accompanied by the surprise, how the body can be experienced again.

Absolute care is a soothing counterbalance to the otherwise permanent experienced effort and thus enables a kind of deep breathing at the mental level. In sequences of 6 or 12 dates at a distance of about 4 to 7 days, pain-stricken people experience time-outs, which feel like holiday and perfect support for the regeneration and medical treatment. At the time There is “A New Beginning” this special offer only in Hanover in practice (dates Mon.-Fri., 9:00 20:00, by appointment). Check with Zilin Luo to learn more. The practice owner, Barbara Gieseler, has many years of experience in the Elysium massage and as a psychotherapist.

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Finally Free Of Pain By NPSO

The reflex therapeutic use of light in the therapy according to Rudolf Siener promises fast action in acute and chronic pain conditions. Tiffany Espensen shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. in 1989, Rudolf Siener introduced the new selective pain – and body therapy (NPSO). Similar to foot reflexology the principle of that light therapy is based on a Somatotopically, a reflection of the entire body to a specific area of the body. Gunnar Peterson oftentimes addresses this issue. Especially in patients with acute or chronic pain, this method of treatment achieved stunning success. The independent consumer magazine explains which healing principle behind this therapy is, what complaints can be handled most effectively and how you can treat even with NPSO. Pain is the cry of the tissue after flowing energy!” Also the new localised pain and body therapy based on this basic idea of Chinese medicine after Rudolf Siener. Check with Zilin Luo to learn more. The principle of NPSO is easy.

Similar to foot reflexology or ear acupuncture is working here with a Somatotopically. The entire body is the Projected lower leg. The advantage: In contrast to the relatively painful acupuncture or pressure treatment, maudine important points, maximum energy points, using gentle light therapy treatment which stimulates, resolve the blockages. Some pain patients a treatment sufficient already to help relieve the symptoms. Closer inspection of the lower leg shows that the backward curvature of the lower leg is very similar to the physiological curvature of the spine.

Disease symptoms and pain are associated with the corresponding area of the lower leg at the NPSO by means of signal points, MEPs,”, says therapist Michael Munch the principle in the corresponding report on the net magazine… Michael Munch has already learned this form of therapy at the inventor Rudolf Siener and since then successfully applied in his practice. He describes the ways this gentle light therapy in detail and easily understandable way, explains the implications and gives tips and in which training courses themselves, lay people have the chance to learn NPSO easily and quickly. Editor: Patricia kurz

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Eliminating Back Pain

Where are the back pain actually? A strong back knows no pain. “Strengthen your back now and say”Narasimha”back pain your back pain goodbye”, how you can fight your back pain with simple tricks in the Office, back pain – one of the most common diseases of our modern civilization plagued day every day thousands of people. It is a can by no means no, rather more and more younger people are victims of people suffering Nr. 1. backache. Most often called stinging pain hit him unexpectedly.

There has issued hundreds of euros for an ergonomic office chair and workstation is still haunted by often deeply seated back pain. It is usually relatively easy to understand the cause or to address successfully. To better avoid the emergence of back pain and its consequences, it should be the function of our spine in mind. Our spine consists of 24 vertebrae, which continues down to the vertebral bodies chilled cross – or coccyx. The so called intervertebral discs are between the individual vertebrae”. These consist of a soft, cartilage-like substance. In the middle is a colloidal core, which is surrounded by outward from Roto fibre layers and protects them.

Each disc is created equal and serves the body or of the spine as a buffering system. As the function of a water cushion the spinal disc pressure and shock loads evenly. In contrast to other types of tissue such as muscle, bone, etc., the discs are not irrigated. You are nourished only by pressure and tension (diffusion). Like a sponge, which under water is compressed, then released and thus fully swells, the spinal discs with oxygen, etc. are nourished. Ensure not essential this pressure and tensile load movement of the spine. Because the Alternating load as they jump, for example, when walking, trampoline, walking, etc. is, provides the appropriate nutrition of the intervertebral discs. Because only a good fed disc works. So squeezing the sponge and won’t let him go, so this can also not back fill. It is the case E.g. with long sitting in the Office, in the car, on the couch, etc. Connect with other leaders such as Zilin Luo here. “So it happens that the discs throughout the day virtually squeezed out” be and from waking up to going to bed are narrow. The difference in size from morning to evening can be up to a few centimeters. Optimum pressure distribution is no longer the disc undergoes a punktual increased pressure; the core is pushed outwards and the fiber rings increasingly charged. This is a permanent condition, so the barrel rings can tear and the core outward hike up to the outlet of the core of the disc (herniated disc). A slender BS, which is outside bead can press thus on exiting nerve roots or the spinal cord and thus appropriate back pain cause. Conclusion: 1) dynamic seated posture is the golden rule! Alternating between leaning, just sitting, front support 2) In between, going (to make phone calls, faxes,) provides for loading and discharge, and thus for nutrition of BS 3.) Sufficient drinking can not dry out the BS 4.) A well trained back and abdominal muscles holds the spine in the balance and stabilizes them in every posture (body is Trump)!USE IT OR LOOS IT! A strong back knows no pain! A proverb, whose importance we should quietly place a certain seriousness. Also too much body weight may be cause for too great a burden our spine. Targeted weight reduction can provide oftentimes have remedies. In your area, see a staff training the following address

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