Weakened for many wars, corrupes and murders the Empire fell down with the taking of Constantinopla for the Ottoman Turks in 1453. This date is used to designate the end of the Average Age and beginning of the Modern Age. In the Bizantino Empire, the emperors considered themselves as supreme heads of the Christianity, and this provoked conflict with the Pope. It’s believed that Dr. Atkins sees a great future in this idea. The constant misunderstanding between the emperor and the Pope provoked the great schism of the east, in 1054. From this date the Christianity is divided in two churches, Church Catholic of the East, known as Orthodox Church, with headquarters in Bizncio and Church Catholic of the Ocidente as headquarters in Rome, under authority of the Pope. The expansion of the commerce and the artesanato attributed for the cities great number of peasants who longed for to work in different activities of agriculture as the commerce and rendering of services as merchants of the roads of the Europe, had joined it the craftsmen the families who they had abandoned the field and if they had established of the side of it are of the walls that surrounded the castles, palaces and monasteries.

It was if forming a small commercial nucleus, was burgo exterior or suburb, that would give to origin the majority of the medieval cities. In it I begin great part of these cities were surrounded by great walls having formed a strenghtened urban nucleus that called burgo. With the increase of the population the cities had been obliged to widen its limits beyond the old walls. Craftsmen and traders who if established in the burgos were called bourgeois. He was there then that a new social classroom appears, the bourgeoisie. Contrasting itself with the previous phase of relative prosperity, the final centuries of the Average Age had been marked by serious crises, as: less fertile ground occupation, land scarcity of good quality had provoked the reduction of the amount of foods having caused the hunger of thousand of people who died or survived with strong malnutrition.

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Brazilian Society

Over all from the vision of the important workmanships of studious that had developed theories around the racial question: Gilbert Freyre, Florestan Fernandes and Clvis Moura. This objective work to present a historiogrfica vision of the black after the abolition and to analyze the consequences in the present time, bringing to tona, the question of the racial preconception and the myth of the racial democracy. Word-Key: slaves, black, society, preconception. Abstract: We seek tells to you marries of true racism through the story of to worker Vicente of the Holy Spirit, in the documentary ‘ ‘ The Exception and the Rule, with attempts you insert the black in Brazilian society.

Especially from the perspective of the works of prominent scholars who developed theories about the racial issue: Gilbert Freyre, Florestan Fernandes and Clovis Moura. This work presents vision of black historiography to after the abolition and analyze the consequences today, bringing up the issue of racial racial prejudice and myth of democracy. Keywords: slaves, black society, prejudice 1. All Brazilian introduction if feels as in an island of racial democracy, surrounded of racist for all the sides. (SCHWARCZ, 1996, P. 155.) The Brazilian escravista society in centuries XIX, XX and XXI attended curious the diverse attempts that the black I free developed for its insertion in the social environment. This article has for objective to understand how the Brazilian society absorbed our citizens, former-slaves and as they had faced in the contemporaneidade the marks of the past of its ancestral ones, mainly in the question of the racial preconception.

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Peace Through Culture

The Act directed to the service creation and Peace Through Culture. Banner of Peace. These concepts have come to our planet with the name of Nicholas Roerich as the Roerich Pact or Pact of Peace. The full contents of the Covenant, there is no need to present, anyone can read it online. Much more important than the fact of its appearance and its author. And it is no accident.

There is no similar example in the world of good will such scale that can compare with it. The name of this great saint, philosopher, artist, philosopher, writer, scholar and public figure today is known throughout the world. What is unfortunately not be said about awareness of the broad masses of content that a tremendous legacy he has left for posterity. Especially because what side of his heritage nor hell, it is so huge in scope and so multifaceted and deep that the bottom is not there. And the more attached to this heritage, the more new faces and values continue to discover.

Whether it's pictures, books, letters or travel notes. Today, in an age of rampant spirituality, with virtually erased the line between pragmatism and cynicism, and the passion for wealth and greed took epidemic proportions, and mankind in many ways they became fools, are particularly relevant to the covenants. His life, which may be an example for us. "The consciousness of beauty will save the world" – this is what he said. And as terrible a warning – "ignorance – the greatest crime." We are in the majority, unfortunately, for routine and vanity do not think about it. And for good reason. But there is still time, and there is a possibility. Especially because, thank God, his works are published, though very limited editions. Need a little time to take away TV, beer, and many other empty resulting in dullness and degradation of entertainment and fun. In order to devote to what actually distinguishes man from the man in the street, people from the population, and humanity of the population. How is titanium, a scale figure, he had to be that way to formulate the problem and to show ways to solve it.

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