Dell Latitude Xt2

Creating Design Professional Dell Latitude XT2 has very clean lines and edges, dark-gray design. This laptop is definitely not for someone who is a designer. Instead, it created neposredstvennodlya business office people. I personally love the side profile of Latitude XT2, which is almost perfect at all angles. It has no incline, no rounded sides, and sits very low to the table surface. In one hand he holds such a small space that you really do not see that you keep it in your hands. Build quality is excellent, and probably the best of the ones I've seen of laptops Dell. Panel with a very small scratch plastic.

Surface of the notebook has clean lines and nothing more. Quality paint is normal, applied to each body part, without specification of dust, unpainted edges, or any imperfections. Screen giving you the feeling that he should hold you over time. Chassis like allusions to Flex, when you squeeze or push Palmrest on the keyboard. The screen lid has some minor shaking, but the screen does not show any signs of color distortion. Access to components easily with the help of two connectors. Hard drive is under the battery and has four screws and the framework for it in place.

RAM, Wi-Fi and WWAN card are located under one panel, quick access place with two screws. Most updates can be done in less than five minutes. One interesting feature is that Dell puts in front of the user panel removable access Chips BIOS (with a convenient tab Pull).

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