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These experts see the people and its problems. It is a so-called obstructive”, the MPU is denied of course here. “In the report the appearance coming up, that the so-called agency here quite simply very generously interpreted Scout logic, laws, like even made the remark study in Prague” to listen out is. A bypass of 185 days due to a matriculation at a Czech University is still difficult to legitimize. For each customer, it is important to search for an agency that focused not only on the letter of the law, but sees the people and its problems as in case of doubt even then takes care of the customers when problems arise. The Agency Tarabas68 ( or) offers the EU driving licence in the Czech Republic already for a long time. A MPU imposed on the customer, so we recommend urgently this, also drop it. Continue always there all requirements complied with scrupulously, belongs to for example a detailed assessment of driving ability.

Also, there were customers, where the licence was refused due to lack of fitness or abilities. Also the evidence of the fact that not all participants are driving be disabled. The owner Rolf Hamilton law Walter recommends including each candidate does not apply to any loopholes in the law, such as the grey zone with the MPU to engage in. This company enjoys an excellent reputation even among the authorities. This is sure because, the Tarabas68 safe drivers on the road always tried get and works also as concealed inside for authorities and media.

Corporate information / short profile: we make sure that they have a valid EU driving licence or an EU driving licence can get. In cooperation with driving schools in the Czech Republic, with which we have been working for years together, we make sure that you can legally purchase a driver’s license. Quality, satisfaction and certainty for our customers is our profession!

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German Automotive Industry Must Manage Professionally Changes

“Change fitness’ for competitiveness essential Eltville – Erbach, November 22, 2012 – the automotive dominates Europe’s transport. Are currently 920 billion kilometres by car traveled upward trend. The exploits that the vehicle demand will increase in the long term. The German automotive industry is facing great challenges and must clear in the next few years successfully extensive changes to assert themselves in the market. So far, the change projects of the German automotive industry are but often unsuccessful, according to a study of the Mutaree GmbH, the experts in change management.

The change-fitness-2012 study of Mutaree, that only about one-third of respondents in the vehicle construction sector successfully completed its change projects. The poor success rate is all the more critical to evaluate, because manufacturers and suppliers with a global decline in demand particularly in the key markets currently have to fight in Europe and North America. The automotive industry require new production processes as well as the greater shift of production capacity from Europe to Asia. “Only with the necessary change fitness’ German companies can correctly set the course for their future and remain competitive”, says Claudia Schmidt, Managing Director of Mutaree GmbH. The 2012 change-fitness study is a cooperative project of Mutaree GmbH, the experts in change management, and Professor Sonja Sackmann from the Institute for development of sustainable organizations at the University of the Bundeswehr in Munich.

Need for change is no guarantee of success know to the knowledge about volatile markets alone is not sufficient, so that corporate boards of the affected all changes are prepared. An accurate identification of necessary changes in connection with a targeted control is essential. Many companies have still need to catch up, the Mutaree study: only half of the companies surveyed has change projects of clearly defined objectives. The need for change is indeed recognized and that according to the study by 70 percent of respondents, but lacking in the next step the right measures.

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