Your Decision

It knows what it is necessary to reach your dream It does not give up! I believe and mainly I trust you that he is part of my life with its unconditional friendship Exactly that through imaginable lines that they separate in them for the meshes of the Internet. I will choose the way and I go to the meeting of it Only this A decision yours. It goes in front. It does not give up! It does not give attention to this voice that is now in your head saying that it is all bobagem, valley the penalty nor not to read this, that is all bobagem and lie. I do not listen to this voice, you I ask for. You are capable. You deserve to be happy He does not give up your dreams, are they which will be Restoration of your family; To conclude your studies and to reach the cultural and professional formation that it desires; To find the company ideal in accordance with to live your style of life and its peculiarities; Children, go to have the blessed children and that you they will give great joys, they are they natural yours or adopted by you. It creates them with security, love, dignity and wisdom; To have peace and happiness in your life; To usufruct of the corporeal properties and spirituals that long for; To pay your debts, they are many, is not, but who does not have them? That job that as much waits, this chance goes to arrive; To have a healthful and worthy social life with your friends, colleagues and family; Health. To have it is a blessing, either in the body or in the soul, you will have the cure that it asks for you or for somebody in special; Ah! To reach most important, in my humble opinion, the Wisdom the Happiness Be that as it may it does not give up, you you are so close to having what it desires! That already it can feel in your hands It waits, trusts God! You deserve, I know of this, and I have the dignity.

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Cosmetic Medicine

Nothing better that a good aid in the hour to lose weight, right? She is for that cosmetic medicine and industry work so strong, you to be beautiful always perfect e. But lately these two departments have frightened with its inventions, by means of studies that they show that Oils for Emagrecer exist, in contrast of urban legends and commentaries of vov that the villains of our feeding are they, the oils. What do you mean? Therefore it is, nowadays oils exist to emagrecer. Oil is fat yes, then the rule apprehended with ours vov is that it got fat and if could fry without it, would be perfect. But it is not well thus nowadays, in the modern world. Healthy Living describes an additional similar source. The Oil of Golden Linhaa exactly is most used for who wants to lose weight and the prescription is not trick. As the specialists count, you could not have chosen better form of emagrecer that using natural oils. Clearly, it is not any oil, but with use of functional oils, these gotten of seeds and of oleaginosas fruits.

They are examples of such elements of the nature that supply oils of the good, that is, oils to emagrecer: chestnut-do-Par, macadmia linhaa, sesame, Oil of Crtamo and almond. Some of them you already know for the use in the skin, therefore she knows that now she has another use, its body! One of the main advantages to ingest oils to emagrecer is that they help to regulate it the tax hormonal of the body and this can be a great aid to keep the weight in sequence. Another advantage is that such natural oils are rich in insaturada fat that helps to burn calories of the body. However, as everything in its diet the consumption must be moderate to the extremity. Nothing to leave placing such oil in its plate to the liters, moderately in the hour of the preparation or the effect it only goes to be contrary.

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Physical Exercise

The physical exercise is considered a therapeutical modality in the DG in women who do not present any medical or obsttrica contraindication for practical its. (JOVANOVIC-PETERSON and PETERSON, 1991). Click Healthy Living to learn more. A program of adjusted physical exercise is, therefore, considered therapeutical adjuvant insurance for the DG. The physical activity will have to be advised, privileging, over all the one that involves the muscles of the superior part of the trunk, with exercises that do not provoke stress mechanic to this level. The daily march must be stimulated. The trainings cardiovascular of the superior part of the body improve the glicmico control in women dealt only with diet.

(JOVANOVIC-PETERSON, DURAK and PETERSON, 1989). Ahead of the displayed one and the consideraes presented until the moment, it is important to stand out on some complications that to occur in a diabetic person, as hipoglicemia crises, where the sanguineous glucose level becomes abnormally low (50 the 60 mg/dl) had the great amount of insulina or hipoglicemiantes agents, little food or extreme physical activity; cetoacidose diabetic, caused for the insulina absence, being able to vary the glucose levels in the blood (300 the 800 ml/dl), causing dehydration, loss of electrolytes and acidose; hiperglicmica syndrome to hiperosmolar not cettica, where the insulina lack occurs effectively, causing in the person attack hipotenso, deep dehydration, neurological taquicardia and signals (alteration of the sensrio, convulsions, hemiparesia), without presenting cetoacidose and without to suffer gastrointestinal symptoms. if the illness to progress or to advance very, can be acometer structures that can cause functional incapacity with the peripheral and ocular neuropatias, being able to cause blindness and amputations of members, in case that it does not arrive first at the death. FINAL CONSIDERAES Although all the controversies as for the tracing and diagnosis of the DG, exist a consensus on the necessity of glicmico control pressed (with diet and, eventually, insulinoterapia) to improve the prognostic.

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