Georgia Migrants

Both times, the abolition of evictions accompanied by the same standard wording – "a lack of technical conditions for eviction and storage assets of those affected." The settlers had hoped that because of "technical conditions" much change does not occur, then talk about the upcoming move to an unknown destination and will talk. Finally, it raised the rate of refugees and the presence of children, including minors. With them, what can you do? Throw the power on the streets – would be a scandal. Especially, that are interested in the history of the press, including the opposition. But November 12, 2009 eviction of refugees from the hotel, "Alan" still a reality. True, the gloomy predictions about "the remaining people on the streets" is not confirmed: the migrants have provided space in Vladikavkaz hotel "housing." Prior to that, here too, living the displaced – in the 160. They, in turn, is "transferred" to the hotel "DOSAAF": here the Swiss have arranged for the refugees is quite comfortable accommodation.

As for the former hotel guests, "Alan," that the new place already settled about 30 families – about three-quarters of the total number living in "Alan". Rooms that cost to other citizens on 106 rubles a day, migrants will cost 1,100 rubles a month. That is, the condition seems to be favorable. However, refugees say, "Let there be everything remained as before." After an agreement to live in "housing" with they concluded before December 31, 2010, and what will happen next – nobody knows. However, this situation is the history of migrants in North Ossetia did not end there. The situation of many refugees from South Ossetia and Georgia's interior remains "Suspended" and very disappointing. However, not all of them are in such sorry shape.

Internally displaced people – an environment in which occur the same processes as in society at large. Here and in the number of migrants many of those who in this life, well settled: living "two houses" – in Vladikavkaz and Tskhinvali in – time to disrupt the fat jackpot and there and here. Many of his business and life on the principle "everything is under control, paid for everything." And not that the plaintiff with writ of execution – the devil he is not terrible. But that's another story.

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