Obesity in Mexico

Obesity A disease that slowly invades Mexico ranks second in the world with more people suffering from obesity. a This disease affects the health of people and their emotions. Our lack of care, new rhythm to our life, preferring junk food, which the children get used to healthy foods, cause the growing number of obese people in our country, and of course the lack of sport is another reason . The rulers were more concerned with the problems of malnutrition, if it is a very important problem, but should not abandon what is obesity because it is what is putting Mexico at the greatest risk of death, and not take the importance to be, the situation continues to worsen. The risk of obesity for the population in general.

The implications of obesity in people is getting worse little by little her life, both physically and psychologically, and this causes uncertainty and the need to keep eating without being able to stop it. Algunasa of these people do not concerned about their health and who believe they are in good condition or will not acknowledge their illness. a. Now is not the same as having obesity have on weight because the weight is on just having a bit of body mass of the necessary one to three kilos over which no one seriously affects, and obesity is to change an excess of body mass to be reached from 10 kilos and affecting the health status of the person. If you or someone you know suffers from obesity or are overweight, it is important that you read this article.

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