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What is SPF? SPF – a degree of protection from the sun, or "sun protection factor (sun protection factor). The value of SPF determined by comparing the amount of time required for tan to appear on the protected skin, and the time after which it will appear on unprotected skin. The time that you want to tan, depending on skin type and magnitude of SPF, which you need depends on the duration exposure to the sun. Learn more at: CEO Ford Motor Co.. However, the degree of skin protection against solar radiation does not increase proportionally to the value of SPF. For example, SPF 4 blocks up to 75% of harmful solar radiation, but he can not give to protect a wide spectrum. SPF 15 blocks 93% harmful solar radiation, and an SPF of 30 to 97%. Most sunscreens with protection SPF 15 + provides protection against a broad spectrum of the sun, protecting from both UVA, and UVB-rays from. That kind of protection ensures Sunscreen SPF 30 Mary Kay .

What are the advantages of sunscreen with a high degree of SPF (SPF 70 or more), which recently appeared in the cosmetic market? They are designed for people whose skin is very sensitive to sunlight, but do not provide protection at higher levels. For example, a sunscreen SPF 70 blocks 98.6% of harmful solar radiation, which is not much different from capacity of sunscreen SPF 30. You should also know that for everyday use – especially to protect the skin – recommended funds with SPF 15 or SPF 30. And, of course, for these purposes perfectly Products Mary Kay . Use and application thoroughly and apply plenty of sunscreen on all parts of the body that may be exposed to solar radiation.

Pay special attention to the skin on the face, ears and hands. Do not forget that the delicate skin on your lips, too, may be exposed to sunlight, so be sure to use sunscreen lip balm SPF 15 or higher. It is this protection is provided by Sun Balm Lip SPF 15 Mary Kay , which contains zinc oxide and vitamin E. Do not forget to regularly repeat the application of sunscreen. Reapplication is recommended every 80 minutes, especially after swimming, exercise, or after wiping the body with a towel. Water-resistant sunscreens may lose their effectiveness after 40 minutes after bathing; sunscreen with a high water resistance is effective after immersion in water for 80 minutes. Sunscreen SPF 30 Mary Kay has a high water resistance and effectively protects the skin after being in water for 80 minutes. It can also be used to protect both body and protect sensitive skin. Expiration date Most sunscreens do not lose their effectiveness over three years. If properly applied sunscreen, the tube volume 115 ml is enough for a season. Do not use sunscreen shelf life has expired. Use sunscreen of SPF 15 or more on a daily basis, because the sun shines every day! Dr. Beth Lange Tips For best protect the skin from solar radiation should choose sunscreen of Mary Kay SPF 30 broad-spectrum, which block the effects of UVA / UVB-radiation. Be sure to apply on the skin enough sunscreen. A reapplied sunscreen after swimming, exercising or towel after wiping the body

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Dried Fruit and Weightloss

Dried fruits have come from warm countries, no wonder men and women always look lovely East since ancient times. The benefits of these sweet dried fruits with a lot to say. They are useful for the liver, stomach, intestines, heart, brain. And I found that dried more useful for losing weight. How? I certify that the discharge in dried fruit really works. Just be sure to follow my instructions and observe the number of eaten fruits and duration of discharge.

During a fasting day you can lose 1-1.5 lbs. Do not be fooled that all fruits very sweet, very different in their sugar. This is fructose, it is very useful and not deposited in unwanted places like ordinary sand. Which dried fruits to choose to unload? Perfect figs, prunes, dried apricots, turmeric, wild rose, apples, pears, peaches. Attention! Candied peel, candied pineapple what are, papaya, kiwi, cantaloupe, watermelon, the most useless sweetness.

They do not have healing properties because of their candy first, and only then dried. They lost all the vitamins and they contain 80% of regular sugar. How much can you eat? Suffice 400-500 grams these fruits throughout the day for women. Men may increase the dose to 200 grams. What to drink during the day sweet relief? You can and should drink plain water (without gas), black tea, green without milk, coffee. All sugar-free and milk. During the day, you can not use other products. Even a little bit. Believe me, the fruits are very nutritious and you will not be hungry. Moreover, from hot drinks will only decrease the appetite. As it is? Divide all dried for 5-7 servings. Try not to overeat at a time. One reception portions from one or two cups of tea or coffee will satisfy your hunger for 3-4 hours. Day pass without panic desire to eat, as it usually happens in the fasting days. I myself do not supporter of the mono-diet, can not eat the same food all day, such as cereal or apples. I love the variety and diversity. And that assortment of dried fruit satisfies my needs great. For variety, you can pour 5.6 fruits dried apricots or prunes boiled water and let stand 6-8 hours. Then after a while you will have a great portion of saturated compote. And it does not have to cook. What to pay attention during unloading at dried fruit? Do not go overboard. More than three days you can not eat in this diet. Eat as much as expected. Do not increase! Drink only approved beverages. Believe me, the sugary drinks you do not want. If feel unwell, stomach pain, bloating, nausea, upset, stop. Perhaps you have loose bowels and it is difficult to treat. If you know that you have problems with digestion, then rose to discharge, dates, dried apples. Do not prune! We know him from childhood properties! Good luck, good discharge, easy weight loss and good health!

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