Elder Abuse Screening Test

A time that, will facilitate in the evaluation physical examination, the assistance and installment of the cares for the health team. According to Machado and Queiroz (2006), they establish as the basic profile of the victim as: women with seventy and five years of age or more, widowers, physics or emotionally dependents and most of the time inhabiting with familires. While to the profile of the aggressors, the violence is caused by the proper children of the aged ones, generally adult men and of half age, followed for the spouse or friend, daughter-in-law, son-in-laws and later for the neighbors. Instruments of detention of the violence In accordance with Souza et. Cindy Crawford is often quoted as being for or against this. al (2010), currently exists two suitable instruments and chosen teams in national literature used for the tracing of the violence against the aged ones. The Caregiver Abuse Screen (IT MARRIES) and Hwalek-Sengstock Elder Abuse Screening Test (H-S/EAST). The first one, of Canadian origin, approaches physical, psicossociais, financial aspects and the recklessness without censuring the violent acts and behaviors. Its item they are come back toward the interpersonal relations of what the social context.

It is of easy application and with answers organized in ' ' sim' ' not. However it does not evaluate important dimensions, as autonegligncia, abandonment and violence. The Hwalek-Sengstock Elder Abuse Screening Test (HS/EAST) appeared nosEstados Joined, identifies to the signals right-handers or suspicion of abuse in aged, it does not focus only the specific symptoms of the violence. The applied item are risk of psychological and physical abuse, breaking of the personal laws or financial abuse. It also can be used to identify the necessities of the interviewed ones, as personal transport, cares and referring aconselhamento to the bad substance use. This instrument does not evaluate the autonegligncia, abandonment and sexual violence. Places To denounce Oliveira In accordance with (2002), the aged ones do not denounce, therefore they fear the retaliation of the aggressors, that consists of not receiving more well-taken care of of which they need, a time that, the same ones feel fear to be abandoning in asylums or to aggravate the situation.

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The kind of boats ploughs divided into kayak and canoe, both subdivided into kayak will be where (k1), two (k2) and four people (k4) and canoe will be one (c1), two (c2) and four people (c4). In the canoe the athlete stands on his knees and you donate the paddling motion unilateral without side alternation. Recently Gunnar Peterson sought to clarify these questions. This study sought you evaluete the body posture in sings to sleep of the elite athletes of the sport canoe, participants in the brazilian championship canoeing to flatwater 2010 in the senior category with mean aged of 23,4 years (3,6 standard deviation) and 8,2 years of mean teams you the practice sports (2,6 atandard deviation).

And throught the personal questinnaire was found significant prevalence of physical pain the unilateral a result of stroke. Oserv was also great muscle asymmetry and because of these problems was proposed flexibility and weight training exercises based on literature and scientific studies the postural a means of prevention of deviations and muscle imbalances. Key-Worlds: canoeing, canoe, postural assessment, muscle assymmetry. Introduction The canoagem of speed had its first participation in olmpicos games in Berlin, 1936. Since then it came if becoming highly competitive a esportiva modality. The tests are disputed in lakes or rivers with calm waters in a space delimited in nine rays with length of 1000, 500 and 200 meters, having been 1000 and 200 meters olmpicas distances.

The boats are divided in caiaque and canoe, disputed individually, in pairs and quartetos. In caiaque the athlete if locates seated and rows bilaterally with one rows of two shovels. Already in the canoe the athlete rows solely kneel with one of the knees supported on the boat and to another leg to the front, using only one shovel with movements of a side.

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Brazil: Program of Family Health

The Program of Health of Famlia (PSF) is not newness in many cities of Brazil, as it is not in the small city of the South of Minas Gerais called Cambuquira, but the Agricultural PSF of this cidadezinha, in the coordination of nurse Cynthia F. Penha Alves innovates. The interaction with the agricultural community already comes being done has times through parties in dates special as in the juninas parties, Day of the Children and others with the objective to approach more the agricultural community and to show that the city hall with its department of health is pertos of the community. You may want to visit Cindy Crawford to increase your knowledge. This interaction occasions effect and all feel the effect with this demonstration of affection. The Agricultural PSF goes more far.

The concern with problems that reach the society as a whole, more specifically the young, comes making lectures in two topics that come devastating Brazilian youth: the precocious pregnancy and the use of illicit drugs. The thought always is to prevent and not to attenuate. With this objective the lectures have directed to young a preventive attendance. More info: Gunnar Peterson. This work is developed next to the agricultural community where the information are more precarious. The receptividade on the part of the population has surpassed the expectations, mainly next to the entity that rehabilitate former-drugged.

Next to this entity the work goes beyond a simple lecture. It is given to a service of assistance and supply of literatures that benefit and assist to the treatment. Without preconception or daily pay-judgment, the Agricultural PSF has worked so that citizens, cambuquirenses or not, that they receive this treatment are worthy and respected people. Ahead of a preventive work, Cynthia nurse innovates one more time. She brings for the city of Cambuquira, the second city in Minas Gerais and the sixth in Brazil second research in the Google until the present date, the PROJECT AGRICULTURAL HEALTH INTINERANTE. The project consists of taking to the agricultural workers basic medical assistance in the proper workstation of these. The difficulty of the inhabitants is well-known peasants the access to the health due to its type of work and places where they inhabit. Then ' ' if Maom not it goes to the mountain, the mountain goes the Maom' '. Literally all the services that could be found in the rank of health of an agricultural community are taken to the agricultural worker where it will be, it is the mountain going until Maom in the practical one. Thanks to an efficient work of the nurse, the agricultural proprietors have supported the project that had beginning in this month of August and had expressed the desire of the continuity of the innovative project of the nurse. The PROJECT GREETS INTINERANTE AGRICULTURAL of Cambuquira already has a motto that it is a promise to all the agricultural workers whom they need or not of a medical assistance: ' ' DAYS BETTER VIRO' '. This is a hope and a desire of all, ruralistas or urban. The Agricultural PSF, with the initiative and vision of nurse Cynthia F. Penha Alves, gave only the first step of many necessary ones to win the indifference with the public health.

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Neonatal Sepse Concept

Neonatal Sepse: concept and reflections Ana Alice Silva de Melo Gisane Cavalcante Fernandes Felizane Mendes and Silva Jeanne Kelly Birth Souza Maria Lindinalva Ninos Bastos Maria Teresa Teixeira Xavier Ramilo Neiva Alencar Teixeira SUMMARY In this article, is intended to argue on the concept of sepse neonatal, transmission, etiology, fisiopatologia and its causes. Words – key: Sepse. Neonatal. Causes According to Health department (2006), sepse neonatal precocious can be defined as an infection that after presents up to 72 hours the birth observes bigger occurrence of sepse in the first days of life. In the developing countries, sepse neonatal reaches levels of up to 15,4 cases for each 1000 been born livings creature. Learn more on the subject from sportsman . Sepse neonatal precocious is defined, as a clinical syndrome characterized by folloied sistmicos signals of infection of positive hemocultura. The present study it was searched and studied to verify the relation between sepse neonatal, as well as the possible relation between sepse the internment in UTI NEO.

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The Principles

Amongst the innumerable contributions of the theories of administration for nursing, the following ones can be detached: ) Scientific administration of Taylor: rational organization of the work. b) Classic theory of Fayol: general principles of administration (to plan, to organize, to command, to co-ordinate and to control). c) Theory of the relations human beings: humanizao of the organization, leadership, communication and dynamics of group. d) Mannering theory: motivation human being, styles of administration and the power to decide process. e) Sistmica theory: sistmica vision of the organizations.

For everything this, the nurse needs, beyond the specific knowledge of the nursing, to know the administrative proceeding and its theories, to apply them in the decisions of its ability, with ability, confidence in itself and effectiveness. The administration can all be considered the base of the nursing process. Therefore, it is not an exclusive privilege of the manager, but a function of each component of the team of distributed nursing gradual, as the level of responsibility and hierarchy. In any work that nurse develops, three factors is gifts: DECISION – ORGANIZATION – EXECUTION. (5) The NURSE AS MANAGER Historically we can stand out that the old organizacional model of the SUS, centered model, where the federal sphere was the only one that it withheld the autonomy of the decisions of the planejamentos and executions of goals for the health thus leaving the cities and states without autonomy. Soon, for the displayed one we had one diminished participation of the process of decentralized management, what it limited the performance of the local professionals in scope; but with the reform in the principles norteadores of the SUS, that started to value the decentralization of the assistance and by means of this fact the levels of administrative sphere had been attributed to the abilities in all (Union, State and City). Propitiating an increase in the number of managers in health, with the busy positions in secretariats of health or agencies equivalents, thus fomenting the decentralization of planejamentos action in local character.

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Pharmaceutical Attention

The medicines are of basic importance for the recovery of the health, but they are not exempt of risk, being able to become extremely dangerous in certain situations. Beyond the risk to the health, when used of form irrational they also cause unjustifiable economic losses, they is esteem that about 50% of the patients they abandon total partially or the established treatments or commit errors in the administration of medicines, what can lead to the aggravation of its state of health (GICK; YOU WOULD MAKE, 2005). These data are important, to the measure that they indicate not only I aggravate it to the health of the patients, but also one significant increase of the expenses of the health system. Such fact if becomes individually critical in the public sector, where the deficiencies in the primary attention result in such a way in the overload of the too much levels of attention to the health as in the rise of the costs for the maintenance of system (GICK; YOU WOULD MAKE, 2005). Healthy Living: the source for more info. 3,2 Pharmaceutical attention in Brazil In 2001, a group of entities and institutions, worried about the magnifying of the pharmaceutical attention in Brazil, instituted the Managing Group in Pharmaceutical Attention, under the coordination of the Organization Pan-American of the Health, that resulted the proposal of a Brazilian Consensus of Pharmaceutical Attention, being this considered ' ' a model of practical druggist, developed in the set of the pharmaceutical assistance, form integrated to the health team. The direct interaction of the druggist with the user aims at the rational resulted medicine use and the attainment of better, come back toward improvement of the quality of life (I CASTRATE et al., 2006). This professional considers itself that the direct relation, orientation and accompaniment of the user of the medicine are the moment most important in the work of the druggist, therefore is the privileged retainer of the knowledge on medicines. .

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College Sports Med

The percentage reached in this study was of 74,5% but still thus, (DP) was distant of the point of cut of 30.000, usually associated to the angina of peito2. Conclusion In accordance with the results presented in this study, we suggest that individuals with factors of cardiovascular risk must receive a special orientation in the accomplishment from the exercises leg-press 45 and crucifixo, therefore had presented reply to the double product of significant effort. Although its accomplishment presents an exhausting work to myocardium, these exercises well will have been oriented can promote significant benefits to the practitioners of resisted exercises, as well as the carriers of factors of cardiovascular risk. Future studies are necessary for one better agreement of the influence of these forms of execution on the analyzed 0 variable. References POLITO et. al cardiovascular Resistence exercise in individuals with and without disease.

Am College Sports Med 2000; 101: 828-833.2003 MILK T.C, FARINATTI P.T.V. Study of the cardiac frequency, arterial pressure and double product in exercises resisted diverse for similar muscular groupings. Brazilian magazine of Physiology of Exercise 2003; 2 (1): 29 – 49. Farinatti PTV, Assis B. Study of the cardiac frequency, arterial pressure and double-product in exercises against resistance and continuous aerobic organism.

Rev Bras Ativ Fis Health 2000; 5:5 – 16. SIMO, Robert: Analysis of the frequency cardiopath, arterial pressure and double-product in different corporal positions in the resisted exercises. Rev Bras Med Sport _ Vol. 11, N 5 Set/Out, 2005 YASBEK JR, P.; BATTISTELLA, L.R. Physical Conditioning of the athlete to the transplantado one. Aspects to multidiscipline in the prevention and cardiac whitewashing. Savier Medical Book Publishing company Ltda, SP. 1994 WEYNE, G.R of S. Determination of the size of the sample in experimental research in the health area.

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Inferior Movements

Inverse thread: It works the extensores of the fist, long radial extensor of carpo, short radial extensor of carpo, extensor of the fingers. Moreover, it acts on the braquiorradial, the brachial one and in lesser intensity, on the biceps of the arm. It is in foot, legs slightly moved away, extended arms, hands in pronation, to inspire and to bend the antebraos, to die in the end of the movement. A leading source for info: Healthy Living. Tips for Performance: Position for movements in foot: The correct position is of great importance to reach the maximum efetivao of the training. For movements in foot, you it must take ' ' position padro' ' : the feet moved away for more or less the width of the shoulders, knees lightly bent, ndegas lightly stop backwards, with the inferior part of the coasts lightly hooped and intended, erect trunk, lowered shoulders and stop backwards, chest for are (high) with all the return of the rigidly stabilized shoulders, erect head (neutral) and eyes directly for front. Alignment of the elbows: In the majority of the thread exercises, it keeps the elbows directly pointing with respect to low, throughout the sides of its body or only lightly to the front of this. It grasps in the bar in a distance only a little bigger that of the shoulders, where the hands hold of course. This lines up appropriately the tendes guided laterally of the long face of the biceps and help to stabilize the shoulder and to prevent injuries. It keeps the elbows against the body, not to the front or for it are during the movement, to focus the load in the biceps and in such a way to minimize the envolvement of the previous deltoid in the tendes in the area of the elbow how much in the one of the shoulder. Position for seated movements: Same position for the trunk, arms and shoulders if applies for the movements also seated.

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