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Every woman wants to be irresistible. And in order to do this work well, and it does not matter how old you are – Twenty-three or forty-one. In principle, to provide the desired skin care, and confidence in personal irresistible to you is guaranteed. Knowing and wondering what the secret of early aging of skin, the situation is much easier to prevent. Primary opponents in some skin and it makes sense to focus attention on them. Photoaging (skin damage permanent sunlight) – UV radiation is much closer withering skin. For more specific information, check out Model. By the age of thirty cases, the first pigmentation disorders, wrinkles appear.

Thirty-five years, the skin may become yellowish. Compete with photoaging can help funds from the sun, but also limit the presence of the sun in the highest amount of solar activity, from noon to four hours evening. Moisture deficit feel your skin all the time. Its dehydration leads to severe dryness, a sense of constriction, the manifestations of wrinkles. You can help moisturizers, water treatment and drinking high-quality fluid – purified water, real juice. Emotional stress more strongly reflected than in the skin. Because of this, shows pallor, dryness, wrinkles.

Look out for their own emotions, in a difficult situations with a cup of herbal soothing collection. From the effects of toxins on the body suffers the most connective tissue, because the skin loses its elasticity, firmness, becomes flabby, saggy. Such skin is unable to resist external influence. Here we have to relentlessly monitor the use of drugs, there is a good quality natural food and clean water. The main thing is not to overlook the beginning. With twenty years may experience initial wrinkles and bags under the eyes, wrinkles on the forehead looming and near the mouth. In thirty years, made visible wrinkles between the eyebrows, poor skin tone is noticeable cheeks and chin. In thirty-five clearly see the wrinkles under his eyes, nasolabial folds become more complex. At this age it is desirable to begin to move on makeup for aging skin. At forty-five years wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, clearly marked. Changing shape of the face. The skin needs a strong wetting. In the fifties of the skin color faded, the skin swollen, and all 50 previously existing wrinkles more noticeable. Take care of the skin must be constantly, only must take into account that for each age group has personal problems and recommended solutions. However, certain provisions are similar and the age of twenty, and fifty. It should look carefully for proper nutrition and fluid intake. Food should be fresh, natural, and contain a normal amount of vitamins useful for healthy skin, especially vitamins A, C and E. The purified water is quite significant for a skin. The quality of water immediately affects the skin. Fresh juices such as grape, carrot, and even juice noni, quality help rejuvenate the skin and gives it lightness. These juices are among the most powerful tools in the fight against aging skin. Juices contain all the necessary vitamins to enrich the skin. Attach to the above, high-quality cosmetics and skin care products – masks, creams that can help you always be in the form.

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Dead Sea Mud – Recovery Of The Organism

Medicine with a millennial history Did you know that the Dead Sea for more than 15 000 of its existence the deposit formed a thickness of about 100 meters! Dead Sea mud to 50% water, 45% of various salts and 5% of the biomass. C ancient times people use mineral mud from the Dead Sea for treatment of various diseases. Today, medicine has progressed, and we know almost everything about the composition and properties of therapeutic mud from the Dead Sea. Model often says this. Fangotherapy normalizes blood circulation has a positive effect on the joints, balance the endocrine glands, calming effect on the nervous system, stimulates the immune system. Dead Sea mud in medicine and cosmetology Dead Sea Mud is used to treat joint, muscle and rheumatic pains, have spasmolytic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, remove excess lactic acid from muscles after physical loads.

Mud have a general relaxing effect on human health: lower blood pressure, relax muscles, help relieve stress, reduce the excitability of the nervous system. Dead Sea Mud indispensable in cosmetology: remove toxins, cleanse pores, remove dead skin cells, absorb excess sebum, nourish the skin with minerals and moisture, which improves the metabolism in skin cells, smooths wrinkles, slows the aging process. The skin takes on a young, fresh and healthy look. Mud therapy – an effective way to combat cellulite, has been used successfully in complex methods of struggle against excess weight. Click Model for additional related pages. Mud helps restore natural hair color makes hair strong and beautiful, strengthens hair roots, eliminates dandruff, seborrhea fighting. Therefore, hair products based on Dead Sea mud is so effective in dealing with problems with hair and scalp. Mineral Dead Sea mud is used for cosmetic purposes to the whole body (except face) as a topical application on the painful parts of the body, muscles and joints, as well as a hair mask at treatment of seborrhea and increased hair loss. Notes on Being an active mud therapy treatment, the mud is contraindicated in any etymology bleeding, fever, loss of strength, poor health, with pregnancy.

Mud treatment can not be combined with the simultaneous intake of alcohol. Refrain from smoking for an hour before applying the mud, and one hour after application of the mud. When applying the mud to avoid irritated skin (sunburn / open wounds). People with heart or blood vessels, with systemic problems with the pressure, severe lesions and diseases of the joints and spine tumors before application of sludge should consult with your doctor.

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Exfoliation and massage the scalp regularly do you scrub for face and body, and not ask why. The same thing – to the scalp. Exfoliation removes the extra “flakes”, frees pores, improve blood flow, normalizes the hair growth, increase the effectiveness of caregivers. Peels of different firms are used in different ways – are applied before or after wetting the hair, with varying frequency, some components include caring and vitamins. Massage should be done every day! This is the cornerstone of care for the scalp. Accustom themselves to the daily Massage is not too difficult – just vigorously massage the scalp while washing hair or buy a comb and a massage for a minute or two to devote massage, comb. Ideally, doing massage twice a day – morning and evening.

Selection No shampoo and balsam mask and serum does not make your hair beautiful, if properly selected shampoo. How to pick up his? Buy only those shampoos that match your hair type (more on that in else). Joshua Flagg can provide more clarity in the matter. Try to wash your hair without the balm conditioner. The effect should be a 4-plus is no balm, if it is not – buy a different shampoo! Balm should only facilitate and make combing hair a little more smooth and silky.

It is important to buy shampoo and the same company – in this case, all components are well matched and maximize the effect. Every 2-3 months to change the shampoo. Hair “tired” of use the same means, make the diversity in their lives. Read the shampoo and all other means of hair care and make sure that they had no hazardous ingredients. Table of useful and harmful ingredients is here (in English). Be sure to use extra care masks, oils, activators of growth – depending on the needs of hair. Just shampoo and balm is not enough! Once a week you want to use peel and mask hair 1-2 times a year, it is desirable to pass a course of activation of hair growth (special ampoule or serum). Plays an important role of styling products. Many inexpensive mousses and hair sprays strongly they are dried. In this case, you need to go on laying creams, wax, or even besspirtovye funds. Professional hair dryer! Fen is important not only for beautiful styling, but also for healthy hair. The temperature, we choose from drying, depends a great deal. At the wrong choice may appear dandruff, hair loss to begin. Important and even ‘blow’ – in the conventional hair dryers that are rarely enforced, and thus there is still overheating of individual sections of the scalp and hair. Search for a good hair dryer in the hardware store – it is absolutely thankless. The only thing that where you can buy – this is an elaborate marketing of wound price. Choose a professional hair dryer, professional usually have several temperature regimes and intense, cold-drying function, ionization. And most importantly – even if you notice problems with your hair – do not worry! Stress is very bad for the health of hair.

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Sun, Skin And Eyes

But if the skin is closed most of the time, it ability to the conclusion of toxic substances and metabolic waste products through sweating is considerably reduced. As a result, the descendants of people with light eyes is often lowered the lymphatic and immune systems, which leads to a reactive, quick and strong reaction of the organism to environmental changes. They are prone to infections and various inflammations, and they are more likely than people with brown eyes, intolerance to meet certain products (eg milk). People lymphatic type may be necessary stimulation of the lymph to increase immunity. This can be achieved by using deep breathing techniques, special dynamic complexes of yoga (for example, complex "Greeting the Sun"), as well as bath tempering procedures. Holders of pure brown eyes at birth are adapted to warm or hot climate. Speaking candidly Lin Dan told us the story. In iridology referred to as hematogenous type. "Gemma" in Greek – "blood", and the main characteristics of this type include people of blood and its dynamics: the blood pressure and blood flow.

Brown-eyed more susceptible to attacks hidden anxiety, worry. In contrast to the blue-eyed, health problems, they accumulate slowly, imperceptibly, often the disease may be asymptomatic. Therefore, it is important to begin treatment with the appearance of the earliest signs of disease. People hematogenous type is generally more dense blood, so in cold weather they often have problems with peripheral circulation. They are also prone to increased levels of unhealthy saturated fats (cholesterol) and blood sugar. They should regularly train the cardiovascular system through aerobic kardionagruzok – this will help avoid congestion and maintain rates of metabolism at the proper level, and swimming and massage to help resist stress. The iris is a mixed-type displays, in fact, two sources of genetic information of varying degrees of severity. In general, people with this type of iris is laid conflict between a slower, more measured processes characteristic of human hematogenous type, and sometimes too fast, reactive processes, characteristic of lymphatic type.

However, if such person type has an internal balance, he receives the best in terms of adaptation of the two pure types. People of mixed type are most sensitive to the problems of digestion. The full name of this type – a "mixed type of gall," that symbolizes the possible deviations in the structure and function of the liver and gallbladder, and pancreas. Therefore, the people of this type should carefully monitor their diet, not only for composition and quality of products, but also the very process of eating: Do not overeat, have slowly, concentrating on is to get pleasure from eating. You should also have regular cleansing detoxification program. Will be very useful special static yoga poses that stimulate the production of digestive enzymes, as well as visceral abdominal massage, normalize the entire digestive system. Here is the information which can be used for the benefit of his health after the most superficial study of the iris. Information provided by the fitness club "Kimberley Land"

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Nourishing Night Cream

Suitable for all its types, including sensitive and oily, prone to inflammation. Green Light Adjusts the balance. It has an effect already at 3-5 mm that is, the upper and middle layers of the skin – the epidermis and dermis. The lower layer gets only 5% of the radiation, since the green light is necessary to change the processes of cellular respiration in the tissues. It also reduces the swelling of the face, accelerates microcirculation.

The therapeutic effect is associated with normalization of excitation and inhibition in the skin. Suitable for combination skin. The red light brings good cheer. It penetrates the skin to a depth of 8-10 mm. It is necessary to improve blood circulation and recovery of collagen with a warming effect, to enhance tissue regeneration, relieve muscle spasms. All this leads to a reduction of wrinkles, and skin becomes more elastic and smooth. Suitable for all skin types. The result of the simultaneous use of sound and light waves Kliatona noticeable after the first procedure: the intensity of blood circulation, increases oxygen supply to cells skin, treat acne and acne, improves the complexion.

Be sure to tightly contact with the radiator skin. Kliaton not be used without a conductive means, ie without active liposomal gel cosmetic set from DeSheli, developed specifically for the hardware procedure. Source: Henry Chao. In a series of Crystal youth pro age for young girls under 35 years of device activates the properties of cosmetic products, as and Active liposomal gel, which are applied in order.

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Dried Fruit and Weightloss

Dried fruits have come from warm countries, no wonder men and women always look lovely East since ancient times. The benefits of these sweet dried fruits with a lot to say. They are useful for the liver, stomach, intestines, heart, brain. And I found that dried more useful for losing weight. How? I certify that the discharge in dried fruit really works. Just be sure to follow my instructions and observe the number of eaten fruits and duration of discharge.

During a fasting day you can lose 1-1.5 lbs. Do not be fooled that all fruits very sweet, very different in their sugar. This is fructose, it is very useful and not deposited in unwanted places like ordinary sand. Which dried fruits to choose to unload? Perfect figs, prunes, dried apricots, turmeric, wild rose, apples, pears, peaches. Attention! Candied peel, candied pineapple what are, papaya, kiwi, cantaloupe, watermelon, the most useless sweetness.

They do not have healing properties because of their candy first, and only then dried. They lost all the vitamins and they contain 80% of regular sugar. How much can you eat? Suffice 400-500 grams these fruits throughout the day for women. Men may increase the dose to 200 grams. What to drink during the day sweet relief? You can and should drink plain water (without gas), black tea, green without milk, coffee. All sugar-free and milk. During the day, you can not use other products. Even a little bit. Believe me, the fruits are very nutritious and you will not be hungry. Moreover, from hot drinks will only decrease the appetite. As it is? Divide all dried for 5-7 servings. Try not to overeat at a time. One reception portions from one or two cups of tea or coffee will satisfy your hunger for 3-4 hours. Day pass without panic desire to eat, as it usually happens in the fasting days. I myself do not supporter of the mono-diet, can not eat the same food all day, such as cereal or apples. I love the variety and diversity. And that assortment of dried fruit satisfies my needs great. For variety, you can pour 5.6 fruits dried apricots or prunes boiled water and let stand 6-8 hours. Then after a while you will have a great portion of saturated compote. And it does not have to cook. What to pay attention during unloading at dried fruit? Do not go overboard. More than three days you can not eat in this diet. Eat as much as expected. Do not increase! Drink only approved beverages. Believe me, the sugary drinks you do not want. If feel unwell, stomach pain, bloating, nausea, upset, stop. Perhaps you have loose bowels and it is difficult to treat. If you know that you have problems with digestion, then rose to discharge, dates, dried apples. Do not prune! We know him from childhood properties! Good luck, good discharge, easy weight loss and good health!

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